sam hyde

Sam Hyde at Rutgers

Sam Hyde is a comedian, for those of you that don’t know. And some of his greatest accomplishments have been:

  • crashing a Tedx talk and making a mockery of the whole SWPL spectacle.
  • performing shitlordy routines at the local comedy haunts
  • posting bizarre/absurdist videos on his MDE channel making fun of just about everything associated with millenials

But his latest video really deserves a post and also an introduction to the man and why he is important to the movement.

The realms of academia, comedy and many others are squarely in the territory of the POZ. They have a stranglehold on almost all forms of entertainment and all forms of quasi-intellectual academic discussion.

What does the Alt-RIght have? Blogs, a chinese cartoon imageboard site, the occasional podcast and far right esoteric literature. We have the beginnings of a counter-culture, but that’s about it. Just the beginnings. Many pieces of the puzzle need to fall into place before we can present an attractive sub-culture movement to the masses. Intellectual circle-jerking about HBD can take us only so far, and that’s where people like Sam Hyde pick up the slack. Why? Because we need entertainment, our own set of comedians as much as we need a new corps of thinkers. One of the greatest appeals of the Alt-Right movement is our unique sense of humor, our ability to poke fun at that which you are not allowed to make fun of. That is why we howl with laughter at the latest Moonman dub, eagerly await the new Ben Garrison edits, and wait for another Sam Hyde video to be uploaded to YouTube.

What’s the take away from this latest video of Sam Hyde mocking SWPL Art students? The executive summary:

Their arts degrees aren’t worth shit.

They are going to work in food service and accrue massive amounts of debt they will never pay off.

They can never achieve anything as great as the classic painting he showed them, or the Wagner he made them listen to.

State schooling is poisoning their minds with Feminism, LGBTQWTFBBQ+ bullshit, and other progressive tripe which contributes to a feminised culture where they toil as weak sissy men.

Pop culture is a sewer and their lives are counting down, and they are gleefully wasting every moment as their race and culture is being annihilated by immigrants from shit countries who have never contributed anything truly poetic on this planet

Well said, anonymous /pol/ack.

In short, whether you watch Hollyjew, Talmundvision, or attend an event at your local Marxist university, you’re in enemy territory.  The long march through the institutions has already occurred, and we are living in the aftermath of it.

To truly become an alternative culture, we need many more elements than just LARPing neo-pagans, NatSoc enthusiasts and armchair Russophiles. We need entertainment as well. The cultural revolution never occurred by putting cultural marxist candidates into political office, but through “Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll.”

We need to remember that as a movement going forward. If we take ourselves too seriously and act like Puritans, we’ll die off just like the Puritans as well…

Sam Hyde takes the fight into POZ territory, by trolling IRL and getting his unique brand of comedy out there. In short, he is a man with a mission and balls of steel. I’ll end the topic with this quote about Sam Hyde I found elucidating.

He’s basically /pol/ incarnate. White, masculine, sloppy, intelligent, witty, slightly autistic, hates Jews, sees the writing on the wall and doesn’t give a shit anymore.

Well said anon, well said.

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