RED DAWN 40: Memory, Genius, and the Curse of the Silver Souls

RED DAWN 40: Memory, Genius, and the Curse of the Silver Souls

Memory correlates with Genius. High-IQ males tend to have an extraordinary ability to remember. Normies, by comparison, forget everything. What effect does memory have on one’s ability to know?

But memory is not to be confused with “experience.” Some people reference their “experience” or “feeling” to shut down reasoned argument. Who could be behind this fallacy?

And: Counter-signaling. White people show their class-status by rejecting the values of other classes. Uppers counter-signal middles who counter-signal proles and visa-versa all the way back. Why do we do this? When will it stop? And ultimately, whose value-system is right?

7 thoughts on “RED DAWN 40: Memory, Genius, and the Curse of the Silver Souls”

  1. I’m a mid-level purity spiraller and object to having a Sikh on the show, but, George (?) contributed this episode. Usually he just says provocative stuff and creates the opportunity for a reasoned, insightful response, but this time he said good stuff in his own right. I guess that means I accept his presence that much more. Damn y’all, for complicating my alt-right sensibility.

    1. Singh has been insightful in “Leaving Rothbardland”, “Asian Immavasion” and “Sportsball is for Cucks”, although he does tend to be over the top though. While he is a funny goy, he has to go back

      1. How naive. The SWPL instinct is too strong in the West. Even die-hard Nazis would be begging him to come back within a generation of living in clean, all white suburbs that have bike-lanes.

  2. Probably no-one reads these, but (The Teaching Company) has a downloadable-only version of Plato’s Republic for $30.

    1. The Great Courses are fantastic. I listened to the Plato’s Republic one a couple years ago. They’re great for long car-drives.

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