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RED DAWN 12: Hitler, der Heide-Heiland

RED DAWN 12: Hitler, der Heide-Heiland

Hitler: Savior of the White Race, or incompetent bungler? Greg and Vince debate the Fuhrer’s legacy on the Jews, Eastern Europe and Whites the world over. He waged a war against international communism, but millions of our people died as a result. What can the alt-right learn from Hitler?

(Note: An earlier version of this podcast was uploaded with separate tracks for each speaker. This has been rectified. The tracks are now mono)

AI Academic Interview Series 6: Carleton Putnam

Gregory Ritter interviews Robert Johnson on the life and work of Carleton Putnam, American author and businessman. He is best known for his books Race and Reason (1961) and Race and Reality (1967), which give a prescient analysis of desegregated, multicultural America.

Read and learn, goyim:

PDF of Race and Reason

PDF of Race and Reality