RED DAWN 5: The Niggalypse

1.01 Democracy is gay

4.04 Anne Coulter article

5.57 Trump at WWE

9.11 (heh) Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran. Surah 8, Verse 22.

11.30 Steve Sailer Classic

12.34 NEET phenomenon

16.11 Great Negroes on Men: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations to Blacks. Feat: DMX, NWA, 50-cent, Juvenile and Mofart

21.20 White Nationalism, is it the Endlosung?

27.44 Sparta compared to antebellum South (modernist, but backs Vince’s point about masculinized Spartan women)

31.00 Uselessness of minorities, even Slavery

33.10 Islam as Zombie Apocalypse

David Chalmers

34.27 Back to Slavery

37.23 Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell mentioned

38.20 Cads vs Dads

45.09 Roosh; unfitness of all before Nordic chicks

46.47 Non-Agency of non-Whites

49.31 More HBD, West Hunter, Gregory Cockran, Henry Harpending, Nicholas Wade

52.05 Breivik-style Zionism

7 thoughts on “RED DAWN 5: The Niggalypse”

  1. Colonial slavery is all about malaria. South is basically uninhabitable for whites without modern technology. Look at the damage hookworm did to southern whites – slow talking, slow moving.

  2. If that is Ta Nehisi Coats and he is a professor at MIT I would love to see his academic scores from the SAT or GRE. The guy sounds like a simpleton. He can even speak English correct. From my own experience in higher education especially at state institutions, they go to no lengths to push non whites into science or technology fields and say Need Not Apply to white Americans. I Was in a certification course for lab tech field and out of the 28 students only 7 were from the USA and only 5 were white. But the class was over its size limit and they turned away white Americans. Illegal immigrants are allowed to attend college in the USA and get GRANTS from the Government. This whole country make me sick. People need to get mad. They need to be aware they are being led off a cliff. No other ethnic or racial group in the world would put the needs of non co ethnics above their own but White Americans and Europeans do it constantly. If the collegiate system in the USA and especially the IVY league were to be destroyed or forced to close and replaced by some type of “scientific trade school” based on standardize testing this whole thing might be turned around. The prize jewel of WASP America was the IVY League and he lost it.

  3. Yeah, Coates is a charlatan. He has written two books that are essentially autobiographies. They amount to little more than “I’m blackity black black black.” Not that I’ve read them, I’ve just read Steve Sailer posts shitting on his books. AI should consider launching a campaign of hate against him on Twatter.

  4. This was one funny ass podcast. I’ve listened to a couple of them, just recently discovered you because someone posted it on TRS.

    Keep it up goys. Maybe I’ll see ya in the forums some time.

    Mr. Bond

    P.S.: I saw you put my song on soundcloud, be careful, I got shut down for hate speech lololol

    1. Mr Bond, I’m a YUGE fan. I have your entire corpus in several stashes. Do you have any other songs in the pipeline?

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