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Comment of the Week: Democracy Spring…. A Conspiracy Theory

This week’s comment goes to H8chan’s /pol/… The implications about the upcoming Democracy Spring are food for thought. But the parts about that Alt-Right being controlled opposition were removed. Tin-foilery has its limits.

In light of recent events, and one new and currently breaking event in particular, I feel it is necessary to point something out that some of you may not realize, specifically about why certain events are taking place, and the motivations behind those events. Some old hands may know this already, or have sussed it out for themselves, but we have picked up quite a few new people recently, so it is, I think, worthwhile to line all of the ducks up in a row and explain precisely what is going on.

I’ll start with a simple question. A kingmaker question. Let us pretend you are a leader of a nation, and that nation is going to experience a cultural and political revolution in the very near future, perhaps ten years from now, approximately. You have access to knowledge and information that makes this very clear, though the general populace does not. Let us further expand the scenario by saying that there is no way to avert or prevent this from happening, because the population has legitimate grievance with the establishment, nor can you simply come clean about what is happening, because you are complicit in the corruption that has brought the nation to the brink of revolution.

You also do not want the revolution to take place, because, having been complicit, you would likely end up lynched for what you have done. So you cannot simply stand by and allow nature to take its course, either.

So what do you do?

Enter a very simple, and very dangerous, idea: Controlled Opposition.

If you are the establishment, and revolution is inevitable, and you cannot allow the revolution to take place, the single best way to ensure the maintaining of the status quo in your favor is to preempt the revolution with a revolution of your own. A revolution that “you” control. A revolution that is created and engineered from the ground up to fail, so as to ‘absorb’ the desire for a revolution from the people, and then quench it by being vanquished by the establishment reasserting itself. A revolution that serves no other purpose beyond being defeated and vindicating the policies of the establishment. A literal and metaphorical punching bag.

If you can’t stop the revolution, you lead it. You lead it and produce it, spin it and control it, and then make a show out of vanquishing it. The ultimate, highest, greatest, and final expression of the bread and circus.

So what does this have to do with anything?

I’m glad you asked.

I’ll answer your question with another question.

What was Gamergate?

Gamergate was a grassroots reaction to the airing of some particularly dirty and embarrassing laundry within the field of gaming journalism. It started on 4chan’s /v/ board, when it was revealed that Zoe Quinn, an amateur game developer and blogger whose real name is Chelsea Van Valkenburg, was exchanging sexual favors behind her now ex-boyfriend’s back in exchange for good reviews. /v/ grabbed onto the story and began spreading it, but the story was, to the amazement of those talking about it, quickly and ruthlessly shut down across numerous unrelated media platforms, most famously on places like Reddit and the comments sections of news media sites, but also disturbingly on 4chan itself, which typically prided itself on at least pretending to be about free speech and freedom of expression. A blackout silence campaign that could even affect 4chan? What was going on?

This scandal, which became known as the Five Guys Burgers and Fries scandal, after the five men Valkenburg had sexual relations with, was rapidly overshadowed by the Quinnspiracy, which was the conspiracy surrounding the attempted hushup of the scandal. To try and hide the corruption, greater and deeper corruption broke ranks and revealed itself.

At this point, I’m merely repeating what most of you already know. But this next part is where it gets interesting. The Streisand Effect went into full swing, and people who would perhaps have not cared nearly as much about this otherwise began demanding answers. Who was this woman, who could get articles pulled or manipulated from the likes of Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku, and Giantbomb, who had influence over Reddit, the HR teams of major gaming publishers, and even 4chan moderators?

/v/ came to /pol/ for help. And together, they dug. What they found was a conspiracy that was, impossibly, even larger than it first seemed to have appeared. This was no mere issue of radical feminists and progressives protecting their own. This ran all the way to the top. These people had connections to Common Core and DiGRA, they had received funding from DARPA think tanks and held memberships to the sorts of shady international round tables that receive funding from billionaires. They had connections to social reengineering projects, academia, the government, and massive proposed reformation programs for education departments.

What was going on? How does any of this make sense? Why would DARPA and defense contractors fund social justice warriors, of all things?

I will, yet again, answer your question with another question. Why would George Soros give millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter? Why would a radically progressive ninety year old Jewish banker give money to an unorganized mob of idiots who think anything other than total agreement and submission to their opinions is bigotry of the highest order, to be met with violence and bloodshed? What does Soros gain out of that?

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