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RED DAWN 35: Baptism of FASH Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Changes”

NPI conference sum-up with Ritter, Singh and Vince. Singh reprises some of the interviews he did with the MSM. The goys break down Richard Spencer’s now-viral “Hail Victory.” Singh also talks about meeting KMac, Jared Taylor, and Australian professor Drew Fraser, author of The WASP Question.

This episode features Mr. Bond’s latest song “Changes,” a parody of Tupac’s song of the same name, with D’Marcus Liebowitz (46:00).


RED DAWN 32: Keepin It Klassy

Again in two parts, Volksgenossen:

RED DAWN 32: Keepin It Klassy (part 1)

RED DAWN 32: Keepin It Klassy (part 2)

The alt-right talks a lot about race and sex, tribe and creed. But what about class? Aristocrats and proles exist in every nation. How can the alt-right help whites overcome their social divisions?

What’s more, we don’t have much time to save our civilization. What can we do, given that most people are too brainwashed to understand The Race Question? Could we use class as a proxy?

RED DAWN 31: Scandinavian Symposium

It’s a two-parter this week, goyim.

RED DAWN 31: Scandinavian Symposium and

RED DAWN 31: Scandinavian Symposium Part 2

Sven and Suomi go to an identitarian conference in Stockholm. In attendance: The cream of Northern Europe’s resistance.

Also: The Podesta emails, Washington corruption, and Hollywood hazing by gay-sex. Do libtard deep-staters know more than they let on?

Identitarian conference in Stockholm

  1. A Counter Currents write-up of the “Identitarian Ideas” Conference discussed in the podcast.
  2. Daniel Friberg’s (Swedish Identitarian, conference organizer) site is https://www.righton.net/, he is also responsible for Arktos, which publishes European New Right authors in English.
  3. Ingrid Carlqvist of the (((Gatestone institute))) has a lot of good articles on The Islamic Problem in Sweden. Unfortunately you have to read through the haze of semitophilic bull, still there’s still some good stuff.

39:00: Greg mentions Alt-Right Andy‘s youtube channel, a great source of fashy fun, esp. William Luther Pierce’s broadcasts.

40:07 Sven mentions Age of Treason podcasts and the English neo-Spenglerian Francis Parker Yockey, author of Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics. (Info is sparse on Yockey, but The Occidental Observer has a synopsis of his thought.)

57:39 and 59:04: Scene from Kubrick’s Spartacus (1960) where Crassus (Laurence Oliver) comes on to his slave, Antoninus (Tony Curtis). It’s super gay.

Part 2: Sven and Suomi continue the discussion on Scandinavia’s ongoing transformation. Finland, Laplanders and narrative-imposition.

As always, further speculation on altright intrigue and infighting follows with Greg and Vince. Who is weev? Track disintegrates into shitposting about pedowood (Pedophilic Hollywood) and globohomos.

Outro music is “Pehrssons Kompani” by our favorite Swedish band, Fyrdung.

RED DAWN 30: Clooz Of The Jooz

RED DAWN 30: Clooz Of The Jooz

The AI bros intended to cover India, but got side-tracked by the Jews. Ritter, Singh and Storminnorman break down the ethnogenesis of this unique people. How did their evolutionary strategy develop? How did they spread throughout Europe? What is the secret of their… uh… (((success)))?

AND Andrew Angelin proclaims a Holy Crusade against Milo. AI endorses. Deus Vult!

We have not forgotten about India. Expect more ’tism later.

Public and Obsequious Pro-Trumpism

Rome was not founded as a city. Like the platonic state, it was founded, not on some cucked structure like “the family,” but on something far stronger–the Männerbund. The city was just the backdrop to what was, at its core, a politically ordered brofest.

What an awesome arrangement. But all good things must come to an end. One morning, Romulus woke up with a forehead-searing, wine-induced hangover (those are the worst) and, like Jupiter, his temple gave birth to an Idea: To continue the brofest, we need to have another generation. New generations require chicks. Therefore, we need girls.

So the Romans went to the next tribe over and abducted their daughters. This event went down in history by the hyper-triggering name “The Rape of the Sabine Women.”

The alt-right Männerbund is at this same juncture. We need to get girls to support our political goals, as much as it pains me to say so. This does not mean that we need thousands of SWPL American females shit-posting on /pol/. That will never happen, nor do we want it to. The alt-right needs to remain a Männerbund–the ideological shock troops of our people. Just as it is preposterous to have women on the front-line in war, it is so in metapolitics (Ann Coulter and Lana are cool though).

But white women have a role to play. They need to vote for Trump. They are the demographic where The Emperor has the richest prospects for gains. But despite our early optimism, it does not look like Trump will be able to break a significant number of blacks off of the democratic “coalition of the fringes,” to use Steve Sailer’s phrase. The democrats and the press have succeeded in pushing the BLM bullshit enough to quash any interest on the part of blacks in having a fair shot in the low-wage labor market. Asian minorities are too few to matter much, and they are smart enough to know their political and economic interests are served by importing more of their co-ethnics. So, it’s come to this. Whites vs all.

So how do we get white girls to get on board? Trump seems to be making moves in this direction. How can the alt-right help?

Psychology. Let’s put those years of Chateau-reading and gaming to good use. This is our big advantage. We understand girls, and they can never understand us. Women will vote for someone who either 1) is an alpha male, 2) has the sanction of the establishment. Obviously we’re good on #1. Unfortunately, Hillary has #2. So we need to tip the scales in his favor. It’s all about perception. Women need to feel that Trump is more powerful, more likely to win.

To that end, I propose:

Public and obsequious pro-Trumpism.

We need to turn America into a continent-spanning pro-Trump echo-chamber. Memes are great for online interactions. Dropping hatefacts and pithy arguments on Facebook and Twitter have gotten us where we are. But I’m sorry autistes, Real Life still matters more to women. We need to immerse them in our mental world. We need to make it so that women cannot escape our meme-space, our “memensraum.” And because the Platonic woman has no being or interests, what little being Real women do have will be inadequate to resist the pro-Trumpism. They will believe. IRL.

Let yourself be overheard having outrageously pro-Trump conversations on your cell. “Hey bro, did you hear The Emperor’s speech? Man, when he said he’d enforce immigration law, I was sieg heiling so hard, for realz.” Naturally, this sort of rhetoric will cause any liberal goodgirl to recoil, at least the first time. But she’ll come around the tenth time she hears a swoll, well dressed, confident man commenting casually about “Vishnu’s American incarnation.”

Blare The Trump Song and Mr. Bond out the car window.

“Accidentally” let women see your phone/computer background. I vacillate between:



trump pink hat

mmm… dreamy. The reaction from females is invariably faux-outrage, which is really just an invitation to double down in the expression of your schoolgirl-like crush. “I just get lost in those eyes. MAGA.”

Fanboydom is, of course, usually a vibe-killer, as le Chateau has taught us. But over-the-top fanboydom for a super-alpha is intriguing. The only problem is her interest won’t be directed exclusively at Trump. But that’s a piddling concern. Her mental process will register, “This guys is such a jerk to me, but he loved DJT…”  And, by transitive property of girl-syllogism, this means “Trump must be high status. I should vote for him.”

It is now clear. The purpose of us–the alt-right–learning game was not to get laid. Ok, so some of us, not pointing fingers, had a lot of fun in the hyper-degeneracy of 2008-14/15. But those days are over. Now it should be obvious to all of us that the “hookup culture” leads to social and racial pollution. The more random bros a girl hooks up with, the less suitable she is for motherhood. But game can be used for good too. It is how we will win our women back to our (and their) own side.

We are now engaged in a society-wide act of seduction. Convincing your girlfriend or wife is not nearly enough. There are too many cucks out there, and too many single sluts. We have to make a mass-effort. The flocks of manless women need a shitlord to be like a shepherd onto them.

So, in this act of mass-seduction, it’s time to move from Tinder and fuck-close. Put less time into Twatter and more into real-life. Be publicly and obsequiously pro-Trump. Saturate the public sphere. The endgame is not getting laid. The stakes are way higher. We must reassert control over our societies if we are to ensure our collective survival. Convincing our women is the next step.

Back to the Trumpean autistic meme-plex, sluts!

Once we take back our women, the alt-right will have control of the political landscape. When the cucks come to get their women back, we won’t even have to fight. It’ll be 753 BC all over again.

Conspiracy Theory: The Russia-Alt-Right Axis

The alt-right has a crush on Russia. We admire their political unity, their social normalcy, their stoic stand against Modernist degeneracy. Donald Trump has also expressed attitudes that are less than rabidly russophobic. The alt-right wagers that his administration would pursue detente with Moscow. A welcome change from the reflexive antagonism of Hillary Clinton and her neocon supporters.

But having a positive attitude toward Russia, and especially President Vladimir Putin, is a political liability in the West. Clinton knows this, which is why she tried to tie Trump and the alt-right to Putin in her August 25th speech.

The accusation is part of a larger pattern. Clinton and her backers in the media and political establishment have made a habit of trying to tar Trump and the alt-right as Russian stooges. The Clinton Campaign has (without presenting evidence) blamed Russia for hacking the DNC’s email servers, and insinuated that Trump was responsible, somehow. Trump was also accused of treason for suggesting that Russia could provide Hillary’s 30,000 lost emails to the public. Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was sidelined by the allegation that he had corrupt dealings when he was a businessman in Ukraine before the “Euromaidan” revolution. (See our latest podcast, detailing the Ukrainian situation).

As usual, this is mostly just posturing from Clinton and her allies in the Neocon establishment. To the Neocons, this is evidence of right-wing treachery. In their minds, Western and Russian interests are always opposed, and therefore anyone who would cooperate with Russia must be a traitor.  But the Neocons are flaunting their habitual black-and-white sophistry. They have no real arguments, so they screech “guilt by association.” Clinton pulled out this logical fallacy in her August 25 speech, quoting a Mexican proverb: “Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are.”

The rhetoric is nevertheless damaging to Trump, and the alt-right needs to be careful. The liberals and neocons are running out of rhetorical ammunition. Incessant accusations of racism seem to be losing their potency. So they have turned to Russia bashing. What better way to cast your opponent as weak than by posturing as the anti-Russia hard-liner? The tactic is a classic in American politics.

But it is not just rhetoric. There is something to liberal and neocon allegations. For the moment, the alt-right’s interests align with those of Russia. The alt-right would prefer for the US to adopt a less confrontational foreign policy. We see no reason to risk WWIII over the Donbas or Crimea. The alt-right also agrees with the vast majority of Russians in favoring tradition and the socially conservative policies that support it.

What’s more, Russia has every reason to support the alt-right, including the nationalists of Western Europe. (Indeed, France’s Front National has taken loans from Russian banks. Other far-right parties are often accused of accepting Russian money. The accusations have the ring of truth, as the European far-right is generally well disposed to Russia.) The more the alt-right’s influence grows, the better for Russia’s foreign interests. The rising right is also a boon to Russia domestically. Unlike the neocons, Trump and the alt-right have no reason to antagonize Russia over its social policies.

But if Russia supports the alt-right, why does RT, Moscow’s main media outlet in the West, not take a hard-right editorial line? RT’s programing often promotes leftist and libertarian views. It is broadly critical of corporatism and neoconservatism. It is certainly not alt-right. Similar attitudes prevail at Sputnik, another Russian media outlet aimed at an international audience.

Russia’s strategy is double-edged. Like any great power, it seeks to mold the political climate of its rivals. While Russia would prefer nationalists to hold power in the West, it is prepared for other outcomes. A right-wing West would be more amenable to Moscow. As it is, the ever leftward trend in Western society suits Russia just fine. A strong partner would be great, but Moscow will settle for a weak competitor.

As the Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov explained: the key to political propaganda is not resisting your rivals’ ideological punches, but side-stepping them. Even better, one should pull the punch through, to let your opponent’s momentum put him in a compromising position. This is why Russian news does not take an anti-liberal line. In an ideological fight, it is best to encourage your rival to indulge his own worst inclinations. If the West continues to follow liberalism and equalism to their reductiones ad absurdum, it is doomed.

The alt-right is on the correct path. Just because some of our interests happen to align with Russia’s, does not mean we must abandon them. Reflexive russophobia, like that of the neocons, reflects our interests just as poorly as a slavishly pro-Russia attitude would. We can agree with Russia without being traitors. The alt-right–and Trump–speak for the vast majority of Americans when they advocate traditional values at home a more restrained policy abroad.

Some commentators suspect Russia will pull out all the stops to get Trump elected. There is even speculation that Russia will unleash an “October surprise.” I doubt it. Even if Moscow has damaging information on Clinton, why blow it before the election? Better to hold on to it to use as leverage if she wins. Moscow would prefer a President Trump, but they are prepared to deal with a Hillary victory.

So while Trump and the alt-right offer a fresh and reasonable position on Russia, we must remember a few things. Russia is a powerful, robust culture that sees itself in exceptional terms. As much as we admire and respect the Russians–they are our racial kin after all–they are rivals of Euro-American civilization. We wish them the best, but not at our expense.

Alt-Right: Hillary Clinton, Thank You for Your Help!

Hillary Clinton Button, christyli.com
Alt Right posts Hillary Clinton Button, christyli.com

Hillary Clinton helps the Alt-Right indeed! Acclaimed Bridgeport, CT mayor, showman, and 19th Century writer P.T. Barnum once said, “Any publicity is good publicity,” and this maxim appropriately depicts this election.

Hillary appeals to her millennial supporters with Pokémon Go jokes instead of addressing Generation Z’s financial future. She attempts a hip attitude while embodying the old One-World-Government zeitgeist of an establishment the American people want dead. The cherry on the Che Guevara sundae popped last night as she addressed the Alt-Right, a fatal error for her campaign.

Caught by the Alt-Right, mypokecard.com

“Don’t feed the trolls.”

Anyone who’s spent enough time on image boards, forums, or comments sections knows not to feed the trolls. What are we Alt-Righters to the establishment? Trolls. And what does out-of-touch, Botox-ridden, crooked Hillary Clinton do? She feeds em. It’s great for us, as it’s another nail about to be driven in her campaign’s coffin.

And to think we, the defenders of Western Civilization and its posterity, have received Hillary’s POZ love brings us unceasing joy and blood-in-the-face dimples. So it’s only fit with the decorum of our race that we return the favor.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton for all you have done for us. We  on the Alt-Right love your campaign as it tries like the little engine that could[n’t] and clutches its multi-million-dollar Soros funded pearls on the string leading to the Oval Office window.

On behalf of the Alt-Right, the so-called “white supremacists,” we do not formally endorse you, but we would like to say thank you. As the news media read this article, seeing us lovin’ you up, we hope they return the praise to your campaign. Oh, we can see it now: HUFFINGTON POST: THE ALT-RIGHT LOVES HILLARY CLINTON.

Sum Nu Ju, Yahoo News
Alt-Right From Sum Nu Ju at Yahoo! News

We’re with P.T. Barnum on this one. We love your kind words, Hillary Clinton so keep the love comin’.

Oh, Hillz, you’re going to soar like the pure White Anglo-Saxon Princess you are!

My Berlin Hadj

(Note: This essay is a sequel to Homeless in Copenhagen in Greg’s ongoing series “Race-Tour 2016“)

I was in a groggy, allergy-compounded daze for the whole train ride. My night of Danish homelessness really took it out of me. For seven hours I faded in and out, all the while conscious of the sweat and grime that seemed to have replaced my khakis. How appropriate–on my way to Berlin, my Aryan Mecca, and I was getting the full hadji experience.

Despite how I must have smelled, at least I looked human, unlike some others. The train boarded a ship to ferry us from the Danish island of Lolland (actual name) to Merklenburg-Vorpommern, and we went to the upper decks. I munched on a chocolate bar and stared out into the treacherous Baltic that had deprived me of my watch and sunglasses (stolen while I was swimming). But the thing that scared me about this boat was not the sea it transversed, but the people it bore. Some of these fuckers were Soomalii. Others had certainly been pilgrims like me, but I doubt their hadj had terminated at the Spree. Others still looked like they had been boating before. The rest were Danish.

We went back below deck and reboarded the train. My seat-mate was a healthy, middle-aged Dane named Frederik. He must not have noticed the smell, because he played along as I struck up a conversation. He was on his way to Hamburg, to settle some shipping contracts. After some niceties, he brought up Trump in the usual liberal way. Detecting his illness, I decided to offer him a very small, very purple pill–I brought up Shillery’s connections to the Judeo- *cough* neo-cons. He took it well. I then brought up, in the politiest way possible, the Afromuzzie immivasion. I made the usual rational points, which he again took well.

I am always amazed that I can still carry on such respectable, middle-class conversations. I liked Frederik, he was the sort of man for whom I had borne immense respect as a teenager, the sort of man I thought I would become. But that is no longer possible. His opinions were, logically, preposterous. Worse yet they were a profound threat to me and my–our–people. But for some reason I still admired him. He was open-minded enough to listen to my points cooly and sincerely. It seems one can be more frank in speaking outside one’s usual social circle. If there is any value in diversity, it is that. Exposure to diversity is red-pilling.

The train stopped at the first station in Germany. Some officers in peaked-caps (I got hard) walked down the isles doing a face-check. They silently zeroed in on an East African and removed him. Fredrik and I watched out the window as four or five officers escorted the subhuman along the station platform. “Poor chap!” my seatmate exclaimed. I never understood why Europeans think English means British, what the hell. Anyway, meanwhile my spine got erect, my eyes bulged, and my the left side of my mouth quivered into a smirk. I must have crossed my thighs, because no one noticed the full extent of my physiological response. “Mmm” I managed.

I arrived at Berlin, and relief washed over me. I love Germany, but until now, I had not realized how much like home it felt. The street-signs, the chain-stores, the whole material culture is familiar. Most importantly, I have a reasonable command of German. With the languages of Scandinavia my knowledge is only passive and theoretical. I feel like a moron whenever I try to say something. But speaking German is like encountering an old friend. Maybe we have not kept up lately, but we have been through a lot together.

I escalated out of the train station–one of those typically post-war glass and metal things–and found the daylight. The first thing I noticed was the goddamn antifa graffiti. The following photos were all taken right around the train station:

“The German police protect the Fascists!” If only…
“Fuck Nazis, go away!”
Why do they have to be so tedious?

The lefties here must all be from out of town, because no Prussian would ever write something on a wall, even if he were a commie. I harrowed their filth quickly, because on the horizon the Reichstag appeared. Of course I know all the history. But my real excitement stemmed from how familiar I am with the building’s steps and facade, at least in the virtual world. World War II is the Trojan War for Americans. But we have no Iliad–we have Saving Private Ryan and Call of Duty: World at War. I must have played the Reichstag-level a hundred times, where you, as a Russian, reenact the Battle of Berlin, head-shooting your way through streams of conspicuously fighting-age German soldiers.

What it looked like.
What it felt like.

At the steps of the real Reichstag I saw the same fight. Two Germans were holding a demonstration in favor of a vaguely nationalist cause. They were getting a lot of silent attention, and a little heckling from some people who, by their age, seemed to be middle-class baby-boomers. What a shitty generation. Eager to practice my German and my politics, I asked one of the agitators what exactly their cause was. Their billboard said something about Germany still being occupied, but I could not tell if they were nationalists–political discourse is so tame in this country. The man handed me a brochure, as if that explained their position any better than the billboard. I asked explicitly if they supported a “Germany for the Germans,” to which he replied affirmatively. I guess that explains the heckling.

The Germans can only be proud of being defeated. The flag on the right bears the Russian “Victory Day” pattern.

Perhaps one other fact explains this strange scene. Three flags were flying outside the Reichstag (sorry to any Germany-fags, I don’t recognize any other name)–that of neutered Germany, the flag of the EU, and that of Georgia. Russian Georgia. “What are these cucks trying to pull” I thought. Did the Anglo-Zionist Empire tell Mutti Merkel to make noise about admitting Georgia to some Atlanticist organization? Or is it just Georgian heritage day in Germany? Very strange, but very predictable.

I sat down for a beer and some internet. Where is the Fuhrerbunker? I asked google. Surprisingly, it answered quickly and directly. Wasn’t this information supposed to be secret, lest Nazis like me start treating the site as a shrine? I strode through the streets, past the Reichstag, the Tiergarten, not the occasional Hadji, and the Brandenburg Gate. A bunch of Kurds were lazing about amidst signs and placards. They seemed to be bitching about the Iranian Government. I could not imagine why anyone here would care about their whining, then I turned left and spotted the American Embassy.

The real government is located in the building on the left
Scaffolds for the enemies of Kurdish freedom. Not sure why Westerners are supposed to care.

I passed through the throngs and entered a side-street lined with more post-war blockoffices. Ministries and embassies it seemed. The street ended in a T, atop which was a parking lot, interspersed with clumps of trees and surrounded by ugly apartments. I got an excited chill. The scene must have just as miserable when The Dream ended–right here. There was a sign with a map and detailed explanations in English and German. Either the Germans had grown tired of all the inquiries, or this was all an elaborate deception and the Fuhrer had spent his final days somewhere else.

I analyzed the map in an attempt to discern what mattered most to me. Where was my Fuhrer cremated? I have to admit, like everything else about the War, most of my knowledge comes from Jewliwood movies. In Der Untergang, the Germans lay Hitler’s corpse in a pit right outside the entrance to the bunker and burn it with what must have been the Reich’s last can of gasoline. I reckoned that it all happened (if it did at all) right at the lot’s entrance. Goebbels and Magda shot themselves somewhere in what was now the middle of the street. And to think–this sacred ground is subjected to auto traffic and Chinese tourists. The site of Hannibal’s suicide was probably similarly profaned in Roman times. How dare they. It was if the whole scene was calculated induce blase, I wanted to cry–partly to trigger the gawkers–but I could not. Even that they had taken from me.


Immortal Technique and the Alt-Right

“There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot.” – Immortal Technique

In elementary school, I watched a Schoolhouse Rock! skit about America as the world’s “melting pot.” The sight of smiling brown and beige bodies diving into an overflowing cesspool smacked me with disgust. The  cartoonish ethnosuicide has remained ugly ever since.

Peruvian-American rapper, Felipe Andres Coronel (a.k.a. ImmortalTechnique), writes rap lyrics glorifying Marxism and “social justice.” Ironically in his most popular [explicit] track “Dance with the Devil,” he disdains Zionist  Israel Zangwill’s idea of the melting pot.

Immortal Technique recognizes the power of his raza and its foremost enemy:  degeneracy—in his case, drugs, gang activity, and generational poverty. Similarly, we Whites face degeneracy but in a rather insidious context: vapid modern art, degenerate social trends, and teachers poisoning our kids with self-hate. Faced with its apparent flaws, Immortal Technique’s community can name with ease its bullies, uncle toms, and sellouts. We Whites are not so lucky.

We are cowed. Unlike other groups, most Whites shirk all responsibility to their race and children’s future; sheepdogs of the status quo threaten them with defamation, career loss, and legal consequences for expressing racial pride and love. I have met so many White millennials who appear receptive to the Alt-Right but cringe at the suggestion of White pride and change the topic out of fear of the sheepdogs.


The “melting pot” from Schoolhouse Rock!

But what have we to fear for simply discussing ideas? We are not the only ones targeted by the sheepdogs of the melting-pot dystopia.  Mestizos like Immortal Technique also suffer the effects of the melting-pot ideal pushed in our media, schools, and government (see HUD and its forced diversity initiative). Immortal Technique loses his neighborhood through gentrification, as we lose our neighborhoods through “fair housing priorities” and blockbusting.

Everyone loses in the melting pot. Everyone’s scalded flesh bubbles and fries to a crisp, a singularly brown crisp out of which all heritage dies. All peoples will face sure demise, unless the Overton Window shifts and accepts alternatives to forced multiculturalism.

In shifting that window, Walt Bismarck, the creator of edgy Disney parodies, has printed Alt-Right Donald Trump supporters on card decks. If you contribute $15 or more to Walt’s Kickstarter, you will receive decks emblazoned with Gavin McInnes, Richard Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tila Tequila and many more fashy faces—Immortal Technique not included. (Watch Walt’s latest music video at the bottom of the page.)

With the Overton Window shifting right, we will reclaim our communities. Succeed and our heritage shall live on; fail and we, along with all the other races, will be relegated to the history books never to walk the earth again. Now is the time to spread our message, support our brothers and sisters, and ensure that we win and reclaim our world.