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RED DAWN 30: Clooz Of The Jooz

RED DAWN 30: Clooz Of The Jooz

The AI bros intended to cover India, but got side-tracked by the Jews. Ritter, Singh and Storminnorman break down the ethnogenesis of this unique people. How did their evolutionary strategy develop? How did they spread throughout Europe? What is the secret of their… uh… (((success)))?

AND Andrew Angelin proclaims a Holy Crusade against Milo. AI endorses. Deus Vult!

We have not forgotten about India. Expect more ’tism later.

RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion

RED DAWN 14: Asian Immivasion

Even model minorities bring social costs: ethnic nepotism, test scams, and market manipulation. East Asians and Indians can be more dangerous than they look. Ritter and Singh compare high- and low-achieving minorities, and learn that the Yellow Peril is real. Hunker down for the Asian immivasion!

Education Realist on cheating in China

On SAT scams

Radishmag on Slavery, probably the Alt-Right/Dark Enlightenment’s premier takedown of “The Narrative” on all things black.

UPDATE: WaPo article about a “Virginia Woman” who made a habit of buying high-end handbags and returning fake ones. An further example of Singh’s point about the deleterious effects of high-functioning minorities on social trust.

RED DAWN 8: Solzhenitsyn, Save Us!

Vince and Greg discuss Jewish influence on Russia. Stalin, Solzhenitsyn, Bezmenov–who was on whose side? Whose side are we on? Stop the spies and save the huwites, it’s time to reassess the Ruskies.

Topics: American misperceptions of russia, hypocrisy on elections, the mental jujitsu of Yuri Bezmenov, the mysterious death of Michael Hastings, ZOG at State, and the Jewish influence on the early Soviet Union.

Plus: Shaykh Mo is pissed at you Crusaders, and Hitler reads von Mellenthin’s Panzerschlachten.

RED DAWN 7: Metaphysical Jewdaism

Ritter and Singh tackle the most difficult question in Western thought: Metaphysical Jewdaism. Why are some people, who appear to be Aryan, so goddamn Jewish in spirit? SJWs and academics, SWPLs and hipsters, is there something in the water?

Conversely, there are a few Jews who seem pretty Aryan–Jesus, Spinoza, Weininger, von Mises, Popper, Unz. How do you explain that?

Plus: Hitler reads Mein Kampf and and Shakh M. abdul R. A. ibn abi Sufyan gets autistic.

1:11 German Girl Video (TRIGGER WARNING)

4:06 Swedish Police flee after attempt to rescue 10-year-old Muslim boy from repeated rape by his coreligionists. (Note: This incident should not be confused with the rape of a 10-year-old Austrian boy by an Iraqi last week). Breitbart maintains an ongoing list of such incidents if you’re loosing track.

7:30 Boy-love Thursdays in the Afghan National Army

10:09 More Muzzie depravity. Mom-as-proxy.

11:12 The Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran: The Shaykh harnesses his Jew-hate to unleash the autism on Arabic linguistics. Surah 62, Ayat 6.

15:06 Metaphysical Jewdaism introduced. Jews as Mercurians–this idea comes from Stanford University professor Yuri Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century. And yes, he is a Jew. English Wikipedia calls him ‘Russian-American,’ Russian Wikipedia calls him ‘amerikansky,’ but German and French Wikipedias refreshingly note that his family is Juden/juifs.

19:11 Neocons/Judeocons/Neokykes mentioned. Don’t believe us? Just ask the Jerusalem Post.

24:27 Robert Conquest’s laws of conservatism.

36:50 Mein Kampf, vol 1, chapter XI, pp. 286-287. Manheim translation. First Mariner Books edition, 1999. See here, starting at 11th paragraph.

40:00 Aryans-in-Spirit. Jesus, Spinoza, Unz. Occidental Observer articles on Spinoza.

42:50 AI’s aspergery relationship with TRS–White Imperialism, Sikhs, Albanians. Unfortunately TRS fora got shoahed, so all references are gone.

46:55 Singh mentions TRS essay on women and liberalism.

53:53 Alternative Right: Racialism as Aristotelian Virtue.




RED DAWN SPECIAL: Where Aryans Dare

They look like Nazis 2

Where Aryans Dare. AI’s debut on rightstuff.biz. Give it a listen, goyim.

Vincent Law and Gregory Ritter star in “Where Aryans Dare.” From post-soviet shitholes to South African shit-shafts, why does the third world have to suck so much? The bros are on a mission to find out. They scour the planet in search of the ultimate answer. Who is behind it all?

Cargo shipping down. Related: Maersk downscaling.

Trump accuses Obama of using Fed to keep economy afloat.

Thilo Sarrazin “Germany Abolishes Itself” intro. Trans. Greg Ritter.

The Abu Bakr Effect

The sophomores at the Jew York Times have a new theory for why the Middle East is so screwed up: The Abu Bakr Effect. When Abu Bakr accepted the Caliphate on Muhammad’s (PBUH) death in 632, he set a train of events in motion that explain all the Middle East’s problems.

In the past, the Abu Bakr Effect only mattered to the JYT and other mainstream outlets when they needed to explain sectarian conflicts inside an Islamic country. Iraq, for instance, splintered after 2003 because the Sunnis and Shiites rediscovered how to go medieval on each other. But now the MSM is going big. They now claim that the Sunni-Shiite split explains regional politics too! Iran and Saudi Arabia are having a spat because they fall on different sides of the ancient sectarian split. Obviously religion is behind it all.

It’s not surprising then, that the MSM has made a fetish of repeating how long Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting. Fourteen hundred years! This juvenile observation was hammered home by CBS Evening News (see 12:10), in a report by semi-smart, hot-for-her-age Holly Williams. That figure seems to be the only thing anyone in the MSM knows about the pre-Israel Middle East. But of course it’s ridiculous. Would anyone blame the French-German animosity (and thus WWI and WWII) on the Treaty of Verdun (843) that divided the Frankish Empire among the sons of Louis the Pious? Or would they look for more proximate causes?

People have conflict over things besides ancient meta-religious catfights. Understand that, and you won’t have to go full retard and start blaming it all on a 7th-century intra-Islam succession dispute that no one in the West cares about or understands. People usually do things because they want something. They have goals. Contrary to how the MSM clowns portray the Middle Easterners (and a lot of other peoples, for that matter) they do not act out of some wacko hatred, based on who should have been Caliph in 632.

Peoples fight and compete with each other. They define their group based on parameters that include, yes, religion; but also culture, economic interest and race. Mesopotamia, for example, has been a bone of contention between Iran and various other powers since the days of the Elamites and the Medes. The inhabitants of the Iranian plateau have always been ethnically and culturally distinct from their Mesopotamian neighbors. Mesopotamians, in turn, differ from the inhabitants of the nearby deserts. They differ in modes of life (sedentary vs nomadic), cultural achievement (high vs low) and, yes, religious doctrine. Read Ali Wardi. So if the foreign-policy majors at the CBS want to whine about intractable conflict in the Middle East (1,400 years!), they could project that timeline backwards by a few millennia.

The real cause of all the recent warring and genociding in the Middle East is, wait for it, the Jews. The foundation of Israel reintroduced History into lands that had been in political hibernation for centuries while under Ottoman control (the occasional border war notwithstanding). Mention that the next time some FP-tard starts larping about “centuries of conflict in the Near East.” If we adopted a similarly broad-stroke view of Europe, the years between 450 and 1950 look like a total shitfest. Since Israel’s founding, the Jews and the Arabs fought 3 major wars, blame for which cannot be laid solely on the Arabs. There was also the Suez Crisis (to be fair, the Brits and the French were in on it too). And then there was Iraq part deux, pushed by a cabal of Washington-based Neocons. Or should I say Judeocons? And now Bibi wants to bomb bomb Iran, because it has 6 million nuclear warheads, despite the fact that Mossad (to their credit) concluded otherwise. But hey, it’s not like the religion of the Jews doesn’t condone genocide or anything.

It is hard to say what exact role the Jews (in Israel, Washington or New York) play in the current SA-Iran spat. We know that powerful Jews in the West are fanatical in their support for Israel’s perceived interests. Saudi Arabia has been playing nice with Israel lately. The Israeli government regards Iran as its primary competition (or, as they’d put it “a threat to Israel’s very existence”). Perhaps the Jews have no hand in this particular incident. The Iranians and the Arabs are capable of acting to attain their own ends. They are based enough not to willingly act as Israeli puppets.

Whatever he case may be, the current tensions have nothing to do with the election of Abu Bakr and the murders of Hassan and Hussain ibn Ali. And the hacks in the MSM would know that if they had any understanding of history beyond the purely superficial. Understanding history does not mean learning one fact about the past and ascribing current events to it. Someone who understands history knows that people act to achieve their perceived interests. Sorry guys, the Abu Bakr Effect is not a thing.

A New Kind of Propaganda

From Russia, with love:
This video went viral about a year ago and its easy to see why. The message is refreshingly novel- and the channel continues to create great videos that we will undoubtedly feature here on AI.


If it is propaganda, then it is a new kind of propaganda. One that appeals to a different set of emotional cues.

Here’s the original opener. Pay attention: “Yes I am an occupant. And I am tired of apologizing for it. I am an occupant by birthright, an aggressor and a bloodthirsty monster. Be afraid.”

Its a powerful template. And one that we can use. Just replace “occupant” with the most derided, ridiculed and marginalized identity group in contemporary Western civilization.

Down with apologia. Enough simpering and hand-cringing. Repeat after me. “Yes, I am straight, white male. And I am tired of apologizing for it. I am a straight, white male by birthright, an aggressor and a bloodthirsty monster. Be afraid.”

If civilizations could be ranked on their alpha and beta qualities, Russia would take the gold medal this year, and as far as I’m concerned, the past two years as well. France needs to step it up- lets be real.  But I will give props to one of their women- Elektre (a young french women pornstar with Generation Identitaire sympathies), showing us what AgitProp looks like in action with her Lutheresque nailing of proudly xenophobic propaganda to the granite door of the local Cathedral-sponsored public service message.

She does it all while being cussed out by an African migrant who appears to be on a date with a native French women. Not only did this woman modify some state-sponsored public art à la Billboard Liberation Front, but she also succeeded in rustling an ambassador of multiculturalism and most likely ruining his date. Truly, a cock block that would make Le Pen proud, and the cherry on top of this twofer.

France loses points however, because some former porn actress mademoiselle with a pixie cut had to step up where French men were lacking.

Also, the background to the video, namely the story of a communist mayor commissioning the mural with the words, “French women for African men” emblazoned on it also leaves one with a strong desire to projectile vomit all over the nearest tricolor one can get one’s hands on. Still, BUGs makes a cameo appearance. Look closely and you can make out the words, “anti-racism is code for anti-white” on the mural. Nice touch. Keep up the good work, shitlords.

This leaves us with the question, what about us? Yes, us, here in the United States. What have we done this week, collectively as a nation, to establish our Alpha credentials on the world arena?

This year’s Father’s Day message from Angel Soft comes to mind.

You know, the one with the flaming fairy in a purple cardigan telling us about how to properly break every finger in your hand when throwing a punch (thanks, mom!) and the infuriatingly obvious mulicult token minority babbling in Mexican about her wonderful single mother.

Then there was the former Olympian Gold Medal winner who squeezed himself into a white one-piece for Vanity Fair. Check out this happy merchant famous photographer, Annie Leibowitz, eagerly facilitating this assault on Western masculinity with unabashed, hand-rubbing glee.

Good Goy: The Picture

I keep wondering when our “Generation Identitaire” movement will start. When will American men start organizing en masse to take back what remains of the society? I see hopeful glimmers, couched in the idea of Neomasculinity, and THE TRUMPENING, but from all indications, America is lagging behind. Europe is already experiencing the birth of a new right, and it is growing among the youth, underground and unseen until it flashes out, gloriously and unexpectedly, in the form of viral Youtube videos. It might have something to do with the million strong invasion force that has landed on their shores.

I believe it can start with us. With the red pill community.

Start somewhere. If you can, create original content that inspires and informs. Remember that we are in an information war, a propaganda war for the soul of European civilization. The good people of /pol/ and other online communities have been working tirelessly to weaponize memes (heh) and put them at your disposal. Use them. Spread the word. Do your part and start red pilling as best you can.

Take care of your anonymity as well, its the only thing keeping you safe from the next witch hunt by the SJW samizdat.

The next time you see something on your local college campus promoting cultural marxism, do something about it too. See a feminist poster advertising dating advice for men with something along the lines of, “Men, always remember to ask for consent, otherwise it’s rape?” Strike a blow for true social justice and feel your testicles swell with pride as you scrawl  “Alpha Fux, Beta Bux” right across it.

How about a “Communism Kills” in red spray paint over the next, “Down with the Patriarchy” banner you see?

Grafitti done the Right way

AgitProp Done The Right Way

I’ll be the first to say it—start getting the message out by trolling the way to salvation. Use the enemy’s tactics against them.

(Update: AI stencils coming out soon. Look for them in our store.)

Mugged by White Guilt

If you haven’t heard of this story, I present it to you with little fanfare. When will we reach Peak White Guilt? We’ll let the experts in the comments section decide.

This article has everything stereotypically associated with the Liberal Intelligentsia of the West in it. And it should make everyone reading this stop and shudder because these indoctrinated leftist clowns are graduating from school soon- (edit: already graduated and working at an NGO last I heard), and coming to a workplace near you. Here’s some juicy exerts:

Example 1: White Guilt

The millennial generation is taking over the reins of the world, and thus we are presented with a wonderful opportunity to right some of the wrongs of the past. As young people, we need to devote real energy to solving what are collective challenges. Until we do so, we should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins. I can hardly blame them. The cards are all in our hands, and we’re not playing them.

Funny enough, he seems to make a case for “the white man’s burden” in 21st century neo-liberal terms. Basically, “black people need our help because whites hold all the power, and until whites do something to help blacks, nothing will change.” Of course, formally, SJWs would shudder at the thought of this neo-colonial mindset, and yet here it is, spelled out in black and white..

Example 2: Refusing to Account for Personal Responsibility

Young people who willingly or unwillingly go down this road have been dealt a bad hand. While speaking with a D.C. police officer after the incident, he explained that he too had come from difficult circumstances, and yet had made the decision not to get involved in crime. This is a very fair point — we all make decisions. Yet I’ve never had to decide whether or not to steal from people. We’re all capable of good and bad, but it’s a whole lot easier for me to choose good than it may be for them to.

What makes this funnier, is that talking with the DC police officer (I’m going to roll the dice and guess that he’s black), he gets told that socio-economic factors are not enough to remove the agency of choice or willingness to commit violent crime. But of course, the young SJW just brushes it off and blames it on “the system.” Which brings us to example 3…

Example 3: “Its the system, maaaan”

When we play along with a system that fuels this kind of desperation, we can’t be surprised when we’re touched by it. Maybe these two kids are caught, and this recent crime wave dies down, but it will return because the demand is still there, and the supply is still here. We have a lot, and plenty of opportunities to make even more. They have very little, and few opportunities to make ends meet.

A lot of Ivy League and top-tier university kids DO get a leg-up in life. And when they graduate, they will belong to the ruling class of this country and are the liberal left leaning intellectuals that are increasingly becoming a “Liberal Samizdat” in front of which we have to clap harder and harder to not be labeled “homophobes, racists, and sexists.” Even if the parents of these kids are rich conservatives, college will make sure that their children will end up like the mugged student: shrieking termagants begging for annihilation from the Uruk-hai.

Rush Limbaugh picked up on the story and chimes in: (Disclaimer: I’m actually not a big fan of Rush, but he’s spot on here)

Is this not pathetic? This is little glimpse here into the minds of our indoctrinated youth. You know, it used to be said that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. Now, if you want to mug a liberal, you go right ahead because the correct reaction is love for the mugger, understanding of the economic plight of the mugger.

One has to wonder if the Christian ideals of turning the other cheek have not finally reached saturation point, and now permeate the consciousness of the millennial generation. If this is true, the irony is that most millenials reject Christianity for being too barbaric and backward, without realizing that as a generation they represent the culmination of thousands of years of Christian teaching in the West.

Whatever is going on, it is incredible. It seems that even an encounter with near death is not enough to change the belief of this SJW. Such fanaticism is usually reserved only for the extremist sects of most religions, and yet here we find it as well, only in its secular form. This leads us to conclude that progressivism is itself a cult, dedicated to its own message, divorced from reality and dependent on faith alone, with its own strange rituals and initiations that one must go through to join the church.

There is a ray of light in all of this I suppose. The feminists on campus decried the article on the grounds that it was “victim blaming.” (Unfortunately many comments were removed, but not before your humble narrator picked out the juiciest ones.) Deconstructing their logic is a difficult task to be sure, but I surmise that they realized the following: a woman placed in that situation should not be blamed, so I guess we can’t blame this male who got mugged either. Although they then continued to agree that the fact that we are all white and privileged is a problem, and that systematized racism was the culprit behind the mugging. I guess both parties, the mugger and the muggee were the victims. Well there you go, liberal double-think at its finest…and they said 1984 was a work of fiction.

Remember kids- with white guilt everybody loses.