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Adapt or Die

Apathy and tolerance are the last virtues of a dying society.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the different personality types I’ve met in the Alt Right and how they differ (and how they don’t) from normal people. Truth be told the same affliction affects both parties. That of Apathy. To avoid any confusion I’m going to focus one white males exclusively as that is the perspective I know.

Your average normal American white male does not bat an eye when he sees a pretty blonde girl walk down the street under the arm of a man from a different race. Of course he has been conditioned not to and some might like myself feel a strong instinctual feeling of disgust. This probably comes as no surprise to most as we all understand that the white western man has been completely atomized and deracinated. However I have consistently observed the same triggering phenomenon among white males. In the Alt Right.

I routinely carouse and bar hop with some Boston Alt Righters I met at NPI. We also like to group text through the day kvetching about the state of things. I usually take it upon myself to snap pics of the many white females I see either dating or reproducing with nonwhite men and send them to the group. My hopes in doing this is to trigger a primal drive and inspire more guys in the group to adopt a realistic attitude toward white women and the territory they live in. Yes modern day nightlife and clubbing, bar hopping and tinder swiping may be degenerate but where else are you supposed to meet women? It’s hard to day game when you have a full time job and hitting on your coworkers is a recipe for disaster. As the old saying goes “don’t shit where you eat.”

Perhaps my views are skewed because I live in Boston which is the whitest major metropolitan area in the USA at 52% non-Hispanic white and also the most liberal aside from maybe San Francisco. The city has a huge student population of novo rich Chinese, Gulf Arab and East Indian princelings. Who love to throw around daddy’s money and try to snag or bang a white woman, the blonder the better. Of course there is also an equal or greater number of female students from these respective backgrounds. Naturally what do you do when everyman in the club or bar is hitting on the white blonde girl inflating her ego? Of course you go for the next most attractive woman which is more often than not the foreign women in the bar. If you’re lucky you could meet an Eastern European girl or white Brazilian. However if they happen to be fair and blonde every dark man in the establishment has already tried. For those of you who think that somehow Slavic women are immune to mudsharkery I can assure you they are not. I have yet to meet a recent immerge from Eastern Europe who did not sample the buffet of third world men once they were in a country where the white men allowed it. White women know that every race of man wants to sleep with them even if only out of conquest so they naturally act picky and bitchy. Yes and now you understand my conquistador ways. They are not by choice but given the situation and my low penchant for female insanity I am stuck picking the low hanging yet sadly more feminine fruit.

So what is the solution? Simple don’t let invaders come into your territory unopposed and take your women. Every other social mammal when confronted with invading males from another pack or tribe on their territory attempts to drive them off or neutralize them less they become neutralized themselves and have their females taken. wolves, lions, gorillas and chimps all do this. More importantly I have witnessed every race and ethnic group of men do this but white western men. The large asian presence in Boston means I inevitably end up chatting Asian girls at clubs or bars. Yet every time I do out of nowhere some Asian guy (usually Chinese) will come between us and try to prevent the girl from talking to me. If there is more than one mongoloid and they are in a group drinking they will very often act overtly aggressive and provoke a fight with the round eye trying to take their women. This same phenomenon can be seen with every other racial and ethnic group I have encountered when in the presence of mixed company with of course the obvious exception of White American men.

As the late Glayde Whitney PHD Behavioral Genetics said at Amren 2000
“Like any conquering group, the winners are taking the property, the land, and the women.”
“Mating between Hottentots and Negroid Blacks generally followed a pattern that is worth noting. Even though it was unusual, most of the crosses were of Hottentot women with Black men. The hybrid children were raised as Blacks, so most of the gene flow was from Hottentot to Blacks. This pattern is common among humans and among mammals generally, like the wolves and dogs mentioned earlier: When populations mix, it is usually males of the dominant group that take up with women from the subordinate group. Women are attracted to socially dominant males. In this instance, the dominant Blacks have been acquiring the land, the property, and the women of the Hottentot race that they are replacing.”-Glayde Whitney

More importantly there is a biological impulse at work here. In more primal times any man who did not look like the men of your tribe was usually killed or driven off. The only exceptions were (1) rare instances when outsiders where absorbed by the tribe for exceptional reasons or (2) when another tribe conquered your tribe in which case you were probably going to be killed or enslaved at best while your women were impregnated by the invaders. Women of course would have evolved cognitive behavioral mechanisms to best navigate these circumstances. So to put it in plain English the very fact that there are men of another race allowed to mix freely with your women makes it look to your women on a subconscious evolutionary biological level that they are the conquerors and higher status than the men of her own tribe or race. Naturally she will gravitate toward these men if the men of her own tribe do not defend their territory and women.

Towards a Strategy to Win Over Normies

To the initiated the following statements will sound extremely basic. But than again basic talking points are all average people can wrap their heads around.

We will become the third world. We give out more Visas every year than there are job openings. The media then tells these people that the traditional American population is a bunch of “evil” racist rednecks for opposing their own replacement. Americans as defined by the 1965 demographics, are being replaced by people who will not have the same sense of unity, honesty or fair play. And Im not speaking about the lower class immigrant groups like Mexicans, and other mixed race Latin Americans but the rich ethnocentric Tamil Indians, East Asians and Arabs who see White America as a bunch of useful idiots who will give them whatever they want no matter how much it destroys any future for their own families in terms of college admission, job creation or resources.

Of course the second traditional America raises any sort of opposition to their own replacement they are shut up by accusations of racism. There are plenty of rich ethnic groups who come here set up a bussiness and are allowed to hire only their own people or given preference in hiring by existing corporations. If a so called “White” American was to do the same they would be run out of bussiness finned or thrown in jail. The hypocrisy must end. I would not be allowed to move to their countries and take over so why should they be allowed to do it in my homeland?

So perhaps the best way to get cucked Civic minded White Americans to change their views is to point out a double standard. The current Trump administration should be coaxed to move toward an immigration policy based on equilibrium. Since an overtly racial preservationist or even Nationalist one will not be successful due to the evolved pathological altruism among Whites. If a country does not allow Americans to travel or emigrate there, than the United States should not allow citizens of such a country to come here for travel or immigration.

A strictly tit for tat strategy might be one way if not the only way to bring upper middle class cucks to oppose their own destruction.

The Eternal Normie

Let’s face it. The herd instinct is strong in us humans. Very few people are willing to break free from what is popular. Even more so very few people are even curious enough to question the merits of WHY something is popular. Repeatedly I meet otherwise high-IQ, high-performing huwyte Americucks who refuse to even hold a civil conversation about anything that goes against the “diversity is our strength” and “Jews are the chosen people” narrative. You would think a future medical school student, or a pharmacist, or graduate of a hard science like biology would be able to entertain the idea that evolution applies to humans as well as to other lifeforms.

Most people, after enough nuanced conversation, can be brought to understand basic HBD and admit that not all populations (i.e. racial and ethnic groups) behave the same. However, for huwyte Americans in particular, the status of Jews as unquestionably righteous in every aspect is unshakable. I really can’t blame normies for thinking this as I too once held identical beliefs. From the time I was in grade school, teachers, Hollywood, the news and even the modern Catholic church constantly beat it into my head that 1) Jews never did anything wrong EVER. 2) They are God’s chosen people 3) To criticize the Jewish narrative of history and reality makes you a NAZIWHOWANTSTOKILL6MILLIONJEWS!!!!

Over 70 years of social conditioning is hard to undo. For me, it took college statistics, thousands of hours reading evolutionary psychology texts, as well as years of noticing the over-representation of Jews in college social science departments, the media, finance, the legal profession and Hollywood that proportionally went far beyond their tendency toward a high verbal IQ. However it was the behavior of every-day Jews I encountered to really wake me up to what was going on. If not for me taking notice of Jews and their ensuing neurotic and subversive dialectic I would probably not be here.

But we all must remember–we are not normal, we are outliers on a bell curve of normalcy. Most people don’t notice the things I notice. Most people don’t realize that their evolved sense of morality is now being used against them. But what I still can’t understand is why, recently, a former friend of mine–who prides himself on logic, civility and nonviolence–suddenly became illogical, uncivil and aggressive when I made a slight joke about National Socialists’ uniforms being the product of a popular fashion designer who is now lauded by the homosexual “community.” I mean come on. What are you, homophobic?

My only guess is that with the death of Christianity in the West, a new religion of philo-Semitic diversity has taken its place. In this religion Jews are God and Hitler is Satan. To even joke about these issues is to speak heresy and risk a public stoning.

Chic No?
Chic No?



YES! WE WIN! After a grueling, 18-month campaign, in the face of bitter opposition at every turn, the God-Emperor has smashed his way into power. And the alt-right has been with him the whole way. Did we make the difference?

Reports are pouring in from around the globe: Washington, Boston, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, and Lancaster County PA. The goyim are jubilant! Greg reprises his daylong sojourn among the Amish, and Vince has some ideas about what to do next.


Intro: Greg sings Adeste Fideles. If anyone who can actually sing and audio-edit wants to redo this, feel free to appropriate it. Here’re the lyrics:



RED DAWN 25: Natt and the Alt-Right: A Dane-splaining. Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Blood & Soil”

RED DAWN 25: Natt and the Alt-Right: A Dane-splaining. Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Blood & Soil”

Natt joins the AI bros to discuss the coming Purge. The alt-right is not big-tent. We are little-bunker. We have to kick out the degenerates and the intellectuals. Stop thinking and start acting.

Vince and Greg defend European super-nationalism, and Singh stands up for Thought, but Natt’s having none of it.

On this historic day, as Shillary, the puppet of Globalist tyranny, denounces the Altright, AI brings you this glimpse of the coming battles. We are the Resistance, we are right, we will triumph!

Featuring Mr. Bond’s latest single “Blood & Soil,” a parody of Mase’s 1997 “Lookin’ at Me” at 49.50.

Greg mentions the book “Three Faces of Fascism” by Ernst Nolte, which defines fascism negatively. “Fascism is anti-marxism which seeks to destroy the enemy by the evolvement of a radically opposed and yet related ideology…within the unyielding framework of national self-assertion and autonomy.”

CIA support for 60s leftist radicals.

Germany is thinking about regs for zoophilia brothels.

Ricky Vaughn’s observation that among white Republicans, Trump support tends to come from non-Germanics.


RED DAWN 14.88: Sportsball is for Cucks

RED DAWN 14.88: Sportsball is for Cucks

Stop watching sportsball, and start engaging in Sport. Professional and collegiate athletics is nothing more than the Cult of the Dindu. It undermines community, fosters weakness, and poisons your mind and body. Ritter and Singh talk about the ideal of sport: amateur, communal, educational.

As Hitler says in Mein Kampf part 2, chapter 2: “The People’s State ought to allow much more time for physical training in the school….Not a single day should be allowed to pass in which the young pupil does not have one hour of physical training in the morning and one in the evening; and every kind of sport and gymnastics should be included….It is not the purpose of the People’s State to educate a colony of æsthetic pacifists and physical degenerates.”

“This State does not consider that the human ideal is to be found in the honourable philistine or the maidenly spinster, but in a dareful personification of manly force and in women capable of bringing men into the world.”

And yeah, Episode 14.88. We’re that amateur.

Memetic Origins of “Cuckservative”

For the new recruits. A short primer on the “cuckservative” meme.

What is a cuckservative? Its an amalgamation of the terms cuck and conservative. Conservative is clear, so lets start with the term “Cuckolding.” Here is the first mention of it that I encountered as the newest, hippest, sexual fetish of intellectuals. (Its real, I just dont want to give them clicks, so have a pastebin instead.)

The next time I heard about it was “the Cuckening”, a revelation on 4chan’s /pol/ board that revealed that the founder of the board, Christopher Poole or “Moot” had been cheated on by his SJW “girlfriend.” At the time, GamerGate was unfolding, and it was rumored that Moot had gotten cozy with the liberal samizdat and was planning a purge of the politically incorrect board on 4chan to make it more appetizing to potential buyers. Moot did in fact purposefully destroy the old /pol/ board, right around the time that rumors of his “cucking” were circulating. This event eventually left to the schism, and the Exodus to 8chan’s /pol/ board and the birth of the “cuck” meme.

You really can’t understand the story without some meme history:

On the 7th of December, 2014, Ben “Zyklon-B” Garrison threatened Moot with a lawsuit unless he took down /pol/. Since “the CEO of Troll, Inc.” who was now an official SJW, couldn’t take the problematic /pol/ anymore, so he purged it. First by deleting the capcha and letting in waves of /b/tards, furries, autists, /a/ and /lgbt/. He then proceeded to replace words that users typed such as “/b/” and “n***er” with “tumblr” and “cracker” respectively. Marquees displaying [trigger warning] show up on all posts, wordfilters are abundant, and the board has the title “The 8 steps of cuckolding” with subtitle “>she does it for fun”. /pol/acks from all over were chased out of their home… Encyclopedia Dramatica

Its a lot to take in if you are not steeped in meme lore, but basically Moot was fed up with /pol/ constantly calling him a cuck and wanted to get rid of the problematic politically incorrect board. So he changed the name of the board to “the 8 steps to cuckolding” and put an audio file on loop, with some dominatrix talking about the subject.

What /pol/ users were greeted with on the fateful day of /pol/ harbor.
What /pol/ users were greeted with on the fateful day of /pol/ harbor.

Finally, a short explanation of Ben Garrison’s role in the affair: Ben Garrison was a libertardian artist whose reputation was dragged through the mud because of some modified photos that /pol/ created, in which all original references to illuminati or the FED or Pyramids, was replaced with “le happy merchant meme.”

Exhibit A)

These photoshops caused Ben Garrison to lose his cool and to loudly threaten to sue Moot for what /pol/ had done. Instead of ignoring a few autists on the internets playing with their dank may-mays, Ben sperged out and brought a lot of attention to himself. Naturally, the trolling only intensified, until Zyklon Ben became a big meme.

After /pol/ harbor (the destruction of 4chan’s /pol/ board), and the exodus to 8chan, Ben garrison had a reconciliation with the new 8chan /pol/ and the site administrator, Hot Wheels. In a surprising and frankly, heart-warming exchange, he even agreed to create some original content per /pol/ users requests:

cuck 2
Here we see 4chan’s former owner, Moot, depicted as a cuckold. Many felt deep resentment towards Moot for destroying their imageboard home, all in some white-knight bid for some sub-par pussy.

Finally, on 8chan’s /pol/ board, an interesting development occurred when one anon discovered a sinister, and subliminal cuckold plot in the new Nickolodean show, “Bella and the Bulldogs.” ED take it away:

The show’s creator, Jonathan C. Butler, also directed a film entitled The Cuckold and is a known cuckolding fetishist. Bella and the Bulldogs contains many of the same themes as his previous works, with Bella being attracted to a strong black boy whose team number is eight, while a weak white boy is the butt of many jokes and has a team number of ninety-nine. Bella’s hair constantly covers the ‘dog’ portion of her jersey as well, since ‘bull’ is a term referring to the black male who breeds with the white wife in cuckold relationships. Imagery of bulls are prevalent in the series itself as well. Of particularly note is a scene in the pilot in which the white female protagonist bumps into her black teammate and starts blushing, saying aloud “you’re a big guy“, to which the black teammate responds “for you”, as the audience makes “oooooooooh” noises. -Encyclopedia Dramatica

/pol/ was at the forefront of the unveiling of the conspiracy theory:

bella and bulldog
Hollywood encouraging degeneracy? Who would have guessed!?

/pol/ has been throwing around the term “cuck” for months now, using it as an insult, and injecting it into all sorts of political discussion and commentary. The final stage in the evolution of the meme came with the NY Mag article about a man getting cucked and announcing it to the world to declare his PC credentials. This coupled with Trump’s announcement of his candidacy and the ballsy Realtalk emanating from his numerous interviews, speeches, and twitter statuses, began to rain hammer blow upon hammer blow upon the American psyche. His alpha-ness made his opponents seem weak and whipped by comparison, especially on the topic of immigration, where he rained fire and brimstone on his opponents in the GOP, who could only feebly bleat that he did not represent the Republican party. In a mewling attempt to distance themselves from his crazy and far-right notion that a sovereign nation should have functioning border control, the GOP began to attack Trump as well, joining sides with their supposed opponents in lambasting a candidate for being a “racist.” The comparison was just too juicy and ready for public consumption. The logic was simple; the republicans were a party of cucks, too afraid to stand up to leftist open border and universalist rhetoric, and willing to sacrifice all their “conservative” ideals on the altar of appearing kosher, PC and inclusive.

Behold the awesome power of weaponized memes.

Now the term is trending, with Realtalk sites like Heartiste, Radix and Amren, to name a few jumping on the trend, and adding their spin to it. They have taken to the term “cuckservative” and are rolling with it, to great success. Apart from a few squabbles among the alt-Right about who was the first to use the term, its been universally hailed as a positive development.

Here is the Radix definition of a cuckservative:

Very basically, the cuckservative is a white gentile conservative (or libertarian) who thinks he’s promoting his own interests but really isn’t.  In fact, the cuckservative is an extreme universalist and seems often to suffer from ethnomasochism & pathological altruism. In short, a cuckservative is a white (non-Jewish) conservative who isn’t racially aware. -RadixJournal

The commentators at Chateau Heartiste are having a field day with the “Shit Conservatives Say” list, adding their own colorful variations to this new meme. You know you are talking to a Cuckservative if you hear the following:

“America has always been multicultural …”

“‘It was the Democrats that supported the Klan and the Confederate flag …”

“Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.”

“Israel is our only ally in the Middle East.”

“That’s just another ‘tax the rich’ scheme.”

“I believe in liberty!”

“Terrorist threat level is orange today”

“I’m not opposed to illegal immigrants as long as they assimilate and respect the Constitution.”

“Iran is a threat to world peace.”

“We don’t want to be like old, decaying Europe.”

“It’s about culture, not race.”

“I don’t have white interests. I have the Constitution.”

The GOP itself feels threatened by this term:

cuck 3
King Cuck himself. Check out the modifications on his wikipedia page: (heh) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erick_Erickson

And threatened they should be. For too long the GOP has ignored the concerns of its key constituency and has benefited from the fact that most conservatives would do just about anything rather than, say, vote for Hillary or her equivalent in the next election cycle. But the Republicans backpedaling and refusal to stand up for any real conservative values other than not taxing the rich and giving weapons to Israel has lost them several elections already. Republicucks are going to be hearing a lot more of this term, and they are going to have a hard time shaking off the label in the months to come. I can only see this as a positive development, a rude wake up call to a party of cuckservatives, that has ignored its key voter base for too long. Its about time they heard what their constituents think of them.

Re-examining the Trump Phenomenon

There’s a lot of Trump love on this blog. With the Iowa Caucus results in, it’s time to refresh everyone’s memory why we support Trump for God-Emperor.

The more I watch Trump, the more I am impressed. The media tries to shame and take the moral high ground in Every. Single. Interview. They set up rhetorical and logical traps for the man, and he falls for every single one of them. And you know what, no one, least of all Trump, cares. This juggernaut of a man just plows ahead and keeps impeccable frame, nothing seems to phase him. In every speech, he’s up there with no teleprompter, just talking off the top of his dome, and people LOVE it. They call him a racist, he plows on. He gets death threats, he plows on. He touches the sacred cow of John McCain’s “heroism,” gets crucified by the media, and still holds his head high. What can you throw at this man when he’s already got money, a gorgeous wife, and is beholden to nobody? What can you try to shame him with, when he just doesn’t give a flying fuck? I disagree with many of his foreign policy stances, and he’s a good goy when it comes to Israel, but I give credit where credit is due, the testicular fortitude of this man just steals the spotlight from every single cuckservative running for the presidency. Never thought I’d say this, but: Can’t Stump the Trump.

The art of trolling is subtle indeed. Some are truly more initiated than others.

Let’s talk about viable alternative for a second. Are you ready? Take a deep breath, exhale, and done. That was quick. Who else is there to even seriously consider for a moment? Rand Paul? I admit that I got excited about his announcement, mostly because of his father, and didn’t check the facts. That mistake became crystal clear when I saw him speaking about the Confederate flag. Rand Paul flew his own cuckservative flag high and proud when he agreed that the flag was rayciss and had to come down. If you are a Paulbot, this is the point where you say that he was just “playing the game, man.” Yeah right. At some point, you have to put aside the crystal ball and stop trying to divine the inner thoughts of a candidate and look at what they actually say and do. We’ve given Rand the benefit of the doubt for long enough because of his father, and even if you do not want to take Trump as your personal lord and savior, you can still hop off the Paul bandwagon and take a good hard look at some of these tweets.

Have we started the fire?
Have we started the fire?

I have yet to see any cuckservative come out and address the spectre of black on black and black on white crime. Trump comes out with a heaping dose of Realtalk everytime he takes to twitter, and for that, again, he wins major points. If you are an accelerationist then Hillary is obviously your choice. If you are a blue-pilled kind of goy, then by all means, vote for Sanders.  But for me, for election, my first by the way, I will be voting for Trump. My voting will on the basis of sound foreign policy. I have long given up on that idea, and most of the red-pilled crowd has as well, if they are honest with themselves. Rather, my vote will go to the candidate with the highest T-count. I’m not throwing my vote away on that vile eunich Lindsay Graham, who will come out of the closet sooner rather than later. Or that droopy-faced doofus Ted Cruz.

Do you feel in charge?
Do you feel in charge?

Jeb Bush? His wife is an immigrant, which is not really a problem outright in my book, just one that looks like well, this:

A lot of loyalty to a mexican nanny
A lot of loyalty to a mexican goblin.

Ehhhhhh, no thanks, I’ll pass.

I’m serious, there are two reasons that I will vote for Trump. One: his testicular prowess. The sheer ballsy-ness of a man who’s crown jewels loom over every other Republican candidate, the way you’d think of God’s as big, and whose unbridled red-blooded rhetoric promises to curb stomp the jelly-spined republican contenders in any televised debate. They can’t stump the Trump by removing his donations, or by lambasting him in the media, I’ll bet they can’t stump the Trump in a debate either, because the man comes out fists swinging and doesn’t apologize!

No one cared who I was, until I put up the wall.
No one cared who I was, until I put up the wall.

Second, and most importantly: the Great Southern Wall. Trump promises a giant wall along the southern border. How basic and yet how absolutely necessary. Demographics matters first and foremost. It is the bottom-most rung of the Maslowian hierarchy of needs for a functioning first world nation. No other candidate touches this issue, which shows me that no other candidate cares. I actually like most Mexicans, but like most white’s, I secretly prefer that America stay white for a long while longer.

If the man does nothing else but build that wall and start kicking some of the illegal immigrants out, I will consider it a successful presidency. And since I came here legally, looks like the Trump and I both share a disdain for illegal immigration. You see, you will find that very often, legal immigrants hate the way that we are equated with illegals. We went through the process, our families were let in on working visa’s. We contribute to society, pay taxes, try to integrate, eschew forming ghettos and as you can well tell, we try to learn the King’s English. Trump is right in saying that he will win the immigrant vote, the LEGAL immigrant vote that is.

“Make America Great Again” needs to be reworded though. Not snappy enough for a guy who wants to breathe some fresh air into the American political system. Like I alluded to earlier, why not just, “Can’t Stump the Trump?”

AI Podcast 2: Cucks, WASPs and Civilization


AI Podcast 2: What is the average man of the West to do? Greg and Vince discuss Spengler’s civilizational model, and how it might explain our current malaise. Plus: who is the Alternative Right? How does it differ from the liberal-conservative mainstream? Finally, some thoughts on the Alt-Right’s religious divide between Christians and Neo-Pagans.

Emperor Julian’s Failed Conservativism

From 361 to 363 AD, Rome was ruled by emperor Julian. If you know your Roman history, at the time, Rome had already converted to Christianity with the Emperor Constantine, who had accepted Christianity on his deathbed. When Julian came to power, he brought with him an agenda of reforms that would restore the greatness of the Roman empire. In his mind, it only made sense to start with political and religious reforms. He blamed Christianity for the state of the Roman empire and he also blamed Constantine for the state of the administration and for having abandoned the traditions of the past.

From WikiPlebia:

He restored pagan temples which had been confiscated since Constantine’s time, or simply appropriated by wealthy citizens; he repealed the stipends that Constantine had awarded to Christian bishops, and removed their other privileges, including a right to be consulted on appointments and to act as private courts… On 4 February 362, Julian promulgated an edict to guarantee freedom of religion. This edict proclaimed that all the religions were equal before the law, and that the Roman Empire had to return to its original religious eclecticism, according to which the Roman state did not impose any religion on its provinces. Practically however, it had as its purpose the restoration of paganism at the expense of Christianity.”

To his surprise however, he failed spectacularly in his efforts, all the more so considering that Christianity was not yet the predominant religion of the empire, rather still another sect among many. The pagan temples were simply already empty, abandoned or under new ownership by Christians who had simply moved in. To paraphrase the great authority on Rome, Edward Gibbon:

Did you remember to give Jeremy Wales your Shekels?:

Julian’s attempt to bring about a new form of paganism fostered a central pagan religion with the very virtues that he opposed in Christianity. For example, Julian attempted to introduce a tighter organization for the priesthood, with greater qualifications of character and service. Likewise, Julian’s persecution of Christians, who by pagan standards were simply part of a different cult, was quite an un-pagan attitude that transformed paganism into a religion that accepted only one form of religious experience while excluding all others–such as Christianity. In trying to compete with Christianity, Julian fundamentally changed the nature of pagan worship. That is, paganism became a religion, whereas it once had been only a system of tradition.”

This is a startling story because it raises many parallels with the situation that we find in America. The old religion is dying; the idea of a liberal, democratic, and prosperous society built upon the premise of the American Dream has disappeared. Americans more and more, wistfully look at the past with its assurances of a stable job with benefits, a loyal and feminine wife, and an assurance that future generations will have it better than you. Unfortunately, things are deteriorating, and have been for a while. Occasionally we get a pep talk from the Emperor-in-Chief about how we will revive the middle-class and restore American values back to their proper place on the bow of the HMS Progress. Jobs will come back and with them, the white picket fences will pop back up. Illegal immigration will be resolved, Ebola contained, race issues in America cordially concluded once and for all. We may as well be promised that women will no longer be taught to be empowered sluts, and frustrated beta males will be able to find wives again.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the genie is out of the box, pandora’s box opened and the toxic sludge of equalism with all its attendant derivatives (feminism, historical revisionism, racial self-abasement) continues to ooze out. It wont stop, and the old traditions won’t come back, even if a sympathetic emperor were to try and stem the tide. The nostalgia is not strong enough, the churches are empty, and the new visionaries continue to chant “progress” over a cacophony of equalist cant that drowns out the old truisms and traditions and labels them heretical.

Feebly clinging to the moderate ideologies of the last several decades is a sure way of ending up like Julian’s pagans. Turning the clock back 10, 20, maybe 50 years is a sure-fire way to get right back to where you started, as Julian found out. Reaction is not about trying to stave off “progress,” consigning oneself to fighting a rear-guard action against the forces of “reform” as they nip at the heels of a disorderly and retreating army. Conservatism in this sense is just a reaction to whatever current trend of progressivism happens to be most prevalent in a given society at the time. What good is it then to constantly dig one’s heels in, knowing that eventually and assuredly, the enemy will continue to press the advance and retreat will be inevitable? Conservatism is little more than a knee-jerk reaction and hardly an alternative at all. Don’t believe me? Trace the development of modern day conservatism and you’ll see a clear trajectory leftward and downward.