RED DAWN 8: Solzhenitsyn, Save Us!

Vince and Greg discuss Jewish influence on Russia. Stalin, Solzhenitsyn, Bezmenov–who was on whose side? Whose side are we on? Stop the spies and save the huwites, it’s time to reassess the Ruskies.

Topics: American misperceptions of russia, hypocrisy on elections, the mental jujitsu of Yuri Bezmenov, the mysterious death of Michael Hastings, ZOG at State, and the Jewish influence on the early Soviet Union.

Plus: Shaykh Mo is pissed at you Crusaders, and Hitler reads von Mellenthin’s Panzerschlachten.

3 thoughts on “RED DAWN 8: Solzhenitsyn, Save Us!”

  1. Internal restructuring. Had to twist some arms and rip off some fingernails. It was a bitch of a clean-up.

    We’ll be back on-line this week bigger and badder than before.

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