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Adapt or Die

Apathy and tolerance are the last virtues of a dying society.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the different personality types I’ve met in the Alt Right and how they differ (and how they don’t) from normal people. Truth be told the same affliction affects both parties. That of Apathy. To avoid any confusion I’m going to focus one white males exclusively as that is the perspective I know.

Your average normal American white male does not bat an eye when he sees a pretty blonde girl walk down the street under the arm of a man from a different race. Of course he has been conditioned not to and some might like myself feel a strong instinctual feeling of disgust. This probably comes as no surprise to most as we all understand that the white western man has been completely atomized and deracinated. However I have consistently observed the same triggering phenomenon among white males. In the Alt Right.

I routinely carouse and bar hop with some Boston Alt Righters I met at NPI. We also like to group text through the day kvetching about the state of things. I usually take it upon myself to snap pics of the many white females I see either dating or reproducing with nonwhite men and send them to the group. My hopes in doing this is to trigger a primal drive and inspire more guys in the group to adopt a realistic attitude toward white women and the territory they live in. Yes modern day nightlife and clubbing, bar hopping and tinder swiping may be degenerate but where else are you supposed to meet women? It’s hard to day game when you have a full time job and hitting on your coworkers is a recipe for disaster. As the old saying goes “don’t shit where you eat.”

Perhaps my views are skewed because I live in Boston which is the whitest major metropolitan area in the USA at 52% non-Hispanic white and also the most liberal aside from maybe San Francisco. The city has a huge student population of novo rich Chinese, Gulf Arab and East Indian princelings. Who love to throw around daddy’s money and try to snag or bang a white woman, the blonder the better. Of course there is also an equal or greater number of female students from these respective backgrounds. Naturally what do you do when everyman in the club or bar is hitting on the white blonde girl inflating her ego? Of course you go for the next most attractive woman which is more often than not the foreign women in the bar. If you’re lucky you could meet an Eastern European girl or white Brazilian. However if they happen to be fair and blonde every dark man in the establishment has already tried. For those of you who think that somehow Slavic women are immune to mudsharkery I can assure you they are not. I have yet to meet a recent immerge from Eastern Europe who did not sample the buffet of third world men once they were in a country where the white men allowed it. White women know that every race of man wants to sleep with them even if only out of conquest so they naturally act picky and bitchy. Yes and now you understand my conquistador ways. They are not by choice but given the situation and my low penchant for female insanity I am stuck picking the low hanging yet sadly more feminine fruit.

So what is the solution? Simple don’t let invaders come into your territory unopposed and take your women. Every other social mammal when confronted with invading males from another pack or tribe on their territory attempts to drive them off or neutralize them less they become neutralized themselves and have their females taken. wolves, lions, gorillas and chimps all do this. More importantly I have witnessed every race and ethnic group of men do this but white western men. The large asian presence in Boston means I inevitably end up chatting Asian girls at clubs or bars. Yet every time I do out of nowhere some Asian guy (usually Chinese) will come between us and try to prevent the girl from talking to me. If there is more than one mongoloid and they are in a group drinking they will very often act overtly aggressive and provoke a fight with the round eye trying to take their women. This same phenomenon can be seen with every other racial and ethnic group I have encountered when in the presence of mixed company with of course the obvious exception of White American men.

As the late Glayde Whitney PHD Behavioral Genetics said at Amren 2000
“Like any conquering group, the winners are taking the property, the land, and the women.”
“Mating between Hottentots and Negroid Blacks generally followed a pattern that is worth noting. Even though it was unusual, most of the crosses were of Hottentot women with Black men. The hybrid children were raised as Blacks, so most of the gene flow was from Hottentot to Blacks. This pattern is common among humans and among mammals generally, like the wolves and dogs mentioned earlier: When populations mix, it is usually males of the dominant group that take up with women from the subordinate group. Women are attracted to socially dominant males. In this instance, the dominant Blacks have been acquiring the land, the property, and the women of the Hottentot race that they are replacing.”-Glayde Whitney

More importantly there is a biological impulse at work here. In more primal times any man who did not look like the men of your tribe was usually killed or driven off. The only exceptions were (1) rare instances when outsiders where absorbed by the tribe for exceptional reasons or (2) when another tribe conquered your tribe in which case you were probably going to be killed or enslaved at best while your women were impregnated by the invaders. Women of course would have evolved cognitive behavioral mechanisms to best navigate these circumstances. So to put it in plain English the very fact that there are men of another race allowed to mix freely with your women makes it look to your women on a subconscious evolutionary biological level that they are the conquerors and higher status than the men of her own tribe or race. Naturally she will gravitate toward these men if the men of her own tribe do not defend their territory and women.



It may surprise some, but in all the archives of game, there is no definitive treatment of The CQ. Well, that ends now. Atavistic Intelligentsia is taking a stand: no more miff-tiffing. You guys know what I mean. The arguments are iron-clad–ethical, metaphysical, practical. Maybe the alt-right can excuse some forms of degeneracy, but this we cannot tolerate. Delenda est cunnilinctio!

Why Blondes Are Cucked

I can’t help but wonder if the pigmentation of the Swedes (being the most Nordic of the Scandinavians and fairest haired) has something to do with their cucked personality traits. Both Carleton Coon and the research of Rushton and Templar show personality traits are influenced by pigmentation. Melanocortonoids have a feedback mechanism with adrenaline and androgens. Also Coon found a plethora of research among eye doctors to show that lighter eyed individuals are more “self paced” where darker eyed individuals were more “reactive.” Basically this means lighter individuals are more tame and react less strongly to adverse stimuli which prevents them from temper tantrums, or fits of rage in the especially melanin enriched. Strangely enough green eyes had a combination between the two. The reason for this was the amount of light let into the brain by the pupil. The more light the more of certain hormones the pineal gland produced. This might serve some evolutionary purpose linked with the change of seasons I hypothesize. Here is Harvard Anthropologists Carelton Coon’s take on the phenomenon.

“Behavioral variations are focused on the differences between “self-paced” and “reactive” responses to sudden stimuli. In the first subjects follow a well-known plan of animal behavior of pausing and deliberating before decision. In the second the subject flies into instant action (in animals), to attack or to flee. Of course, these behaviors are elaborated in man to govern many more-complex and subtler actions in speech and deed.

Light-eyed subjects are more likely to be self-paced, dark ones reactive. These differences are statistically significant and are patently genetic because they are equally represented in all age groups from kindergarten through professional life. When the iris color categories are extended from two to three, the subjects in the middle, with the mixed, green-to-hazel eyes, are found to share the benefits of the two extremes.

In one experiment ten of each of blue-eyed male, brown-eyed male, blue-eyed female, and brown-eyed female college students were wired to polygraphs and shown arousing pictures of sex and violence with appropriate sound effects. The brown-eyed subjects and the females responded more emotionally than the blue-eyed and male ones did.

In another test, the same investigator gave Rorschach tests to forty blue-eyed and forty brown-eyed males. The blue-eyed ones fared better with form than with color and vice versa. In both tests only pure blue-eyed and pure brown-eyed persons were used.

Few people other than ophthalmologists seem to have looked at retinas, nor to have considered it remarkable that the fundus is of virtually the same color as the person’s skin and for obvious reason that the underside of the retina is epidermis

The Negro and the mulatto get 1.75 fcp; the Hindu and the American Indian 1.16 fcp; the brunet European 0.66 fcp; and the Chinese, the blond and the albino get 0.22 fcp. The Negro’s and the mulatto’s retinas let through eight times as much light as did those of the Chinese, the blond, and the albino.

Once inside the cranial cavity, neural impulses produced by the visible light that has passed through the retinal screen follow one of two paths. One lot goes to the hypothalamus…This part of the brain is the primary control tower of the central nervous system for almost all of the self-starting and self-regulating activity of the body-the sleep cycle, body temperature, the digestive process, fighting and loving.”
-Carelton Coon

Also there seems to be a direct correlation with a woman’s natural skin color or level of seasonal tanning and her promiscuity. Darker women are more emotional and are more prone to give into their emotions should a sexy, exotic or novel looking man tickle her fancy. I myself have taken advantage of this tendency and noticed it long before my intro to HBD and physical anthropology. Using my observation I have more or less plundered the Levant, Sub Continent of India and mystery meat of Latin America. I have also explored the Dark Continent which might trigger a few shitlords in the comment section.

Coincidentally the only woman to have ever punched me was a Dinduess (mulatto) whereas Christian Arab women and Latinas have slapped me senseless. White women have been less physical and usually give the cold shoulder. They will either nag or ignore you but rarely get physical during an argument. Blondes are the iciest along with North East Asians. They will leave you at a moment’s notice without even an explanation. It seems with natural blondes the less attention you show them the more they like you. But that’s the Nordic tendency towards gender equality, it makes dominant assholes seem appealing and more alpha to the detriment of society and your tribe. You always want what you can’t have. For women the man who does not shower her with attention will gain her intrigue as it will appear to her that he is of a higher status than her or “superior” to her on a subconscious level.

On a personal note I had a fling with a half Syrian natural blonde (father was Scotch Irish). I also had extended relationship with a natural blonde who was in part Basque of Colombian extraction. She had an olive skinned brunette mother and blonde father, both of whom had Caucasian facial characteristics. Both exhibited the tameness of your average natural Nordic blonde despite their admixture from stereotypically non blonde groups. Both inherited their blondness from their father’s side. Girls seem to inherit pigmentation from their father more so than their mother. Boys seem to routinely inherit it more from their mother.

As far as red heads are concerned they seem to be a different animal all together and the myth of the feisty red head holds true from my personal experience. In layman’s terms Red Heads are sluts. I would estimate my closing ratio with them is near 70% or higher on the first day. Red Headed men also seem especially cantankerous and ornery from a personality standpoint. Let’s just call them the wild men of the white race. Though I have no hard scientific evidence to back up my assertion for red heads being feisty, outside a few small studies. It would seem to go against the general theory of lighter individuals being passive and tamer. But keep in mind the pigment that causes red hair is different than blonde and also caused by a gene which influences anesthesia tolerance.

I highly suggest our readers check out the following links for more information.




Are women who tan sluts?

J. Philippe Rushton Says Color May Be More Than Skin Deep

Spengler’s Last Prophecy

Grimey, gaunt-eyed throngs are groping their way across the world. Europe–the object of their longing–offers all. The black and brown masses, hearing her Siren-call, know that they will be welcomed. Europe’s ancient populations are tired. They see no reason to resist.

Such is the premise of Camp of the Saints, the 1973 novel of Jean Raspail. It has rightly received a lot of attention lately, as swarms of Syrians and Somalis, Nigerians and Sudanese, Eritreans and Iraqis begin to infest the Old Continent’s cities. But Raspail was not the first to imagine an ignominious and anticlimactic end to Western Civilization in its homeland. Forty years earlier, another had imagined the same scenario.

Not only imagined, but predicted. In 1933 Oswald Spengler, Germany’s most celebrated philosopher of history, published his last major work The Hour of Decision. Spengler is known primarily for Decline of the West, his two-volume, thousand-page meditation on the meaning of history. But perhaps he should be better known for Hour of Decision, because in it, he prophesies many aspects of the current crisis.

The Hour of Decision, at 230 pages in English, is much shorter than Spengler’s magnum opus. Decline of the West explains why and how the West has reached its spiritual and cultural peak, and will remain largely stagnant for the next few centuries, before it collapses totally. Hour of Decision is more specific. It describes what exactly will happen as a result of this inner decay. Continue reading Spengler’s Last Prophecy

The Return of The Mannerbund

The Alt Right has a problem. This problem if not dealt with could make or break the future of the movement. The problem I speak of is not subversives entering the movement or (((merchants))) constantly projecting their own fantasies on us via mainstream news. The problem I speak of is a lack of unity and a lack of charisma. Sure the autistes in the movement are great at shit posting on twitter and making dank memes. They even manage to carry out some high profile publicity stunts like the Chalkining and most likely are a guiding influence among the Trump campaign. There may even be some Alt Righters among Trumps advisors. So what is wrong with autistes you ask?
The problem I speak of is a problem of charisma or better yet a problem of drive. To understand what I mean I would like to reference a scene in Braveheart when Longshanks states “the problem with Scotland is its full of Scots.” Yes this is our problem we are full of autistes who would rather sit at home on a Friday night than go to a bar throw back a few drinks and find a girl. So I am going to take a lesson from Islam and our own European tribal past and suggest we organize “Mannerbund” groups for the sole purpose of carousing, going out to bars and meeting women. More importantly just as Longshanks stated in Braveheart “This should fetch just the sort of lords I need.” Such a strategy could fetch just the sort of men the Alt Right needs to succeed beyond the Animae watching “neets” the media portrays us as.
“Every Other Tribe Seeks to Fuck Your Women Its Time You Return the Favor”
If you go to a club, bar or even a large social event like the St. Patrick’s Day parade I attended this year in Boston, you are going to notice a pattern. When you do see a mixed race or mixed ethnic couple under 30, it is more often than not going to be a White woman with a nonwhite man. Of the roughly 2 dozen inter racial couples I walked by on the way to the bar, all were White female with nonwhite male with the exception of one white SWPL male dating an Indian girl of the dot variety. More importantly I saw an equal amount of Asian male White female couples, compared to the usual Black male White female couples. Of course there were all sorts of Middle Eastern, Mestizo and Dominican Mulatto type males with pretty blondes on their arms, or should I say with hand on ass. The traditional standby of White Male Asian Female was all but absent, as was any White guy dating anything but the typical entitled and often fat White girl. So what the hell is going on?
In a recent article for Taki’s Magazine Love Is Still Not Colorblind, Steve Sailer followed up on a 1997 article in which he tried to explain the disparities among interracial couples. Back in 1997 Black husband White wife couples were 2.5 times more common than the reverse and White husband Asian wife couples were 2.5 time more common than the reverse. However Sailer reported a new statistical trend today. While the trend for Black male White female couples held steady, the Asian ratio had almost reached parity. Yes those Beta male Asians are getting White girls. So why is this? Sailer argues that it’s because American culture is Masculinizing and makes for more attractive men and less attractive women. I think the truth is far more repugnant.
My theory is drawn from biological reality and historical fact. When one tribe of men invade a new territory they subdue the men and have their way with the women. More often than not they killed the men and male children and used the females for recreational purposes. Did Odysseus not throw Hectors son from the walls of Troy? Was the Trojan priestess Cassandra not raped by Greeks? In the process they create a mixed breed underclass along with a more ethnically intact upper class which lorded over the half castes. This was true for the Mongol hordes, Ottoman Turks, Arabs, Moors, the Bantu tribes of Africa, the Siberian Cossacks, Amerindian tribes and more recently Spanish Conquistadors. Though the Conquistadors seemed to have mixed less out of a rape and pillage attitude than due to a lack of Spanish women in the Americas. This tendency also exists in social animals, male Chimps and Lions even do it!
And yes White man now it’s your turn. All the disparate tribes invade your countries and the men of these more vigorous tribes are fucking your women. However should you approach a woman from one of these tribes when she is in the company of her own you will be rebuked or even physically attacked as I have. This is also true of those model minority Asian males. Go to any area with a significant Asian presence. You will notice while an Asian woman is near Asian men they will do anything and everything to prevent her from talking to a round eye. I have even seen them start fights over females who are complete strangers to them. In cities like Boston with a large and growing Asian presence this animosity among Asian males toward White males in the sexual marketplace is growing ever stronger. It’s gotten to the point where if I’m in a club that’s more than 20% Asian I leave.
However the reverse is not true. It’ been almost a decade since I joined the 21 and over night life scene and I have yet to see a group of White men reprimand a Non White male for approaching or being with a White Woman. But I have seen Dindus, Mystery meat Hispanics, all types of Kebabs, South Asians from the Sub Continent and especially East Asians do it. Of course all the while they are chasing the fairest of white women. To them fucking a blonde or red head is a badge of honor among the males of their community.
So how do we counteract this without getting arrested for a micro aggressive hate crime? Simple we beat them at their own game. We form a Mannerbund of base White Males for the sole purpose of reasserting our status with our own women and plundering the women of other non-European descended groups. Now this is not an open invitation to miscegenation. Remember you are White men and you should have the agency to wear protection or at least pull out.
I speak from personal experience having partaken in the charms of females from various ethnic groups and origins. That’s how I ended up in the Alt Right in the first place. The more women you bed from a non-European background or even different European backgrounds, the more you will realize we are not all the same and that women the world over from less altruistic societies really do worship the strong jawed white male even if our own women do not. Go forth my brothers and reassert your dominance over these orcs and uppity invaders. Just make sure you do it in a Mannerbund, as their is strength in numbers and in unity. In a world where White Male retaliation against invading hoards assaulting our women is verboten, it would be best to beat the invaders at their own game lest you be swept aside for Jamal, Akmed or even Chang and your genes extinguished.
branigans law

Game Simplified

Simplify, simplify, simplify.
-Henry David Thoreau


Everyone reading this must be aware of a concept called Game. If you are not familiar with the term than either you are a natural or you are a recluse who needs to get out more. For most of you the term Game should be self-evident and may conjure up various images of a smooth talking man at a cocktail bar chatting up some doe eyed vixen, while she hangs on his every word. For those of you who grew up in a culture inundated with hip hop, Game might evoke an image of some brash urban lyricist hollering that bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks. This was my first introduction to Game and I will always equate not giving a fuck with Game. In order to have good Game one must know what Game is and the easiest way to understand something is to simplify it into its most basic components. As such the following piece in essence will be an attempt to simplify Game.
What is Game in reality? There is so much questionable information in the Man-o-sphere and Return of Kings especially, that one can often become lost as to what Game is and how you can practice “good Game.” In many ways listening to others discuss their version of Game ruined my own game. I believe there are several reasons for this. First off, if you become self-conscious of your own actions you often hesitate, and hesitation comes off as nervousness to a woman. This is a huge turn off to her evolutionary instinct to seek out a capable man. Furthermore, after meeting several members of the ROK community, I feel at least 50% embellish their personal experiences. As the old saying goes don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. For a select few, I feel most of what they claim is in reality complete bullshit, and no one should follow their advice as it does not work but just sounds appealing to aspiring PUAs.
I also sense a good portion of the advice given on ROK is dependent on the practitioner. As my father use to say “It’s not the arrow that kills you, it’s the Indian.” This observation also applies to what I have seen of game played out in the real world. You could lack any game whatsoever but if you look like a young Brad Pitt you are going to get attention from the ladies no matter what. On the flip side if you are obese game will not help you though celebrity might.
I have seen different gradients of game work for different individuals, under different circumstances. For example if you are a fairly muscle bound individual and look like a gym rat, nice guy game often will get you father than you think. Conversely being aggressive and cocky will work more in your favor if you look non-threatening. So for men that weight 140 pounds or aren’t over 6 foot 4 you might have more success with this strategy. For taller men or simply men who look musclebound you can get away with more of a nice guy approach, as women are less likely to question your dominance. So in this respect much of game could be summed up as different strokes for different folks. However I am attempting to simplify game not make it more complex and to do this I will break it down to its most basic biological components. These components being reproductive strategy and life history strategy.
As the various populations of this world evolved to fit different ecological niches they developed different strategies towards reproduction. For populations evolved under the harshest conditions of the last ice age, high paternal investment, pair bonding, altruism and a reserved, inhibited personality was selected for. For populations from warmer climates lower paternal investment, lower pair bonding, lower altruism and more aggressive, uninhibited personalities were selected for.
In the ROK community and various politically incorrect segments of the Manosphere, there is the tendency to classify black men as natural Alphas and conversely Europeans and Northern Asians as being more beta. If we hold the Alpha beta Omega spectrum to be fact than, there is a lot of truth to this statement. But if this is true it must be explained from an evolutionary biology standpoint.
In northern regions of the world, especially during the last ice age, food was scarce and the climate harsh. The only food available for most of the year would have been large game like Mammoths, Mastodons, Aurochs and other large extinct mammals. As women were not physically suited to kill such animals with stone weapons, this task fell to men. As such if men of these regions did not stick around after impregnating their women to help feed, clothe and protect their pregnant female partners and offspring, their children would have died and their genes would have died with them. As such there was evolutionary selection for men who empathized and bonded with their women and children. Layman would call this love or in the case of the Manosphere oneitis.
Additionally men from Northern climates would have evolved to cooperate and work together with their male peers as it was the only way to hunt such large animals. As such trying to impregnate your fellow tribe member’s woman or constantly fighting with him over women, would not have been a good strategy for the long term survival of your tribe in such a cold climate. Northern forest and arctic tribes have mostly lived by the standard of one man one woman as it allows for cooperation and the manpower needed to both hunt and fight the elements.
Conversely men from warmer and especially tropical areas of the world did not need to hang around or invest much in their offspring as the women of these climates could simply gather plant based food or scavenge meat. As such, it was far more advantageous for men from these climates not to pair bond with one partner but instead compete with other men and try and impregnate as many women, as possible as their children stood a good chance of surviving without them around. It should also be noted that tropical diseases led to a high infant and child mortality rate and this would have led toward a tendency toward a higher birth rate to compensate. Populations in between the tropics and colder north would have evolved in between the two extremes. This is especially so in warmer agricultural areas where male investment was higher than in the tropics due to farm work. However the longer growing seasons and more abundant food allowed for polygamy and in turn religions like Islam developed.
As many of you reading this probably know, the late great Phillipe Rushton tried to simplify race and ethnic differences in personality, cognition and physical characteristics into a biological spectrum termed R vs K life history strategy. This R vs K spectrum was originally developed by E.O. Wilson to explain the differences in life span, maturation, and paternal investment among organisms. More complex organisms tend to evolve smaller litter sizes, longer childhoods and more paternal investment under conditions where resources are scarce and more care would be required to ensure that each offspring reached adulthood. This R vs K spectrum could be simplified as quantity vs quality of offspring. Although perhaps a better way to simplify it for humans would be uninhibited vs inhibited.
If we are to carry this theory over to humanity and in turn game, it would lead to the obvious conclusion that not pair bonding, not caring and acting uninhibited would appear more Alpha and these males would have had a selective advantage in the low paternal investment tropics. Conversely, in the Northern latitudes pair bonding Beta males would have had a reproductive advantage, as they were the only ones who would have cared enough and cooperated enough for their woman and offspring to survive.
So my following words of advice in regard to Game might come as a shock to some of you purists. Yet I believe they ring true and allow for the most eloquent oversimplification of game yet. If you want to practice good game simply put on a Lil Wayne song and try to emulate and act like an R selected uninhibited black man. In today’s society where infant mortality is minimal and children will survive with or without a father as Daddy Government will suffice instead, being a nice guy and pair bonding will not get you girls, as it is seem by women as a sign of lower social status instinctually. So remember these words to live by.
Shorty want a thug
-Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Carter.

Game Won’t Save the NEET

Game is worshiped on our far corner of the internet. And rightly so, there are few things as powerful as a Red Pill suppository to shake a man out of involuntary celibacy and set him on the path to self-improvement. But Game is not the end all be all panacea it is purported to be. Game can improve your chances of getting laid, but it does not improve quality of the pool of women you have to choose from, nor does it necessarily diminish the risks of scoring the lay or address the very real logistical difficulties of scoring.

Many young men have realized this and have simply opted out of the game altogether. Hell, they don’t even need be MGTOWs, but simply Not Employed, in Education or Training.

But let’s step back a bit to explain why.

Men intuitively know from many of their failed hook-up experiences how hard it can be to coax a woman into bed with them. The slightest hiccup in a Man’s game plan can give the wriggling Id of the women a chance to rationalize not sleeping with him that night. Since you are trying to create an emotional state of “yes, yes, yes” compliance and ease, the late Uber driver on a cold winter night can really throw a wrench into the gears of your well-thought out plan.

The Eternal Question: Game can move mountains, but can it convince a woman to make the pilgrimage back to your place in the exurbs?

Roosh- to his credit- talks about the mountains of logistics that must be overcome to score the lay, let alone the elements of Game that come into play. So let’s step back and examine some of the more mundane logistics at play here.

1) If you live in an American city, chances are you will need a car.
American cities are notoriously hard to get around in. Why? Because most decent families ran away to the suburbs and only the hipster enclaves and gentrification toe-holds remain. To get to where the action is at, you almost always have to head downtown. How are you going to get there? Well, you either Uber or drive. Make sure to take about 15 dollars for parking if you choose to drive by the way.
2) It is extremely expensive once you are there.
Wages seem to have not gone up enough in relation to soaring Long Island Iced Tea prices. Never offer to buy the girl a drink initially. But chances are you will have to end up buying her at least one drink as the evening progress. And God knows you can’t just go in sober, or stand there empty-handed. So it’s a drink for you and eventually for her- at a minimum. Maybe you’re at a slightly cheaper bar, so let’s say that you only end up spending 12$. Oh and the Uber too, how much was that again? Well, depends how far out you live…Let’s remember that you probably spent 12$ just getting there.
3) You have to be 21.
This point seems to be often overlooked. There are many budding disciples of Game that cannot get into bars and must rely on College parties. More than that- they need to pay cut-throat rates from sketchy homeless people, older siblings or upperclassmen to get their hands on booze. Social networking is key. Cold approaches simply do not work in a college environment. This is because the cold approach relies on subtle visual, subliminal, and verbal cues to signify high status. In college, or in any social environment where you are not surrounded by strangers, these cues can be faked, but they can also be verified. Not only that, but some social circles are more exclusionary than the most high-end clubs with velvet rope and lines out the door. To be quite honest, these young men would be better served learning how to get in with the right people, competing at a college sport or dealing drugs than spending hours practicing and refining their cold approaches.
4) Being a young man in a bar is like being a freshman in high school.
Bottom of the totem pole. Why? Because 21 is the cut-off age, and that means most of the girls there will be your age or older. Most of the men however will be older, and as students of the Crimson Arts know, chicks dig older guys. Especially when it’s their first couple of times out on the bar scene in the big bad city. And get this! Most of the women will be older than you! Cleverer guys can lie- if they have the facial hair to back up the claim. But being caught lying about your age is the closest thing to a Cardinal Sin a man can commit while doing a pick-up. My baby-face does me no favors as I try to say that I am a 27 year old man with a straight face.
5) You almost definitely will need to go to multiple places in one evening.
Are you a firm believer in the “Venue-change/ isolation” move? Venue-changes work and they work on many levels. They can work to break up a gaggle, create emotional commitment and spice up the evening as you take the girl to a more familiar place. Going to the club for a dance is a great way to start getting more intimate with your Kino. But cover fees? Another drink for you and maybe her? Let’s say another 15 dollars. Hell, even without the girl in tow, say you’re not doing well in one bar. Well that means finishing your glass and heading to yet another place..
6) You need a place of your own to get the lay.
If you live with your parents, you can’t get laid. Sure, sometimes you can head over to her place. But on the first date? Girls have this psychological hold-up about sleeping with you at their place on the first night. It’s too intimate, her place lets you get too close to her, and she doesn’t want that. The lack of a decent pad to go back to is a huge hurdle for young guys. You gotta either do it in a bathroom stall, in a car (see point 1) or just be content with a number and a hook up. Who knows, maybe you can meet up with her again…and face the exact same logistical hurdles.
And What is the Payoff?

Put simply, a lay. Chances are it won’t be a 9 (regardless of what you tell your buddies the next day). But you get your dick wet, with a girl that is willing to put out on the first night. Again, if you are a young man and live in a college town or university environment. The midday text with a smiley face thanking you for a good night weighs heavily on your mind.

You must secure it or be damned. You’re in uncharted waters, at the complete mercy of the girl you just banged.

You hope that she didn’t have the herp or that she won’t have buyer’s remorse the next day. You nervously scratch your nether area as you clamber into the shower and turn on the hot water. “Was it worth it?” You might ask yourself.

And you wouldn’t be alone.

The Mentality of the NEET is a direct product of Late Western Society
There is an entire generation of men that has done the math and decided to sit this one out. The women are not that attractive, the ratios are not that favorable, you have to hustle and spend nights out on the prowl playing the role of clown just to get some action. By the way, you probably spent around 50$ for a night out and if you didn’t get laid, then it was for virtually nothing. Two nights of that will set you back 100$ and that’s not an exaggeration. Sure you can work more at your job, but wouldn’t that leave less time to go out?  It shouldn’t be that hard for you to put yourselves into the shoes of these young men. Getting the next lay is hard, it requires stuff that many young men simply don’t have; like say some spending money, a bed that isn’t in your parents’ basement, a good downtown area to go to or a wide social circle you can rely on.

The Best a Modern Young Man Can Do

You spend your time working out to get fit. You learn the ropes of game. You work a shit job (thanks boomers) because the good jobs are fewer and further between. Your women don’t respect you and don’t respect themselves enough to look good for you. You then go out and stake your claim to some sub-prime poon estate, and pray for deliverance the next week.
But wait there’s more!
And let’s say you take the Red Pill to heart. Start questioning Feminism, the Liberal hive-mind and the sanity of your peers in supporting a Third World Flood of Biblical proportions, and see how many of your social circles, how many of your friends and peers suddenly accept the new you. Chances are, you might even lose your job, get kicked out of University, or develop a reputation as an Evil Misogynist™. Not all of us can reach Heartistian levels of poolside ambivalence to the situation that modern Western society finds itself in. Time, energy, and money. That’s the theme of this post and don’t worry, we’re going to bring it all together now.

Can you really blame young men for giving up on getting laid in the West?

Some have tried shaming NEETs into rejoining modern society. But really, how can you shame the shameless?

Shamelessness ain't all bad.
Shamelessness ain’t all bad.

Video games and porn beckon for some. Asceticism and meme-ing for Trump beckon to others. One thing is for sure, all these young, dispossessed men with no creative outlet for their energy except 2d waifus or occasional forays downtown are checking out of society. And really, who can blame them?

Modern Western Society has created the NEET and now it doesn’t know what to do with it. On the liberal side, they continue to kick a dog that’s already down. On our side, we try to convince the NEET to go about the difficult task of getting laid. While the Red Pill approach is infinitely better for the well-being and short term happiness of the NEET, it is still an incomplete answer and one that doesn’t address the fundamental societal shortcomings that have led to NEETdom. Un-becoming a NEET takes re-engaging with a society that one has already disconnected from. You must slog through the trenches again, and for rather ephemeral benefits.  I leave you with this thought, the drive to get laid is important- hell its incredibly strong… But it may not save the NEET. 

Maybe, its because the NEET doesn’t want to be “saved.”

Love–It’s the White Thing to Do

In these degenerate times, even to speak of love is to invite scorn, to be called a sentimental fool or a pathetic beta male. But it was not always so.

Love has been a central topic of discussion in Western Civilization. The early Greek philosopher Empedocles gave it the status of universal force. Plato, too, and the neo-Platonists dedicated many works to the topic. The myth of Eros and Psyche was a perennial theme of art, and the Grail legends still have cultural influence today. Similarly, our movies and television shows are pervaded with romantic themes. However, similar to Gresham’s law, paltry conceptions of love drive out grander ones. I shall not examine the decline here, but merely present some defense of the more noble conception of love.

This ideal of love is beset from two sides: that of the bro and the intellectual, as I shall call them. I hope to show that both positions, while understandable, are wrong-headed. Briefly, the bro position attacks love as mere beta male pussy nonsense while the intellectual holds that it is a puerile and mawkish idea. I will freely admit that in disproportion and in severance from real-world particulars it can become those, but it is not essentially that way. Ideals need defending from the cynicism and extremism of a degraded culture.

extremism of a degraded culture

To address the bro criticism let us look briefly and from a great height at the Middle Ages. One cannot doubt, in general, the dominance of patriarchy in this period. Conflict is common, man and nature are more dangerous than at present, and human muscle is the main driver of production. This too, on the other hand, is the age of chivalry and of the troubadour. Men utterly dominate the scene, yet (excessively) romantic notions of love are rampant. This is because, contrary to the narrative, it is the male that is the romantic, not the comparatively anaesthetic female. (Of womanly notions of love, I have little to say. It is a more concrete thing – tied to the more practical affairs of life, security and safety not least.)  To address a familiar theme, the male is the agent of romance, the female the object. The minds of men are more easily enthralled by abstractions, including ideals. When we rule our own societies, an abstract feminine is a motivating ideal whether she be a Helen or a Mary, a Gretchen or a Beatrice. Biologically, we crave the female, spiritually “the eternal feminine draws us on.”

Faust and Gretchen
There is no better paragon of alpha-infused autism than Faust. And even he had a soft-spot for 3D.

From the other side we have the sneering (((intellectuals))) and the jeering intellectuals. They constantly try to deconstruct or otherwise undermine the idea of love. Think of Lucretius and his flatulent Venus. I am sure a fair few of you have some Mencken quotations to hurl at me, but they do not bite in light of his Sara Haardt. The intellectual has more than his share of self-awareness. This causes both baseless romantic ideation as well as virtual paralysis in cases of real potential romance. This no doubt leads to embittered intellectuals. Among his peers, this creates an arms race for greater and greater cynicism. It is a situation made all the worse by the need for many intellectuals to seek novel views as well as to separate themselves from the rubes back home by disparaging their time-worn and hokey ideals. It is no coincidence, either, that the hipster must assume a tiresome aura of irony in his otherwise rabid quest for authenticity.

Bachelors know more about women than married men. If they didn't, they'd be married, too.
“Bachelors know more about women than married men. If they didn’t, they’d be married, too.” H. L. Menken.

Both the bro and the intellectual are bitter, their jadedness no doubt hard-won. Our culture still has the vestiges of white civilization; the idea of love is still out there. We see it in our movies and our television shows, especially older ones. A formerly common plot involved the discovery of old love letters or poems, for example. That plot still makes sense today, but it cannot be about today. At best it belongs to our elderly, but even that becomes less and less true. Similarly thousands of romcoms feature the ‘meet cute’ but that requires a functioning community and inviting public spaces. Can we really imagine our malls, train stations, bus depots, airports, parks, town squares and so forth as viable spaces for love? Of course not! Mugging and murder perhaps, but not love. Many such spaces are unsafe, unpleasant, and downright uninviting. Even those that are tolerable lack the social infrastructure to be relevant to non-utilitarian activities.

Our culture still indulges white ideas of love, but this just sets up white men for failure. Those ideas have no vital relevance. The failure that results when white men do what they feel they are supposed to do (and moreover what is instinctual) causes much sorrow and anger. We then turn to game blogs out of desperation, or become male feminists hoping for pity sex, or become embroiled in relationships that our culture actively wishes to fail and which sadly often do. The result is a lot of meaningless sex, a lot of failed relationships, and a lot of ruined lives. Women turn to pharmaceutical intervention while men turn to mechanically banging club sluts, and those are the ‘lucky’ ones! The man thinks of some sweet girl he once knew, the woman of the sweet girl she once was. That is if either can feel anything at all, beyond some vague hope that the next little death be a final death. The unlucky ones end with porn addictions and body pillow waifus or short blue hair and extreme adiposity. This is a profound disaster for our people, men and women alike.

I will not speak of this not-so-little rift within the lute without offering some notes of hope. One must first understand that I paint a far bleaker picture than is yet real. There are still safe and lively public spaces as well as happy and loving couples. We must not kid ourselves that these are not under heavy attack though. Our neighborhoods and our marriages are ravaged by our increasingly alien culture and laws. Awareness, a much-ballyhooed and misused word, is our greatest friend in this moral war. The recognition of our own values is of paramount importance. Love, like beauty and truth and freedom, is a core Western value; we should not so easily surrender it. The subversive nature of love has long troubled the utopians. That is until they hit upon the idea of rotting it inward until it molders away. They have replaced it with a mere simulacrum – an ersatz love that is solely sex. We have not lost yet, though. 

We still have some of our ideals and our ways of life. To counter our enemies, the sexes must work in unison. So go fall in love, it’s the white thing to do.

White-Knighting for Waifus

The alt-right has really come into its own over the past couple of years and with this comes growing pains. One trouble we face is the integration of women into the movement. Many alt-righters had manosphere days and many of us former libertarians have seen what happened with female entryism there. In normal times, it is fair to be skeptical of women in politics, but we are not in normal times and we are beyond politics. It is not simply a political movement that has arisen; it is a rational desire for an ethnostate and for the restoration of a white way of life. It should be obvious that a white society requires white women, but I intend here to assuage some legitimate concerns.

Before delving into specific comments, I feel that it is necessary to address a fundamental fact. Our (((enemies))) actively wish for the destruction of our people. Divide and conquer is a time-tested and effective strategy. Our enemies know this and have used it to devastating effect. The rise of (((feminism))) and its (((backlash))) have brought much ruin to our people. These ideologies (feminism and masculism) are truly foreign to our people. It is sad that some would elevate one putrid semitic religion to counter the poison of another. Do not mistake me for engaging in egalitarian nonsense. I support the truly Western notion of sexual complementarism: the sexes require one another to be a complete whole. Too many accept Eve or Helen as their level of anima, but to save ourselves we must seek Sophia. And so, let me now white-knight for waifus.

“Women who are into politics are nuts.” This may well be true, but consider the following: Jared Taylor frequently mentions how much more sane people with our political views are on average with the rise of the internet. Yes, the current crop of known alt-right waifus are probably abnormal by woman standards, but that does not mean they are completely off their rockers. My suspicion is that they fall into three kinds: 1) those red-pilled by male influence 2) those who are sperg-lasses 3) and those red-pilled by life. Of the first, little need be said. These girls were well-raised or have good taste. Obviously we should support them and ideally wife them. Of the second, we should not be surprised that slightly more autistic girls would be much more likely to abandon the ((((Narrative))). Of the third, we can imagine some lady faced with a frightening experience and then turning to, say, Coontown (RIP) or some other outpost of truth in the safer parts of the web. From there, we should hope she comes to us.

“Women should be making huWhyte babies.” Duh. Of course. But how much time does it take to send out a tweet or post a comment, or even join a podcast? We shouldn’t be watching TV or the like anyway. We moderns have plenty of free time, we should use it to good ends. I don’t think anyone is arguing that women should abandon their children to engage in online political activism. As for doxing, well, that’s a chance we all take.

“Women shouldn’t be leaders.” That’s reasonable enough, but don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good. If a female-led party is the right’s best hope, so be it. As for leadership in the alt-right, that seems a curious notion. As we are not a formal organization we do not have leaders. What we do have are content producers. Don’t like some lady’s content? Don’t support it. Disagree with it? Go make your own. And don’t whine about gals getting more support, you aren’t in competition!

“Women rent-seek.” Does anybody expect to make money off the alt-right? Some of our more talented content producers do need funds for their projects, and some of them will be women. Again, if you don’t like it, don’t support it. If you don’t like that other men support them solely because they’re thirsty, well, change human nature?

“Women and men are just different.” Again, this is true, but I think this is more of an argument for women in the alt-right, not against it. Men and women have different strengths and we should exploit that. Women are probably better at red-pilling other women. Even if they aren’t, the endorsement of our ideas by women gives them a normalcy that they would otherwise be denied. It is easy to attack a bunch of men as pathetic losers who masturbate to anime all day, but that becomes more difficult with women around. Also, if we wish to be degenerate, we can leverage attractive waifus to manipulate thirsty guys. Every movement needs cannon-fodder; we can’t all be philosopher-kings.

“Women suck.” Have you seen any men lately? We are all in bad shape. Ours is a degenerate age. Women are like amphibians: a bellwether for environmental destruction. They are also less able to engage in cultural defection, pulled down by the stinging bitchiness of their fellows. Degenerate women abhor good women and will bring their entire cold arsenal to bear in an attempt to drag them down to their level. None of us can engage in total unilateral cultural defection, but women need more help to de-poz themselves than men.

“I don’t want to wife some ‘recovered’ degenerate.” So don’t. No one sane is asking you to. I am asking that we remember the poisonous society we all come out of. If someone makes a good faith attempt at reform, we must allow them. Let’s not get caught in the sort of holiness spiral that afflicts SWPLs. We cannot afford to turn away those who repent. But you probably shouldn’t marry them.

“Women are just not as important politically.” Angry young men control the politics of a collapsing society – that much is obvious. But what are angry young men fighting for, if not for wives and girlfriends and mothers and so on? Much anger stems from the degraded quality of women, giving them a promise of good women helps bring them to our side.

“The Mannerbund.” Yeah, what of it? The existence of women does not destroy male companionship. It is true that the presence of a woman can disrupt a male space. The sexes do need separate spaces but we also need a commons. We aren’t just discussing pension structures or the benefits of light, we are trying to save ourselves. As the physical commons falls further into darkness, we shall badly need our digital spaces. Also, much of the fixation on this topic is predicated on some silly ethology. Humans (and dogs and wolves for that matter, to address some silly analogies) do not have rigid hierarchical structures (chickens do though). Dominance is primarily a pair-wise affair as well as being environmentally mediated. It need not be commutative nor does it always go from A to B. Humans have troop aspects but we also have pair-bonding aspects, especially whites.

“Waifus.” The identification of alt-right ladies as waifus is a good way to frame things. These women either belong to alt-right men as actual wives or girlfriends or they belong to the community until such a time as they can be united with their one true shitmate.

“I’m just angry/sad that I don’t have an Aryan QT3.14/88 by my side.” Aren’t we all? Either keep your whining to yourself or go out and make one. If you find you cannot, accept that the love-based northwest European marriage pattern involves high numbers of those who never marry. Devote your time instead to the cause, not moaning about bitches on the internet.

The Importance of Novelty and Critical Mass

ok cupdid graph 

It should come as no surprise to anyone with the least bit of objective observational skills, that people are attracted to novelty. The more scarce the novelty generally speaking, the more highly it is sought. This phenomenon can apply to a variety of situations from the latest hard to come by high tech gadget, to a rare baseball card, or even a designer handbag. Though not often discussed, this tendency also applies to mate selection among humans. Traits that vary among the urban populations of the USA and Europe such as hair, eye, skin color and certain facial characteristics, are often seen as more attractive if they are a novelty and in short supply. This phenomenon is also present in virtually every species of sexually reproducing animal. All things being equal some characteristics are more sought after than others, due to a biological preference for bright eye catching colors. Perhaps the only bright side of a declining ratio of white males in society will be there increased value to women.

Yes Internalized preferences can also come into play, if social status or value is placed on a particular trait or set of traits by a culture. However culture or not white males of the fairer variety with light eyes, light hair or simply and of the facial features unique to white males such as a prominent dimpled chin are truly unique. Perhaps your only consolation upon becoming a minority will be you increased value to all races and ethnics groups of women. This will come in spite on how much Hollywood and mass media try and convince white women otherwise.

Anyone who travels between countries or even areas within countries like the USA, can see that when a certain race or ethnic group is small or non-existent there is a natural curiosity towards an individual of this group. This curiosity is usually exaggerated if the racial or ethnic novelty is of the opposite sex. Women put much more emphasis on cultural norms and what their peers think than men. As such what men find attractive tends to remain relatively constant regardless of changing cultural pressures. However men have a strong attraction to sexual novelty. Men will always prefer paedomorphic (youthful) or neotonous features. Neotony meaning the retention of juvenile features into adulthood such as small noses, soft skin, hairlessness, and large eyes.


This mode of selection intensifies when one sex outnumbers the other. The sex in excess supply has to compete for a mate and resorts to the same strategies that advertisers use to grab attention such as the use of eye catching or rare colors. Color polymorphisms or rare color variations that do not give a survival advantage in a species thus evolve to catch the attention of the opposite sex. However as soon as one color polymorphism becomes too common it loses its novelty and sexual selection for this trait ceases reverting back to the rarer color. American researcher Tomas Thelen demonstrated this phenomenon in humans through an experiment using varying percentages in hair color among models. Thelen prepared three series of slides featuring attractive women. The first one with 6 brunettes, another with 1 brunette and 5 blondes, and a third with 1 brunette and 11 blondes.  Male subjects then had to select the woman in each series they would most prefer to marry. For the same brunette, preference increased significantly from the first to the third series, increasing in proportion to the rarity of the brunettes.


In most species the selection is on males. As can be seen with male song birds, peacocks and lions with their brightly colored feathers and manes. Rare color advantages have been studied most extensively in shorter lived species like guppies and fruit flies. The method of selection for such novel colors remains unclear. It might stem from the selection for beneficial mutations in a population. 90-99% of mutations are detrimental to an organisms survival.(Nicholas Wade 2014) If an organism in a population was to survive with such a mutation and not be picked off by predators or succumb to disease, it probably conveys a survival advantage in that particular environment. Color polymorphisms are also selected against when there is the presence of a related species or subspecies within the same geographic range, apparently because too much intraspecific variability makes it harder to recognize one’s own species and leads to hybridization and the extinction of the population or unique genetic group.


These tendencies can be observed increasingly in the current situation of the Western Countries such as the United States and Europe. In earlier generations there was a strong attraction by native European descended women to exotic men as they were a novelty. However in recent decades the nonwhite male population of the west have increased to a point where they are no longer the exception but the norm.


In the USA currently the majority of males born each year are nonwhite and they are the majority of the under 18 male population. As it should be obvious white males are the only ones who exhibit diversity in hair and eye color polymorphisms. If we track a color polymorphism like blue eyes in men from 1900 thru 2006, we can see just how novel “white features” are becoming. In 1900 when 80% of people married within their ethnic group, more than 50% of men in the USA of all races, African Americans included, had blue eyes. In 1950 due to an increase in intermarriage between European ethnic groups in the USA, this proportion fell to 1/3 of all American Men including all races. Blue eyes are a recessive trait and only perpetuate themselves if a blue eyed individual mates with another individual processing at least one allele for blue eyes. Yes, eye color is polygenetic but being homozygous for the gene OCA2 confers a 90% chance of having blue eyes. (“Eye color and the prediction of complex phenotypes from genotypes. Current Biology. 19) Homozygous means that you poses two identical copies of the gene for a particular trait. As out-marriage and nontraditional immigration increased since the 1970s, blue eyes continued to become scarcer. As of 2006 only one in 6 American men had blue eyes. (Boston Globe October 2006, Don’t It make My Blue Eyes Brown)


As one would imagine if blue eyes were to become scarce in the men of a population there would be an increased desire for males with this characteristic. The same goes for any of the stereotypically “white” features such as green eyes, blonde or red hair. This tendency would be increased if the females came from a group where light eyes and light hair were rare to nonexistent. With this being said it should come as no surprise that recent statistics published by the dating site OK Cupid have drawn attention to the overwhelming preference of Asian and Hispanic women for white men. The data showed the response rates to messages of various heterosexual users by race to members of the opposite sex based on the race of their sender. The data was tracked between 2009 and 2014 and held relatively constant from year to year, with a slight increase in attraction to white men by Asian and Hispanic women, over the years cited. White women also preferred white men over other groups but not as much as Asian and Hispanic women. The only group that did not prefer white men were black women. Explaining this exception could be a self-selecting tendency of black female OK Cupid users. Since there are far more educated black females in white color fields than black males, an overwhelming number of black females online are probably searching for equally accredited black males as so few exist in their immediate vicinity. Black female college graduates outnumber black males by 2 to 1 and black females with graduate degrees outnumber black males 3 to 5 as of 2008. (Department of Education 2009) Strangely enough the lowest response rates to white women were from white males, while the highest response rates from white males were to Asian women. Additionally, all males with the notable exception of Asian males, responded to Asian women in the greatest percentage. Asian males showed the highest response rates to Hispanic females. Just what explains the attraction of Asian males to Hispanic females I have no theory for.



The fact that this data is drawn from the online dating world could skew the results, as online dating self-selects for certain individuals who may not be looking for the same thing as those who meet in person, the traditional way. That being said proportionally far less women are going to nightclubs and bars in comparison to earlier eras. It has gotten to the point where a record number of establishments have had to close down due to lack of patronage. Men in general will only spend money at a nightclub if they have the promise of meeting a woman, and with virtually every major nightclub now in the USA having a higher ratio of men than women, many men are dropping out of nightlife as well. To see this point illustrated, you need only use any number of Smartphone Apps that track the sex ratio of various night time establishments and report them back in real time. Scene Tap is the most well-known. Some like the blogger Ram Z Paul, have theorized the fall off is due to increasing proportions of more aggressive nonwhite males at establishments, who in turn drive away women from more high trust ethnicities. The real answer can probably be found in the use of hook up apps like Tinder which give young women a never ending supply of male suitors to keep them entertained without the cost of going out. Since Tinder appeared in 2012 there has been a growing trend in night club closings. The city of Boston which I traverse regularly, is now littered with unused bars and clubs that have closed up shop. So the data Ok Cupid reports is most likely a very accurate picture of today’s 21-35 crowd in America.


But what does all this mean if you are a European descended male, especially one with fairer features? Well if trends persist, as the attraction to novel eye catching features does in the animal world, it means that white men with light hair and light eyes will become ever more sought after by women of all races and no amount of Hollywood or media demonization will be able to undo that. This trend seems to have already taken hold in the USA, with its nonwhite majority looming. As for Europe there has traditionally been a high miscegenation rate for nonwhite men coupling with indigenous European females. Current scenes coming out of Europe during this migrant crisis is creating a different scenario. With the exploding number of aggressive, rape prone Arab and African men reaching critical mass, European women have cease to find them exotic. In these progressive times dark and handsome has given way to dark and scary.