RED DAWN SPECIAL: Where Aryans Dare

They look like Nazis 2

Where Aryans Dare. AI’s debut on Give it a listen, goyim.

Vincent Law and Gregory Ritter star in “Where Aryans Dare.” From post-soviet shitholes to South African shit-shafts, why does the third world have to suck so much? The bros are on a mission to find out. They scour the planet in search of the ultimate answer. Who is behind it all?

Cargo shipping down. Related: Maersk downscaling.

Trump accuses Obama of using Fed to keep economy afloat.

Thilo Sarrazin “Germany Abolishes Itself” intro. Trans. Greg Ritter.

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    1. I read Unz Review every morning. It’s pretty much the NYT of the alt-right.

      And dude, LBF approves of our site, we’re doing something right.

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