Some Musings On WASPs

Let’s face it WASPS are like Bigfoot a semi mythical creature said to exist by some yet whose very existence as species I have yet to confirm. However there is a creature in the fossil record Gigantopithecus that does prove the existence of a Bigfoot like creature in history overlapping the range of reported sittings of this elusive beast. Likewise WASPS did exist in American history yet in my lifetime I have never had a confirmed sighting rather only second hand reports from individuals who say they have seen WASPS. Moreover from what I can deduce through casual conversation with the huddled masses of “normie” millennials I would argue most do not even know what a WASP is or even understand what the abbreviation stands for. Case in point I was at a bar hitting on a rather in your face Italian American chick from East Boston (I know because I always ask the ethnicity of the girl I’m about to have a go at to see if I can cross off another box on my list) When she replied with “What are you.” After a short round of guessing on her part I replied “I’m a WASP.” She looked at me as if I had 2 heads and replied “What’s that” so of course I explained.
In Boston the supposed habitat of the elusive WASP the only Individuals who seem to know what a WASP is are the ones who have WASPS in their family tree or those who are highly educated beyond your basic marketing or elementary education major. As were the female Chinese American Medical Students who were somewhat enamored by the fact they had cornered the elusive WASP out of his normal habitat at a nightclub in the POZ that is Boston. The only white American girl I encountered who used the word WASP to describe herself was a twenty something recently graduated English major from the well to do town of Williams Massachusetts. She herself did not actually use WASP but “WASPY” as in “I’m not sure what I am I think my family is pretty WASPY.”
Perhaps the reason I have encountered so few WASP’s or people who even understand the term is because at least in New England they are virtually extinct or at least critically endangered for the same reason the Red Wolf is, loss of habitat and interbreeding with other geographically distinct populations. You see in New England the WASPs despite their supposed contempt for the Irish, Italians and other ethnic mostly Catholic white Europeans, were actually very inclusive towards them.

Not only did the WASPs have an open door policy about who could come to this country from Europe, the country they created through bloodshed and imagination, they allowed their most precious institution the Ivy League to remain open to all who were intelligent or studious enough to attend. It was this sense of Universalism and out group trust that lead the WASPs and their fellow North West Europeans “NWE” to create societies and proposition nations that all of Europe and eventually the rest of the world preferred to their own ethnic groups creations. Though the high social trust and Universalist tendencies of the WASP may have been their greatest strength it became their downfall. Just like the tragic epic heroes of Homeric Greece whose greatest quality becomes their undoing, the WASPs desire to see others as brothers and sisters of man as opposed to strangers led more nepotistic, low social trust groups to supplant them from their institutions. Eventually these outsiders married into their very families and through overwhelming numbers and the traditional Catholic penchant for reproduction overwhelmed the WASP and lead to his extinction, at least in the pure form.

The decline of the WASP began during the time of the Irish Potato famine and it accelerated in the turn of the 1900s immigration wave to the USA from Southern and Eastern Europe. The WASPs were dealt their death blow in the post WW2 suburbs that sprung up in the 1950s economic boom where WASPs, Irish, Italians, Poles, Swedes, Greeks, Portuguese, French Canadians, Germans, Lithuanians, Jews and many more all intermingled and intermarried.

I myself am the closest thing to an actual WASP I have yet to really encounter and at that my paternal grandmother and maternal great grandmother married into WASP families themselves from non-Anglo Saxon heritage. So in that respect even this elusive WASP cannot be said to truly exist. But If one wishes to find further proof of the decline of the WASP hierarchy in New England and particularly Boston outside the obvious demographic data of Harvard, I point no further than the governors of the Bay Colony and Mayors of Boston going back to before the Kennedy administration, not a WASP in site.

So the next time you meet a SWPL who is signaling about how moral they are or gets offended easy, I advise you to ask them their ancestry my suspicion is that they are not a Cabot or a Lodge but perhaps an O’Connell or perhaps even Gold.

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