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RED DAWN 30: Clooz Of The Jooz

RED DAWN 30: Clooz Of The Jooz

The AI bros intended to cover India, but got side-tracked by the Jews. Ritter, Singh and Storminnorman break down the ethnogenesis of this unique people. How did their evolutionary strategy develop? How did they spread throughout Europe? What is the secret of their… uh… (((success)))?

AND Andrew Angelin proclaims a Holy Crusade against Milo. AI endorses. Deus Vult!

We have not forgotten about India. Expect more ’tism later.

RED DAWN 23: Knifing Today, Bombing Tomorrow, JIHAD FOREVER!

RED DAWN 23: Knifing Today, Bombing Tomorrow, JIHAD FOREVER!

Are the Muslims just dull, or does random terrorism help their demographic jihad? The Alt-Right notices who the perps are, but what about the victims? Why are bobo, liberal Westerners the target of most attacks, and not patriots? Join the discussion with Vince the Slav, Sven the Swede and Greg the orientalizing Italo-German.

The bros also tackle the American political scene. The press is trying to derail the Trump Train with pessimistic and mendacious headlines. Does the Right have the wherewithal to wait them out?

Articles mentioned:

Pat Buchanan says The God-Emperor is still in the game! Unz commentariat has defeatist melt-down.

Zerohedge: Clinton’s lead over Trump evaporates

Chinese athletes caught in crossfire in gang gunfight in Rio

Viktor Suvrov’s book Spetznaz explains the role of world-class athletes in the Soviet military.

Bataclan attacks aftermath: “French” man who hosted terrorists led away by police during interview

Correction: One hundred and eighteen Russian athletes have been banned from competing in the Olympics, not all of them.





My First Lesbian Experience with a Refugee

No one is giving me orders. I find this distressing. As a fascist, I need hierarchy to keep me from getting confused. Fortunately, since I got to Europe, I have been able to think up mini-missions for myself. But on Lesbos, the lack of command and control started to get to me.

Thankfully TRS was there to help. The Swaggots came through–offering questions they would like to see me pose to the refugees. Armed with their ideas, I went out to try some dry-approaches.

I tried a couple times on some of the feral Pakis whom the Greeks had so unwisely begun to allow out of their containment center. I did not get much. They were reluctant to exercise their English. “Only little English.” Yeh, mkay. That’s not what you’d be saying if I were interested in a slurpee rather than your ethnic origins, your political aims, and economic means, the absence of women and children among your number, and your whiney-bitch excuses for all of the above.

So that was not going anywhere. Maybe it was my appearance. I look like the stereotypical CIA agent–light blue button-down, slightly overgrown high-and-tight, aviators. But “shock journalism” is not my style anyway. It is not easy to watch when a reporter, or a comedian, starts asking awkward and intrusive questions. The product is grating to listen to, and rarely informative. The method had worked on the dindus in Athens, but the air was humid and my targets were constitutionally less inhibited. Sorry TRSers, to get anything worth listening to, I would have to go after the prey most vulnerable to my charms. I would have to find a Hadji.

CIA guy
Like this, but in short khaki shorts.

I needed three things to land the ideal interview with a genuine Ayrab: an easy state of mind, a conversation-starter and a receptive target. The first item was easy to acquire–every grocery store, kiosk and video-rental joint in Greece sells beer, and I always assume public drinking is legal. And I was not worried about how to open the conversation, because my cigarette-lighter was intentionally in my room.

So that left target-selection. Women and groups were out of the question. Groups would dissolve into internal spin-off conversations, and my Arabic would be inadequate to regain the initiative. Approaching women might work, except that Arab females are stuck-up, xenophobic wildebeests who somehow, when approached by a man, nevertheless prefer to flatter themselves about his motives, which I suppose is only reasonable, given their usual milieu.

So it would have to be a man. But I kept getting sidetracked throughout the day. Things became more and more like a Camus novel. I seemed to spend a lot of time standing in grocery lines to buy single half-liters of beer. It got really hot. A couple fighters streaked over the harbor (“WHOHOOO! Gitsum, boys!”)–God, if only their employment had anything to do with my fantasies. Hey, with any luck my day might end like L’etranger.

I napped it off and went back to the harbor that evening. Dusk is the Magian’s primal hour. I ran into one, and asked for English. He couldn’t. I got my cigarette lit and switched on the dirka dirka, at which I instantly received the in-group treatment. My accent being way better than Clarissa Ward’s, he assumed that I was more proficient in the Iraqi dialect than I am. I was able at least to ask questions and understand the answers, even if my comprehension fizzled out during his oriental elaborations.

Clarissa suffers from a horrible deformity that inhibits her from not smirking. This condition also prevents her from pronouncing the voiced pharyngeal approximant in Modern Standard Arabic.
Clarissa suffers from a horrible deformity that inhibits her from not smirking. This condition also prevents her from pronouncing the voiced pharyngeal approximant in Modern Standard Arabic.

I found out a number of things that did not in themselves surprise me, only that he was saying them. First, the corrupt and incompetent Baghdad government is worse than ISIS. Second, despite ISIS and the democracy, things are way better now than at any point in the recent past. He pointed at his phone as evidence of that (I’m no expert, but it looked like the same model as the rather expensive one I just bought). Third, that, despite the government’s incompetence, he neither wanted nor thought possible an ISIS take-over of all Iraq. Fourth, he was not going back, he would stay in Germany or Austria.

He was quite open with me. In fact, he poured his heart out, describing the random violence in Baghdad, even showing me personal cell-phone pictures of bombings’ aftermath. I have no reason to think he fabricated any of this. I think his motive was simple: talking is therapy. I’m sure he had rehearsed these explanations a hundred times, never really thinking he would get to tell a Westerner. And what good would it be to tell another Arab?

On a lighter note, he also showed me pictures of his keepers. He said they were mostly Canadians and Americans. One was a mulatto, the others were fat. The problem with the red-pill is it takes the surprise out of life. And who was the ringleader of this altruistic orgy–the beast at the very bottom of my descent through European meme-land? You guessed it. A fucking Swede.

I admit I feel real sympathy for these people (not the Swedes). This Iraqi reminded me of my Arabic teacher–a flawlessly polite gentleman of the old middle-class. His parents were no doubt secular bourgeoisie during the old regime–before his country was thrown into a death-spiral (he mentioned fighting in the Iran war as a young man), courtesy of the Jews in Washington and their Levantine kinsmen. His parents’ remote ancestors had built the world’s first civilization, arguably the West’s first, or at least a critical forerunner. To them we owe the innovations that separate us from barbarism. I truly wish Iraq weren’t such a shithole now.

Call me an islamophilic cuck all you want to. Only fascists can feel real sympathy. Sympathy, real sympathy, derives from a sense of tragedy–the fatalistic understanding that bad things will happen. The fascist understands that other people are different from him and that they have their own aims, which sometimes conflict with his. Thus, he does not deem his enemies morally defective for opposing him. What are enemies for? My enemy and I strive to do each other harm. That is sad. If I were my enemy, I would do the same to me. That we find ourselves locked in a life-struggle against the Muslims is, and I really feel this, tragic.

But it would be insane to pretend the struggle is not there. Only madness, or profound irrationality, could lead someone to assume that men’s conflicting desires do not lead to strife. Because the liberal suffers from this very delusion, he cannot know real sympathy. What he imagines to be sympathy is only his maudlin effort to broaden his incomprehension. He wants to at least feel what he does not have the capacity to know. His sympathy is false. To recycle an example from Otto Weininger, a female nurse can simulate concern for her dying patients day after day, yet remain undisturbed, because she cannot experience real sympathy. Whereas for a man with a sense of the tragic–a fascist–would suffer total a collapse under such psychological strain.

After a 50 minute conversation, we parted. His gave me the most valuable thing he had–the truth about his aims. I hope that one day soon, we can repay the favor.

RED DAWN 16: SWPL Swede Down

RED DAWN 16: SWPL Swede Down

AI is deploying to Swemolia. Is it as bad as the Daily Mail would have us believe? Greg and Vince are in country, bringing you this SITREP from the epicenter of Afro-Islamic POZ. Maybe the US has it worse… or maybe the AI bros are suffering a case of Stockistan Syndrome.

Next time: The Malmog.


My Roommate was a Refugee. This is my story.

Prefatory note: All conversation  in this article is paraphrased. I was not recording or taking notes, so the material in quotes is not verbatim. But neither is it a Thucydides-style fantasy. The tone and content are accurate. A couple other minor facts have been changed to stymie any JIDF fags who are reading this.

Going House-to-House

I have been trying to run this trip on the cheap for two reasons. First, I am constitutionally penurious, and second, I feel a stronger sense of mission when I am subjected to substandard living conditions. Asceticism, imposed or willed, clears the mind. After all I am not in Sweden to have fun.

At first, my plan had been to stay mostly at hostels. This would allow me freedom of movement in accordance with my miserly needs. I can go without bobo comforts like refrigerated food, daily showers, HDTV and a kitchen SodaStream. This is my European Holy War, not a damn vacation. 

The main issue with hostels is security. I am carrying several hundred dollars worth of technology, that cannot fall into the hands of a kebab or a vacationing Australian. Yes, hostels usually offer lockers, but it becomes a nightmare anticipating how to pack, transfer and hide cellphones and laptops and envelopes full of monopoly money– all the while travelling alone and trying to carry out your daily functions. Plus, if something does get stolen, or even just lost, there is no recourse. The thief could have been any one of the bozos in the room, or any one of the staff. Hostels are not all that cheap anyway.

My first night in Stockholm I gave hostels a try, and it still cost me about $30. But for the last week, I have been using AirBnB. Granted, it is all very hipster–you are staying with random people you have contacted through an online app. They could strangle you and smoke your corpse in the pantry and no one would know for weeks. But that is a risk I’m willing to take, because AirBnB is very economical. In Orebro, I rented my own room in a 5-bedroom apartment for two nights for about the same $30. My flat-mates naturally gave off the stench of hyper-modern, hippie-eco-faggotry, but they were very nice. Furthermore, I’d have a few faces to finger if any of my of my dank-meme-spreading tech-tools went missing.

But thirty a night is still more than I want to spend. My inner Jew sang a Kaddish for every lost shekel. Where else could I cut corners? So for my next two night stay–in Uppsala, Sweden’s former capital and home to a boring chain of man-made hills that the Swedes use to bait alt-rightist neo-pagans into believing are an Iron-Age site–I found accommodations for 22 dollars a night. The catch? My host was named Muhammad. Continue reading My Roommate was a Refugee. This is my story.

Babylonian Philosophy? Part 3

Back to Part 2

A More Promising Approach

Mieroop’s work fails to define epistemology narrowly enough, and cultural relativism is to blame. Another problem is that, unless a philosophical treatise turns up in cuneiform, any evidence of Babylonian philosophy is indirect. But Mieroop’s quest for Mesopotamian philosophy is not hopeless. With superior method, we might yet uncover something of the Babylonians’ intellectual life. I propose three methods: (1) Using better-documented philosophical traditions as control variables, (2) comparing Babylonian religious and literary texts with the fragments of the Presocratics, and (3) analyzing the thematic development of Babylonian literature, insofar as it can be traced.

The first is the least ambitious method. It would use better-documented, philosophical traditions to evaluate claims about Babylonian intellectual history. The better-documented tradition would act as a control variable. Too bad Mieroop did not think of it, because this method destroys a core assumption of his thesis–that any complicated thinking presupposes epistemology. So then, is there civilization with complicated thinking, even systematic philosophy, but devoid of epistemology?

Continue reading Babylonian Philosophy? Part 3

Babylonian Philosophy? Part 2

back to part 1, on to part 3

Cultural Relativism

Mieroop suffers from cultural relativism, like much of academia. Cultural relativism (or just “relativism”) stems from the assumption that we cannot value any of the achievements of Western culture’s over the achievements of another culture. To do so would mean we have acted out of pro-Western bias. But what if the Western culture did achieve something of objectively higher value? Would acknowledging western culture’s qualitative superiority in that particular matter mean we are biased?

To the preceding questions, a relativist would answer that no such valuation is possible, that we cannot value cultural achievements objectively. And he would be right, at least regarding certain realms of cultural achievement, such as literature.  It is nearly impossible to compare one literary tradition to another. The scholar of literature faces all sorts of impediments: differences of tastes, language, historical and cultural references. Literary taste depends on culture and education, it is subjective.

But relativism is unhelpful in objective matters. It causes scholars to abjure making qualitative distinctions between the achievements of one culture and another, even in realms like mathematics and science that can be compared objectively. No one would assert that the ancient Egyptians attained a higher level of mathematics than the medieval Muslims. That is not to denigrate the Egyptians, of course their Muslim successors attained greater heights because “they stood on the shoulders of giants.” But claiming that the Egyptians invented trigonometry would be ridiculous. Like mathematics, epistemology belongs to the objective realm. Certain methods of discerning truth are better than others–they can be more or less systematic, and lead to more accurate results. So while it is difficult to weigh the relative merits of, say, Greek and Chinese literature (a subjective assessment), it is not difficult to judge the Greek philosophical achievement as superior to the Somali.

Continue reading Babylonian Philosophy? Part 2

Babylonian Philosophy? Part 1

A Review of Philosophy before the Greeks: The Pursuit of Truth in Ancient Babylonia by Columbia Professor Marc van de Mieroop. (Note: This review originally ran in November 2015 at The Ritter Review, a blog set up by Greg Ritter before the founding of AI. We have reason to believe that the author has read it and reached trigger-factor 5. This is what happens when you exclude all the smart people from academia. heh).

by Gregory Ritter


Like many in academia, Columbia professor Marc van de Mieroop brings up a fascinating question, then manages to bungle his answer. In Philosophy before the Greeks: The Pursuit of Truth in Ancient Babylonia he asks whether the ancient Babylonians developed epistemology. Epistemology, or “theory of knowledge,” is the study of knowledge, or as Plato defined it, true, justified belief. It has been regarded as central to all philosophy since ancient Greece. Because they developed epistemology, the Greek philosophers have held a unique place in intellectual history—indeed, for centuries, Western scholars have considered the Greek contribution to be fundamental. If the Babylonians got to epistemology before the Greeks, intellectual history will have to be entirely rewritten. Mieroop argues that they did, that the Babylonians had a developed theory of knowledge. But no one has discovered evidence of such, despite the hundreds of thousands of cuneiform tablets discovered since the mid-nineteenth century. So Mieroop’s thesis is quite ambitious. He offers several arguments in its support. The attempt is noble, but the conclusions are outrageous. This failure can only be attributed to an unimaginative method and an inexplicable ignorance of basic philosophical concepts. In these shortcomings, his work is an example of academia’s over-specialization and relativist groupthink.

Mieroop’s thesis has three major defects. First, he does not understand what epistemology is. Second, he overstates his case by failing to make a qualitative distinction between the rigorous Greek search for truth and Mesopotamian pre-philosophic learning. Third, he claims to disagree with earlier scholars’ assessments, but manages to reach to the same conclusions, albeit dressed up in cultural-relativist garb. This last defect, his cultural relativism, is the cause of the first two. Relativism prevents him from recognizing that the Greeks’ philosophical achievements were of higher quality. He magnifies the Babylonian intellectual achievement by a herculean effort at blurring categories, leading to his argument’s internal contradictions. Continue reading Babylonian Philosophy? Part 1

Islam is Not the Problem

Islam is schizophrenic. It seems to preach both peace and violence. Alex Charles over at Alternative Right has a pretty good article explaining Islam’s two-facedness. His main point is that the seemingly peaceful aspects of Islam derive from Muhammad’s preaching at Mecca, and the violent aspects are from his time in Medina, when he acted as a political leader.

The thesis is generally true, but the argumentation is terrible. The fault lies with Mr. Charles’ main source–Bill French alias Warner, a real Zio-shill if there ever was one. While I am a fan of Mr. Charles’ other work, following Warner undermines this article’s whole argument.

Islam is not the problem. Diversity is.

Warner, the pseudo-intellectual Zio-shill

Let’s start with the source. Warner is a physicist who runs the Islamo-critical site Political Islam. He has no grounding in the humanities and it shows. His method of examining Islam is to statistically analyze what he considers the religion’s three sacred texts (“the trilogy”). He claims these are the Quran, the Hadith and “the sira,” which he calls the biography of Muhammad. Continue reading Islam is Not the Problem

RED DAWN 7: Metaphysical Jewdaism

Ritter and Singh tackle the most difficult question in Western thought: Metaphysical Jewdaism. Why are some people, who appear to be Aryan, so goddamn Jewish in spirit? SJWs and academics, SWPLs and hipsters, is there something in the water?

Conversely, there are a few Jews who seem pretty Aryan–Jesus, Spinoza, Weininger, von Mises, Popper, Unz. How do you explain that?

Plus: Hitler reads Mein Kampf and and Shakh M. abdul R. A. ibn abi Sufyan gets autistic.

1:11 German Girl Video (TRIGGER WARNING)

4:06 Swedish Police flee after attempt to rescue 10-year-old Muslim boy from repeated rape by his coreligionists. (Note: This incident should not be confused with the rape of a 10-year-old Austrian boy by an Iraqi last week). Breitbart maintains an ongoing list of such incidents if you’re loosing track.

7:30 Boy-love Thursdays in the Afghan National Army

10:09 More Muzzie depravity. Mom-as-proxy.

11:12 The Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran: The Shaykh harnesses his Jew-hate to unleash the autism on Arabic linguistics. Surah 62, Ayat 6.

15:06 Metaphysical Jewdaism introduced. Jews as Mercurians–this idea comes from Stanford University professor Yuri Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century. And yes, he is a Jew. English Wikipedia calls him ‘Russian-American,’ Russian Wikipedia calls him ‘amerikansky,’ but German and French Wikipedias refreshingly note that his family is Juden/juifs.

19:11 Neocons/Judeocons/Neokykes mentioned. Don’t believe us? Just ask the Jerusalem Post.

24:27 Robert Conquest’s laws of conservatism.

36:50 Mein Kampf, vol 1, chapter XI, pp. 286-287. Manheim translation. First Mariner Books edition, 1999. See here, starting at 11th paragraph.

40:00 Aryans-in-Spirit. Jesus, Spinoza, Unz. Occidental Observer articles on Spinoza.

42:50 AI’s aspergery relationship with TRS–White Imperialism, Sikhs, Albanians. Unfortunately TRS fora got shoahed, so all references are gone.

46:55 Singh mentions TRS essay on women and liberalism.

53:53 Alternative Right: Racialism as Aristotelian Virtue.