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RED DAWN 36: The Eternal Anglo Strikes Agaayinn, with Professor Drew Fraser

RED DAWN 36: The Eternal Anglo Strikes Agaayinn, with Professor Drew Fraser

The Anglo: God’s gift to civilization, or scourge of the White Race? Special guest Professor Drew Fraser and the bros contend over the legacy of The Empire and her ruling class–White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Singh swoons over the Anglo’s contributions to philosophy, sport and politics; while Greg and Vince kvetch about his less-than-savory aspects .

Professor Fraser taught at Macquarie University in Sydney, Oz, and he is the author of The WASP Question.

Introductory clip is from The Ruling Class (1972) starring Peter O’Toole. Outro song is “Rule Britannia,” from a live performance. The refrains lyrics “Britons never never shall be slaves” makes for rueful listening in the current year.

RED DAWN 32: Keepin It Klassy

Again in two parts, Volksgenossen:

RED DAWN 32: Keepin It Klassy (part 1)

RED DAWN 32: Keepin It Klassy (part 2)

The alt-right talks a lot about race and sex, tribe and creed. But what about class? Aristocrats and proles exist in every nation. How can the alt-right help whites overcome their social divisions?

What’s more, we don’t have much time to save our civilization. What can we do, given that most people are too brainwashed to understand The Race Question? Could we use class as a proxy?

RED DAWN 30: Clooz Of The Jooz

RED DAWN 30: Clooz Of The Jooz

The AI bros intended to cover India, but got side-tracked by the Jews. Ritter, Singh and Storminnorman break down the ethnogenesis of this unique people. How did their evolutionary strategy develop? How did they spread throughout Europe? What is the secret of their… uh… (((success)))?

AND Andrew Angelin proclaims a Holy Crusade against Milo. AI endorses. Deus Vult!

We have not forgotten about India. Expect more ’tism later.

Academic Interview 12: Putin’s Prophet

Academic Interview 12: Putin’s Prophet

Nikolai Starikov is something of a Shaman. An insider with the ear of the Kremlin, he has upended conventional thinking about history. In his view, Hitler was no mere tyrant, but the tool of a grander Anglo-American scheme to dismember Russia. A crazy conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But Starikov is no Alex Jones. Like many of us, he sees something sinister in the West’s current predicament. And his explanations are always one step ahead.

Further reading:

Some translations of Starikov’s blog by fans

Starikov’s blog (in Russian)

RED DAWN 26: Wut About Muh Jutland, Copenhagener Swine?

RED DAWN 26: Wut About Muh Jutland, Copenhagener Swine?

The Great Debate continues: Regionalism vs Empire. Natt is back to defend local loyalties. The AI regulars gang up on him and argue for super-nationalism. Natt then danesplains why he would rather live in a Zealander-free world.

Vince brings the discussion back to earth. How is the alt-right going to achieve any of this? Greg and Singh weigh in.


Donald Trump: Tribune of the People

(The following essay is also available as a lecture on AI’s Soundcloud. It is republished as an article because the editor felt that its thesis has gained relevance since its original publication. Plus some people prefer reading to listening.)

Three generations after crushing its main economic rival in two bloody wars, expanding its power across the sea, and coming into conflict with major eastern empires, the republic finds itself in a political crisis at home. All of its military success has brought streams of low-wage foreign labor to the homeland, undercutting the economic prospects of the native lower classes and allowing the rich to accumulate ever vaster stores of wealth. At the same time, the military establishment finds recruiting more and more difficult, as the sturdy and loyal native small-holders are driven off their property and forced into the cities to live on the dole.

If this sounds to you like a description of early 21st century America, you’d be right. But it also describes the Roman Republic in the last decades of the 2nd century BC. Bu the 130s, Rome could look back on a century of uninterrupted success. Instead of Germany, Rome’s world wars had been fought against Carthage. Instead of the USSR, her eastward imperial expansion had come at the expense of the Hellenistic kingdoms. But like in the US, Roman imperial success had the same destructive effects at home, leading to the rise of a populist reaction in the mold of Donald Trump.

In this lecture, I will describe the situation in Rome in the late 2nd century BC. I will focus on the the economic and political circumstances that lead to popular discontent, and the eventual rise of a pair of populist politicians–the Brothers Gracchi, who managed to implement some reforms. I will assess the effectiveness of these reforms. Finally I will compare the rise of the Gracchi at Rome to recent American history, and offer some predictions about how “The Trumpening” will play out.

Three forces allowed the rise of the Gracchi-imperial overreach, economic centralization and imposed diversity. First, to explain the terminology. I realize these terms have a modern ring to them. I think these three terms–imperialism, economic centralization and imposed diversity–are appropriate to the Roman situation in that they describe the Republic’s problems in a general way, and provide ready analogies to our world. I do not mean to suggest any particular historico-philosophical Cause. The factors are of course interrelated and their effects were reciprocal. So you autistes can put the Hegel and von Mises away, at least for the first part of this lecture. Toward the end, I’ll indulge you with some macro-historical speculation. But for now–imperialism, economic centralization and imposed diversity.

Roman Expansion

First, imperial overreach. Rome defeated Carthage–her major rival for domination of the Western Mediterranean–at Zama in 202 BC–the Roman 1945. She then embarked on a program of accelerated expansion in the lands that had comprised the Carthaginian Empire. Roman Armies, following in the footsteps of Scipio Africanus, spent the better part of the next two centuries reducing the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish campaigns were grueling, but there was no shortage of Roman patricians eager to lead a few legions into the abyss. The temptation of martial glory was simply too great for anyone to bother with cost-benefit-analysis. Besides, Spain’s silver mines were making a lot of powerful men obscenely rich, so no one objected to throwing a few thousand more legionaries into the meat-grinder.

Continue reading Donald Trump: Tribune of the People

Munich and Abject Demoralization

I love Munich. This is my third time here. Munich is a cozy metropolis, full of cafes, traditional restaurants, old book-stores, gardens–all preserved more or less in their pre-war state. In the cathedrals, one can feel a definite connection with his Faustian soul, his past, his people. And in these streets, our heroic SA forebearers went toe-to-toe with international Bolshevism. Hitler, Rohm, Goering, Himmler–The Dream began here, in Munich. Her beer-halls were the stage for countless sessions of fashy broing (a tradition which AI has continued).

There is only one problem.

In a way, I owe this city my awakening. The first time I came here, as a college student, I noticed the Arabs. Having studied Arabic and German, I was at first excited at the chance to practice both. But something felt off. In this idyllic Bavarian city, there were packs of fat Arab women black niqabs carrying on in their filthy Gulf dialect. I was all for experiencing foreign cultures… but Munich was for Germans, wasn’t it? If I wanted to see the traditional Arab woman’s costume, complete with BDSM-style nose-piece, I could go to Dubai. You certainly would not see Bavarians or lederhosen there. Even then, before my racial awakening, I sensed the significance of this disparity.

The second time I came was three years ago–the eve of the Storm. Not much had changed. The barbarians still blotted the aesthetic, but Munich remained essentially German. The old-timers wore elements of the traditional costume (“Trachten”) the same way Texans wear cowboy stuff–with a tint of archaism, but still naturally. Munich seemed ready to putter on as a quaint, second-tier city for a few centuries, before it sank back into its landscape.

Now it’s over. Munich reeks of cosmopolitan death. Perhaps her buildings will endure, but only as fossils to befuddle her inheritors. The Arabs have won. They are everywhere and they are rich. The blocks directly south of the Hauptbahnhoff are infested, but you see them in droves in the nice parts of town too. Especially in the nice parts. They seem to have nothing to do but shop and be seen. It is ironic. For a people so concerned with modesty, they certainly go all out on the clothes, the jewlery and the make-up. Form over content. No wonder the Quran is so beautiful.

man, I need to get me some of that “war and oppression”

You do not need to be reminded that you are paying for this, in one way or another. The safe, trusting societies that your ancestors built through centuries of struggle and hardship for you cannot survive what these people bring. Inter-ethnic economic competition is the least of it. There will be blood. There already is.

I have only spent 10 days of my life in Munich. But it really does feel like my European home-city. Every time I have come, I visit my old haunts, buy a couple books, get a new shirt. I have a ritual. My three visits, being spaced out over the years, have had an outsized effect. It’s like the PUA “venue change” move, go to a couple bars with a girl and she’s more likely to sleep with you. And each visit has marked a different stage in my personal development–first as an innocent boy, then as a purposeless youth, now as a man–all too filled with purpose.


Miscegenation is the worst. These days in Munich have made me understand the Swedes’ predicament better. They are suffering from abject demoralization. I did not really understand that when I visited Sweden. Yes, it was deeply unsettling to see your race being cucked, but I have no particular attachment to Sweden.

In Munich, I started to get it. Seeing it in your home is a thousand times worse than seeing it in a strange environment. It ruins all the good memories you have of the place. You feel you are losing a piece of your own past. It is like watching a friend let himself go–one more obnoxious tattoo, a few more ripples of Pillsbury spilling over the belt, a newfound penchant for Scientology–in the end, the good memories are pushed out by the ballooning disgust.

There are three possible reactions: fight, give in, or go Chateau Heartiste. Now, go ahead. I hear the unwashed voices of a thousand manosphere spergs advising the CH option. Get degenerate, approach, be an insouciant douche, save the white girl from his barbarism and subject her to yours. I admit I used to be of this mind.

The option is tactically sound, but strategically counter-productive. If you suppress your disgust and wreck miscegenation by legally acceptable means, you have to poison your own mind. You have to convince yourself that sexual promiscuity is all in good fun. You have to not care. But, this is one thing we should care about profoundly–racial hygiene. There is a huge difference between reveling in butt-hurt when another guy gets the girl, and getting righteously pissed to see a kebab polluting your gene-pool. That is not an emotion you should try to suppress, even tactically. It is the healthiest, sanest and purest emotion you can ever have.

And even if you out-alpha the brownie, your are only subjecting a female of your race to a different (albeit lesser) form of social pollution. Hooking up is masturbation with a partner. It will not propagate our race. It may make you more confident with the next woman, but it will certainly make her less fit to be a wife and a mother. If we want to WIN, we need to annihilate this cancer. It seems that the alt-right, including many of the most fervent PUAs, is starting to see that.

But fighting is not yet an option. The legal and social repercussions for the individual are utterly debilitating. So, in the meantime, each of us is forced to give in. Even the deftest player cannot CH-the-fuck-out every mudsharking or kebab-basting pair he sees. Even he must, more often than not, endure the humiliation. And, in an environment like Munich or Stockholm, you are forced to see it again and again and again. Most will faze it out, but the healthier your mind is, the more it screams for a shot at revenge that never seems to come. Enduring this mental cycle over and over, it is no wonder so many have given up.

The only healthy option is to fight, together. And we will, very soon. We will fight the way white men always have, as a group, totally committed to, and willing to die, for each other. That is the one force that no one can defeat.

RED DAWN 22: Soviet-Nazi Doubleteaming

RED DAWN 22: Soviet-Nazi Doubleteaming

Vince recounts his time in Siberia: eternal frontier of the Russian Imperial project. Over the years, Russia has used different ideologies–Orthodoxy, Communism, Eurasianism–but all with the goal of uniting its disparate subjects. How is the project working out? And what does the Imperial Idea mean for the alt-right? Heimbachian nationalism is great. But will it be tolerated in the Trumpenreich?

AND: Greg is posted up in a Munich beerhall, getting Nostalgic about 1923. What a great city, a great country–too bad it’s shredding at the seams.

Becoming The Eternal Anglo

The Urheimat

Every tribe of American whites has its Urheimat. The Urheimat or “proto-homeland” was, for decades, a key concept in Indo-European linguistics. It was always assumed that any group of related peoples had a common ancestral language, and a common, ancient homeland. Pinpointing these homelands absorbed a lot of time, effort and careers. Where was the Aryan Urheimat? Once the Aryans broke up, where did each of the linguistic sub-families evolve?

In recent decades, the Urheimat concept has taken a lot of flak. Scholars pointed out that the idea assumed that languages and peoples must have moved into their current lands–that they did not develop in situ. Spengler was one such sceptic. But here I must break with my Master. The Urheimat is a reasonable assumption. Plenty of examples exist on record. American Blacks have an Urheimat, so do Whites. Even the Amerindians, despite the SWPL bleating, are not autochthonous.

American Whites are the most interesting case, as usual. Because of our rich, intraracial diversity, white subgroups can be traced back to specific regions of Europe. This phenomenon is well documented for Anglos–apparently scholars can discern folkways that mark The Eternal Wessexer distinct from The Eternal Northumbrian, even 400 years after their migration to North America. But the phenomenon goes beyond them.

American Origins

Europe is a patchwork of white Urheimats. Scandinavia is the proto-homeland of Upper Midwesterners. Germany is the Urheimat of Ohioans and Chicagoans. It is intuitive, then, that one would find proto-New Jersites in Sicily. The folkways are all there–the anger, the pugnacity, the sun-burned sweatiness. Riding a bus to Mt. Etna, I kept bursting out laughing. The driver was a typical guido–he kept shouting at passengers–at first I could not figure out why, because his dialect was as preposterous as that of his American cousins–but once I attuned my ear to it, I realized he stayed in this excitable mode no matter the circumstances. The British girl sitting next to me didn’t get it. I gave up trying to explain. I’m here to save the White Race from being inundated by refugees, not to rescue the British character from its aboriginal defect.

The Angless was in an even more humorless mood than her kind are known for–it was Brexit Day. “I’m not European anymore,” “All educated people voted ‘remain,’” “Nigel Farage is a coont.” I don’t really care about Brexit, it is a symbolic victory for us at best. But that did not stop me from gloating. I noted the classless nature of her accent. I showed her Nigel Farage memes. I wondered how I spoke more Italian than her–I’d been in country a week, she since November. I was scandalized that she did not know what ancient Mesopotamia was. I said all this aloud. Good thing I’m not “educated.”

I admit, I have always had an inferiority complex toward them. I admire their hauteur. I always felt the allure of their educational routine–the philology, the bloodsport, the hazing-by-persnicketry. Over the years I managed to acquire a grounding in each, but without ever developing anglophilia like the common cuck. The Germans are still way cooler.


The British wouldn’t be so much of a problem if they just stayed in their Urheimat. Their Spirit is an especially dangerous one, as it combines the Faustian will-to-infinity and their own brand of cosmopolitan rootlessness. But the British have an even more effective means of spreading their spiritual corruption–The English language. Learning English is the single worst thing that can happen to a people. It strips a people’s meme-complexes, leaving their minds utterly exposed to internationalist corruption. The commoner the knowledge of English, the more susceptible a people is to the POZ. The Nords have it the worst. The English and Germans are close behind. The Italians are, in large part, unaffected. The Anglo is not so much Eternal as he is expansive.

English is about as different as a language can be from Proto-Indo-European. The latter was “synthetic,” mutating the endings of words to express grammatical relationships. English claims, in what is obviously a move to seize the terminological high-ground, to be “analytic.” Where else have I seen that term used as the exclusive purview of the Eternal Anglo? But whatever. Synthetic languages are superior, and the British admit it. That is why they subjected generations of school boys to beatings for, say, using an ancient Greek verb in the perfect rather than the aorist.

Speaking English really gets me down. Every thought I have in this earthless medium drills into me, reminding me that I am torn from my Urheimat. And worse, like most Americans, I have more than one proto-homeland. My blood feels at home in Germany and Calabria (that backwater since the death of Pythagoras). I should speak Indo-European, or, failing that, Greek and Old High German. I have tried to remedy this by learning foreign languages. The problem is, due to my Faustian will-to-infinity, I want to learn all of them; and, due to my lack of a true Urheimat, I cannot prioritize one over the others. Maybe I am an Anglo after all.

RED DAWN 19: Epicenter of Fash

RED DAWN 19: Epicenter of Fash

Greg takes us on a tour of the Eternal City and Calabria–the Alabama of Italy. The bros compare Italian and Nordic character and habits, and discuss the Afro-Muzziepocalypse. The signs are everywhere. But is there enough awareness of the problem for anything to get done? AI brings you this report from the Front.

Featured Future Fash song: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Soundtrack) 02

Fortune Magazine article on the Mayor of Riace, Calabria’s biggest Muzzie-Dindu collaborationist.

Some fascist agitprop in rich neighborhood just NE of the Vatican:



Some other fashy ads in Rome: