RED DAWN 4: Happy MLK Day, Racists!

RED DAWN 4: Happy MLK Day, Racists!

Greg and Vince discuss his Holiness, Dr. Martin Luther King. Singh joins in to talk about India, and the effects of the Islamic Conquest. Were the Muslims worse than the Germanic barbarians?

Plus: your weekly dose of Quran, and the Gospel according to Adolf.

7 thoughts on “RED DAWN 4: Happy MLK Day, Racists!”

  1. I believe Coon pointed out that Poles who immigrated to the USA were more doliocephalic than Poles I Poland. Most Slavs are more brachycephalic.

  2. David Yealgey said and I quote “warriors have respect for other warriors.”

    Always wished I could find the full presentation he did but only can find first 7 minutes. I remember seeing him on the history channel as a young man maybe age 14-15 at the time and he showed how to make and arrow. He ended the presentation with “this is how my ancestors and your ancestors made an arrow” and basically implied that Europeans as all other people do nowadays should have some pride in the accomplishments of their ancestors.

  3. Hey how about I give you the Berber perspective of the Arab conquest? Might put a different spin on it. Berbers to this day are being shoahed in North Africa.

    1. I’m still skeptical of Vince’s claim that 1.) North Africa was whiter in antiquity than today 2) that they got shoahed.

      Remember, it was the Vandals that first took Africa from the Romans, then the Byzantines. They ruled by elite dominance, and the Arabs seem to have done the same. I know no evidence that the Arabs went full aloha snackbar on the autochthonous population.

      Are the Berbers really being Holocausted? Or just assimilated into Arabness?

      Sidenote, the Tuaregs are very white, and even known to have blue eyes occasionally.

      1. A Berber friend of mine said in the early 2000s over a hundred Berbers were shot in Algeria for protesting. They are given Arab names when they enroll in school. There is strong move for Berber to be recognized as a language but Arabized Algerians dint want to. They jail lots of Berber Nationalists

  4. On the issue of the Gurkha blade. The second the British arrived the blade got “revised.” From its 2,000 year old design. It was initially narrower and did not have a handguard. The Brits improved on it and made the end fat and added a hand guard or improved the hand groove. Also they improved the production technique. Its funny how Mongoloid populations use Occidental inventions for millennia without changing them. Case in point early Chinese metallurgy.

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