YES! WE WIN! After a grueling, 18-month campaign, in the face of bitter opposition at every turn, the God-Emperor has smashed his way into power. And the alt-right has been with him the whole way. Did we make the difference?

Reports are pouring in from around the globe: Washington, Boston, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, and Lancaster County PA. The goyim are jubilant! Greg reprises his daylong sojourn among the Amish, and Vince has some ideas about what to do next.


Intro: Greg sings Adeste Fideles. If anyone who can actually sing and audio-edit wants to redo this, feel free to appropriate it. Here’re the lyrics:



2 thoughts on “RED DAWN 34: TRUMPENSIEG!”

  1. I think we should encourage migration of the Amish and Mennonites to Central and South America. They are not a warrior people or anything we should stive for, but they can be useful in increasing lebensraum.

    Look at Mennonites in Belize, Mexico, Paraguay; the colonies are growing at a robus rate and pushing up against the ‘local communities’ in many cases. We should support movement out of the US for them, and support for them in South America.

    Nice commentary. Congrats on the Trump win.

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