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RED DAWN 33: Where the Pool-Party at?

RED DAWN 33: Where the Pool-Party at?

Alex Jones was right… ABOUT EVERYTHING! Our elites really are part of a pederastic Satan-cult. Damn them all to hell. The Whore of Babylon has nothing on K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

As the FBI and the press abandon their posts, the cyber-footsoldiers of h8chan /pol/ continue the mission. The stakes are nothing less than the survival of civilization. Can we defeat this monstrous Evil?

Graphic showing Austyn Crites’ house. Source: /pol/
FBI document detailing pedophilic symbology

RED DAWN 23: Knifing Today, Bombing Tomorrow, JIHAD FOREVER!

RED DAWN 23: Knifing Today, Bombing Tomorrow, JIHAD FOREVER!

Are the Muslims just dull, or does random terrorism help their demographic jihad? The Alt-Right notices who the perps are, but what about the victims? Why are bobo, liberal Westerners the target of most attacks, and not patriots? Join the discussion with Vince the Slav, Sven the Swede and Greg the orientalizing Italo-German.

The bros also tackle the American political scene. The press is trying to derail the Trump Train with pessimistic and mendacious headlines. Does the Right have the wherewithal to wait them out?

Articles mentioned:

Pat Buchanan says The God-Emperor is still in the game! Unz commentariat has defeatist melt-down.

Zerohedge: Clinton’s lead over Trump evaporates

Chinese athletes caught in crossfire in gang gunfight in Rio

Viktor Suvrov’s book Spetznaz explains the role of world-class athletes in the Soviet military.

Bataclan attacks aftermath: “French” man who hosted terrorists led away by police during interview

Correction: One hundred and eighteen Russian athletes have been banned from competing in the Olympics, not all of them.





Shittiest Race War Ever

I just fucking missed it. I was in Munich this morning. This afternoon, it happened–somebody started shooting up a shopping mall in the Bavarian capital.

This is literally the shittiest race-war ever. I came to Europe fantasizing that this summer, it would be all in the open. I could hook up with some Serbian death squads and go full-Srebrenica on some kebabs. But instead we have this.

There’s simmering racial tension, frequent attacks in random locations, and consummately triggering race-cucking–about which we can do nothing but meme and dream.

As I wandered through Munich’s Hadji-infested boulevards over the last three days, I kept expecting a bomb to go off 100 meters in front of me. The city is so idyllic, so clean, so German–yet so diverse, it was only a matter of time.

A Munich street-scene. Taken two days ago.
A Munich street-scene. Taken two days ago.

But then I thought, “No way. No hadji would be retarded enough to set off a bomb here. He’d kill too many of his coreligionaries. If I were a Muzzie, I’d attack with rifles. I’d pull a Bataclan.”

Today it fucking happened. Someone(s) went in and shot up a shopping mall. No word yet on the shooter’s race, but longer we go without a pronouncement, the more likely it is that the shooter was a non-White, as vdare.com has so helpfully pointed out.

And I just missed it. What does it take to be a hero or a martyr? Timing apparently.

The press is reporting multiple shooters. I find that unlikely. The fog of war obscured the singular nature of the Dallas shooting too. But if it is multiple shooters, ala Bataclan, you can be sure it was Muzzies.


I agree with the NSA-section known as Andrew Anglin. I feel no sympathy for the victims of this (unless they were righteous racists). It is past time to stop mourning and start fighting. These attacks are not acts of God. They are assaults by an Enemy.

The BBC is reporting, that among other forces responding to the attack, there was, “an elite border security unit, GSG9, is heading for Munich with several helicopters.”

“Elite border security unit.” heh. I’m sure the Roman state was still passing out medals to Limitanei formations in the fifth century for “outstanding service in maintaining border security.” God, when will they wake up?

So instead of an honest-to-god fight, we have this. Some weird form of quasi-warfare. I’m sure some Johns Hopkins Global Security Studies faggot has already written a dissertation on it: “5th Gen Warfare: Mastering the psycho-cyber battlezone.”

It looks like we have to double down. Keep posting those memes. But even more importantly, keep hammering your normie friends. Every serious, face-to-face conversation is worth a hundred shit-posts. You may be surprised at how receptive people are to our message–when it is presented with a clear conscience, and a sincere heart.

We are right. The Truth will win. We will win.



(Editor’s note: Further Essays in Greg’s ongoing series “Race-Tour 2016” will come out in the next couple days. Tomorrow–a report on Munich; and the next day, a recap of the summer, focusing on intra-White differences. Tomorrow we will also release our podcast Red Dawn 22, featuring Vince’s Siberian adventures.)



YES! Syrian to be Deported from Lesbos!

(Caveat lector: this post reads like a Daily Stormer article. Sorry. Sometimes you need to keep it larpy to keep your sanity. The whole refugee situation is completely nuts.)

Amnesty International is blubbering about a Syrian refugee, M.F. (aptly monikered), who is in the custody of Greek police, and slated to be Elian-Gonzalezed the fuck out of Lesbos.

Greece says Okhi! Only 44 million more kebabs to go.

There are so many things to love about this story: the upholding of Rule of Law, the Amnesty butthurt, the refugee’s hilarious initials… What I love is that he managed to do it. As a Syrian refugee, he has all kinds of priority.

According to Amnesty’s own dildo report, the only people who can be deported under the current EU-Turkey agreement are:

  1. People who do not apply for asylum in Greece
  2. Those whose asylum applications are judged… unfounded (ie, your country is not undergoing an actual war)
  3. Those whose asylum applications are found… inadmissible (ie you are already recognized as a refugee by Turkey).

So which one do you think Mssr. M.F. violated? Probably not No. 2… he is, after all, Syrian, or at least claims to be. He may have violated No. 3, or No. 1; skipping filling out his Greek paperwork in hopes of taking the happy trail to Deutschland and succor at the bursting teats of Mutti Merkel.

But there are two other possibilities. Either the Greek Police are being arbitrary assholes (WINNERS!), or M.F. committed a crime.

Greece has a big drug-smuggling problem. As soon as I landed on Lesbos, I was profiled by Greek cops (maybe they knew about my Calabrian connections. ‘Ndrangheta is big in the drug trade). After a quick doggie-sniff and a passport check, I was cleared. But some browner dudes got a more through treatment. I asked one officer if they had a big drug problem, he replied tersely but affirmatively.

But that is all circumstantial. M.F. might have done something worse. It is unlikely that he is being docked for any of the three technical reasons given above, as there are plenty of other people on this island who certainly should be.

Kiosk by the coast. Probably should have a translation into Gypsy.

This island is bursting with all kinds of Swarthies. From my amateur, stricly pseudo-scientific observations, they fall into four categories:

  1. Arabs.
  2. Pakis (confirmed sightings) / indistinct South Asian Brownies.
  3. Gypsies.
  4. very occasional Africans

The Pakis are violating No. 2 of the EU-Turkey agreement. Their country is not at war. The only they haven’t been deported is, likely, that the Greek bureaucracy is overloaded. And no, while US drones strikes suck, they don’t count as war. Your chances of getting Anwar al-Awlakied in Pakistan are, assuming the very high-ball estimate of 965 killed since 2004, 1 in 2.45 million (965 / 13 years = 74.23 per annum. Pakistan’s population is 182.1 million). Africans have a far better chance of suffering death-by-hippo (1 Billion / 3,000 = 1 in 333,333).

But let’s focus on the Arabs. These people aren’t poor. They are fat and, if not affluent, at least modish. My observations are in line with what The International Business Times reported last year, “Syrian refugees are largely drawn from the country’s wealthy, professional classes, and they have the clothes and disposable incomes to match. Designer labels, expensive shoes and wads of cash characterize this crowd.” Basically the faggots that benefited most from Asad’s regime and got cold feet as soon as the ISIS badassery started. See for yourselves:

Saudi Arabia would not accept these sluts.

In Arabic: “Welcome to Greece. Here you [can] buy boat tickets, daily trips to the Macedonian border.” Shop opposite Mytilene docks.
Arabs seem to come in family-groups. But, as we have noted repeatedly, most of the migrants are men. This is true especially of Blacks and Subcontinentals. When HuffPo/Amnesty/Internat’l Rescue Committee says “refugees are half women and children” or “asylum-seekers are mostly Syrian,” what they mean is “people whom the government recognizes as refugees” or “people who actually apply for asylum.” Again, pics:

Packs of men. Not an uncommon site
detail of above

Yesterday I saw a disgusting scene. An Arab family idling in the shopping district of Mytilene, and a blubbery white woman was cooing over their outsized brood in English. There were 3 or 4 young children (ie, born since the outbreak of the war), a man and two adult women. I’ll let you goys speculate about the relations of all to the others. (Sorry, no pic of this particular outrage, I was cameraless).

The most infuriating part to me was that the husband was not dead in a ditch in Syria. The badass Syrian Arab Army is battling ISIS shabos-goys tooth-and-nail, and this deserter is on holiday. And now I have to pay to support him and his fecundity (indirectly, but you know).

I considered offering my translation services to glean a little information, but thought better of it. I don’t want the libtards to know there’s a Fascist mole in their Lesbian paradise, at least not yet.

So I don’t know what Mssr. M.F. did or dindu. But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. And I am sure Amnesty will either ignore the revelation of his mischief, or will excuse it. God, they are so predictable.

One parting shot:

According to Amnesty’s own dildo report: “Greece must not return anyone who is at risk of serious human rights violations in Turkey, or of being sent onwards to a place where they face a risk of serious human rights violations”

Doesn’t that mean we have to prevent refugees from being sent to Germany?

As Amnesty’s summary of Germany’s human-rights situation puts it:

“The [German] authorities’ failure to effectively investigate alleged human rights violations by police persisted. Hate crimes against refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants increased sharply.”

HAHA YES! I mean… oh that’s terrible. We had better protect the refugees from those meanie Krauts. I can see the NYT  headline already: “White Racism Threatens Refugees. Borders Closed to Protect Minority Rights.”

Hey, if that Talmudic logic shuts down the immivasion , I’ll roll with it. Whatever it takes to throw out the invader and make The West free again.

AI Academic Interview Series 9: Putin against the Atlanticists

AI Academic Interview 9: Putin against the Atlanticists

Russian geopolitics in all its intricacies. Vincent Law explains the Ukrainian situation, the 2008 war with Georgia, and political swordplay in Moscow. What is Putin doing to build Russian civil culture? He has to deal with an aggressive media, US-funded “protest” groups, and the corruption of his own officials.

Vince also discusses The Saker Theory: Putin’s coming purge of Russia’s pro-American faction, the so-called “Atlanticists.” What should the Alt-right’s position on Russia be? Are any groups in Russia our natural allies?

When you need to know about Russia, you can’t trust faggots like Anne Applebaum. But you can count on AI to bring you the most succulent morsels of Kremlinology.

Pozzed? Sweden has the Antidote!

Sweden is cranking up the degeneracy. In recent decades, it has turned the dial from merely “pozzed” to “Hadjis have run out of girls to rape, now they’re after the goats.” Suffice it to say, a significant portion of the Swedish people has had enough. So you alt-righters will be glad to hear that, despite their sever infection of POZ, Sweden has the antidote!

Sweden has a thriving anti-regime counter-culture. It isn’t something that a lot of American alt-righters are aware of.  And you would not be if you do not read Swedish or have a friend named Sven or Lars. But Sweden is a treasure-trove of alt-right rockbands and journalists.

As much as I try to keep it autistic with Vivaldi, I do have a soft spot for some right-wing rock. The genre, sometimes called “Rock gegen Bolschewismus” (“Rock Against Bolshevism”) includes German-language bands like Stahlgewitter and Wolfnacht (a one-man act put on by one FASHY Greek). Admittedly, the genre is a mixed bag. Some of the songs are downright terrible. But most of the good stuff is in German or Swedish.

The two best Swedish bands are Tors Vrede and Fyrdung. Tors Vrede “Thor’s Revenge” is probably the most professional and conventional act on the scene. Their songs usually have a catchy melody, yet the instrumentation is pretty aggressive. They’re music sounds like a mix between Boston and Rammstein. Their best two songs, in my opinion, are Seger i Runor for the tune and Antisemit for the lyrics, eg:

Tycker illa om allt ont som förpestat våran värld.
Du avskyr sionismens regim och Israels ockupanter.
Du protesterar mot förtryck och för det fria ordets skull.
Du slåss för ditt folk och låter dig aldrig kastas omkull.

Feeling bad about everything that plagues our world             You hate the Zionist regime and Israel’s occupiers                  You protest against oppression and for the freedom of speech You fight for your people, and never let yourself be oppressed

Fyrdung “Folk Levy” (cf. Old English fyrd) is a more typical right-wing rock group. They rely on heavy percussion and electric-guitar with very basic melodies. My favorite song of theirs is “Folk i Gevär” (“Nation, To Arms!”), a heavy-metal cover of the Nazi Party’s song “Volk ans Gewehr.” I’ve listened to this song so much in the last three years, it might as well be my theme song. I’ll probably insist that it be played at my funeral.

On a side note, hard-right bands should follow the “Folk i Gevär” formula more often. Shitty melodies seem to be the main weakness in a lot of right-wing rock groups. The deficiency is easily solved: Take melodies from 30s propaganda songs, add some drums, and redo the vocals with more raspy rage.

All these fashy bands inspired me to start learning Swedish. Besides singing along with hate-tunes, learning Swedish is rewarding in its own right, especially for an autistic language fag like me. Swedish is Germanic, so it’s related to English, German, Dutch and the other languages of Scandinavia (except Finnish and Lappish). Learning German was one of the high-points of my life, so picking up Swedish seemed like a good way to recapture the magic. But there’s more advantages, especially for an alt-righter.

Sweden has some great websites for no-bullshit news and commentary. The best one I have seen is motgift.nu. They have high-quality news articles and insightful commentary. Motgift means “antidote,” and that’s quite a fitting metaphor for the site’s take on the news, because the mainstream Swedish press is toxic. Of course, for the English-speaking audience, there’s also Red Ice Radio and Radio Free Skyrim (a weekly food-fight between some Scandinavian bros).

It makes sense that some Swedes are doing so much for the Euro-American alt-right. The represent an equal and opposite reaction, an antidote, to what Sweden has become: a rotting corpse poisoned with postmodernist libtardery. But just this week, IT FUCKING HAPPENED in Stockholm, when a Mannerbund of two-hundred Swedish men went full Viking on a gang of Afro-Islamic man-children. Gitsum, boys!  Let’s just hope Sweden continues its regimen–because whoever refuses to take the antidote orally will have to take it as a suppository.



The Abu Bakr Effect

The sophomores at the Jew York Times have a new theory for why the Middle East is so screwed up: The Abu Bakr Effect. When Abu Bakr accepted the Caliphate on Muhammad’s (PBUH) death in 632, he set a train of events in motion that explain all the Middle East’s problems.

In the past, the Abu Bakr Effect only mattered to the JYT and other mainstream outlets when they needed to explain sectarian conflicts inside an Islamic country. Iraq, for instance, splintered after 2003 because the Sunnis and Shiites rediscovered how to go medieval on each other. But now the MSM is going big. They now claim that the Sunni-Shiite split explains regional politics too! Iran and Saudi Arabia are having a spat because they fall on different sides of the ancient sectarian split. Obviously religion is behind it all.

It’s not surprising then, that the MSM has made a fetish of repeating how long Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting. Fourteen hundred years! This juvenile observation was hammered home by CBS Evening News (see 12:10), in a report by semi-smart, hot-for-her-age Holly Williams. That figure seems to be the only thing anyone in the MSM knows about the pre-Israel Middle East. But of course it’s ridiculous. Would anyone blame the French-German animosity (and thus WWI and WWII) on the Treaty of Verdun (843) that divided the Frankish Empire among the sons of Louis the Pious? Or would they look for more proximate causes?

People have conflict over things besides ancient meta-religious catfights. Understand that, and you won’t have to go full retard and start blaming it all on a 7th-century intra-Islam succession dispute that no one in the West cares about or understands. People usually do things because they want something. They have goals. Contrary to how the MSM clowns portray the Middle Easterners (and a lot of other peoples, for that matter) they do not act out of some wacko hatred, based on who should have been Caliph in 632.

Peoples fight and compete with each other. They define their group based on parameters that include, yes, religion; but also culture, economic interest and race. Mesopotamia, for example, has been a bone of contention between Iran and various other powers since the days of the Elamites and the Medes. The inhabitants of the Iranian plateau have always been ethnically and culturally distinct from their Mesopotamian neighbors. Mesopotamians, in turn, differ from the inhabitants of the nearby deserts. They differ in modes of life (sedentary vs nomadic), cultural achievement (high vs low) and, yes, religious doctrine. Read Ali Wardi. So if the foreign-policy majors at the CBS want to whine about intractable conflict in the Middle East (1,400 years!), they could project that timeline backwards by a few millennia.

The real cause of all the recent warring and genociding in the Middle East is, wait for it, the Jews. The foundation of Israel reintroduced History into lands that had been in political hibernation for centuries while under Ottoman control (the occasional border war notwithstanding). Mention that the next time some FP-tard starts larping about “centuries of conflict in the Near East.” If we adopted a similarly broad-stroke view of Europe, the years between 450 and 1950 look like a total shitfest. Since Israel’s founding, the Jews and the Arabs fought 3 major wars, blame for which cannot be laid solely on the Arabs. There was also the Suez Crisis (to be fair, the Brits and the French were in on it too). And then there was Iraq part deux, pushed by a cabal of Washington-based Neocons. Or should I say Judeocons? And now Bibi wants to bomb bomb Iran, because it has 6 million nuclear warheads, despite the fact that Mossad (to their credit) concluded otherwise. But hey, it’s not like the religion of the Jews doesn’t condone genocide or anything.

It is hard to say what exact role the Jews (in Israel, Washington or New York) play in the current SA-Iran spat. We know that powerful Jews in the West are fanatical in their support for Israel’s perceived interests. Saudi Arabia has been playing nice with Israel lately. The Israeli government regards Iran as its primary competition (or, as they’d put it “a threat to Israel’s very existence”). Perhaps the Jews have no hand in this particular incident. The Iranians and the Arabs are capable of acting to attain their own ends. They are based enough not to willingly act as Israeli puppets.

Whatever he case may be, the current tensions have nothing to do with the election of Abu Bakr and the murders of Hassan and Hussain ibn Ali. And the hacks in the MSM would know that if they had any understanding of history beyond the purely superficial. Understanding history does not mean learning one fact about the past and ascribing current events to it. Someone who understands history knows that people act to achieve their perceived interests. Sorry guys, the Abu Bakr Effect is not a thing.

Weimar Degeneracy: Even the Arabs Can Do It

Weimar degeneracy exists among the Arabs too? It must be a pan-Semitic thing. From the Jew York Times:

In Israeli City of Haifa, a Liberal Palestinian Culture Blossoms

“HAIFA, Israel — At Elika, a bar in the Hadar neighborhood of this hilly port city, a 30-something psychodramatist rolled a cigarette and sipped coffee with her father, a well-known actor in Israel. The bartender poured tall beers for two women who wandered in for an afternoon pint. Nearby, a 22-year-old woman with a partly shaved head and colorful tattoos sat alone, working on her laptop.

They were among the many coifed, pierced and tattooed women and men who populate a slice of Haifa’s social scene that resembles that of the well-heeled hipsters of Tel Aviv. But here the cool kids are Palestinians, and they have unfurled a self-consciously Arab milieu that is secular, feminist and gay-friendly.”

Translation: Arab freaks will collaborate with Israel for a hit of hookah and a hand-job from a suitably effeminate dude. For all they care, their relatives in the West Bank and Lebanon can keep fucking goats in between IDF raids and artillery barrages.

“Haifa is a center for Arabs, like Tel Aviv is a center for Jews,” said Asil Abu Wardeh, the Elika patron who practices a performance-based form of psychotherapy. “There is a cultural movement. There is a youth movement. There’s a kind of freedom here.”

We have our own parties. Our own places. Our own discos. We dance. We drink. We do it all in Arabic,” she added. “This all began in Haifa.”

Sounds like Apartheid. Quick, remind everyone that BDS is antisemitic. Even when Arabs share the left-wing Israeli proclivity for cigs and butt-sex they want to keep to themselves. I imagine the Sodomites weren’t welcome in Gomorrah either.

Haifa’s relative liberalism is a product of its unique, cosmopolitan tradition.

God read a fucking book. Cosmopolitanism is not unique.  This is the sort of prittle-prattle you’d expect from a grad-student in gender-studies. I guess JYT writers aren’t expected to have any background in history, philosophy, literature, science or art. If they were, they would avoid making statements this idiotic.

We at AI harbor no especial love for the Palestinians. But the double-standard on all things Israeli is so blatant that we cannot help commenting occasionally.

Readers are invited to slog through the rest of the article. The first 6 paragraphs were enough to keep me triggered till my nightly dosage of bullshit from NBC Nightly News.

The Saudi Option

by Gregory Ritter

Stalemate: The Saudi Option

The Islamic State has reached its natural frontiers. Since its capture of Ramadi and Palmyra earlier this year, its expansion has stalled. In the north, its advance is blocked by the Kurds, who tenaciously hold on to their mountain redoubts. To the southeast, the Islamic State (IS) faces the Baghdad government. While totally ineffective on the offensive, Baghdad’s predominantly Shiite forces can defend their homelands around Baghdad and southward. For the IS to take Baghdad, it would have to incur huge costs, only to win control of a large hostile population. In the west, the IS advance has ground to a halt against the Syrian Arab Army of Bashar al-Assad. In recent weeks, the SAA has, with Russian support, found the will to stage a cautious counterattack.

There is a strong relationship between the military situation and the demographic realities:The IS wins where there are Sunni Arabs (as pointed out by Russia-watcher Anatoly Karlin). Its attack stalls when it encounters concentrations of anyone who is not Sunni and not Arab, for example, in western Syria, with its millions of Alawites, Shiites and Christians. Here the IS has made little headway against the SAA, which is all that stands between the local population and almost certain enslavement or annihilation. An even more extreme example is the city of Deir Al-Zur in eastern Syria, which has a large Armenian minority. There, over 200 km from friendly lines, SAA forces have held out for months. Contrast this situation with that of Ramadi, which the IS overran in a matter of hours, facing little resistance. The difference? Ramadi, like many other victims of the IS blitzkrieg, is overwhelmingly Sunni Arab.

So the IS advance had stalled, but why had it not been destroyed? Notionally everyone is against it–the US, Russia, Iran, the Damascus and Baghdad governments, the Kurds, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and the Gulf Arabs. But realistically, none of these players is committed to the immediate destruction of the IS. There are, broadly speaking, two major ‘coalitions,’ based on aligned interests. On one side is Russia, Iran and Damascus (and Hezbollah). On the other is the US (and Europe), Israel, the Kurds and the gulf Arabs, preeminently Saudi Arabia. Outside these ‘coalitions’ stand Baghdad and Turkey. Baghdad manages to be a vassal of both Iran and the US, and Turkey plays for its own team.

Of course, this two-sided breakdown is a gross simplification, each ‘coalition’ is a mess of competing interests. But each is founded on an important convergence. The Russia ‘coalition’ (Russia, Iran, Damascus) are united in their desire to boost Iranian influence and maintain the existence of the Damascus government. They therefore oppose IS expansion into western Syria and southern Iraq. The US ‘coalition’ (USA, Israel, Kurds and gulf Arabs) opposes IS expansion in Iraq, but will tolerate, even encourage, IS attacks into western Syria. It would prefer to see the IS weaken Damascus’ position, because as Assad’s power weakens, so does Iranian and Russian influence. Some reports suggest that the US has gone so far as to give ISmaterial support (accidentally no doubt). On the other hand, the US coalition is wary of allowing the IS too free a hand. All players recognize that should the IS fall, their geopolitical opponents might gain an advantage from the ensuing power-vacuum. Everyone agrees that the IS is evil, but no one wants to destroy it.

In recent weeks, things seem to have changed. With Russian support, the SAA has started to regain ground, at first against assorted rebel groups, now against the IS itself. The Paris attacks have brought in France, who presumably would not be allowed to act without approval from Washington. Has the US coalition decided that it is time to wrap up the IS? Or is this just another head-fake?

Perhaps the US will continue its ineffectual bombing campaign, while continuing to funnel arms and supplies to IS. Maybe the US will pull the plug, and go all in against the IS. Whatever the case, one thing can be certain. The IS will not allow any outside power to decide its fate. And, while all the powers are jostling for advantage against one another, the IS has an ace in the hole.

The Saudi Option

The Islamic State has the grandest of ambitions, but only the meagrest of capabilities. Its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, claims the position of Caliph and Amir al-Mu’mineen (commander of the faithful). He has received the nominal fealty of Islamist groups around the world. But his actual authority is limited to the upper Mesopotamia and stretches of Syrian desert. His state has limited economic resources, and it controls no cities of importance, save Mosul. His armed forces have reached their limits of advance, given demographic and political conditions. The global and regional powers, though divided, might well wreck IS in a matter of weeks. The IS doesn’t have a chance, even with soldiers fired up by its dank-ass fight song and balls-out helmet-cam footage. So what should their next move be?

Saudi Arabia. The IS needs to conquer Arabia, or at least Mecca and Medina. Admittedly an attempt on the Holy Cities would be the height of ambition, and could well end in disaster for the IS. But when has the threat of disaster ever deterred them? It would be difficult, but not impossible. The IS recruits from around the Islamic World, including Muslim enclaves in European cities, and no doubt has plenty of supporters and sympathizers in Saudi Arabia. It could also play on the internal weaknesses of the Kingdom, especially by stoking the ambitions of some distant relation with more self-esteem than career potential. Nothing fuels regime change quite like a butthurt second cousin. But before discussing the nitty-gritty of the “Saudi Option,” we need to examine why the IS should, and probably is, considering it. There are two factors: the Caliphate and the Holy Cities.

First of all, the Caliphate holds great symbolic value, even though it has been largely powerless, especially in recent centuries. The last Abbasid Caliphs were mere puppets. The Ottomans assumed the title in the 16th century, but the Sultan’s power lay in his earthly might, his armies, his police–his claim on the Caliphate was almost an afterthought. Still the claim was an important one, one that he regarded as crucial to his prestige. On several occasions, the Ottoman Sultan used his position as caliph to influence believers outside the Empire, for example to convince the Muslims of India to support British rule.

A crucial responsibility of the Caliph is to protect the Holy Cities. While he need not control them directly, he is at least notionally responsible for them as “Custodian of the Two Holy Cities,” a title first held by Saladin. The Holy cities are critical to the prestige of any Caliph. In 1803, when the forces of the First Saudi State seized Mecca and Medina, the Ottoman Sultan-Caliph ordered an army into Hejaz to retake them. The cities secure, the army marched into the interior to raze the Saudi capital in retaliation for the affront. Even that was not enough to wash away the blot. The offense was so grave, the Sultan had the captured Saudi patriarch, Abdullah bin Saud, brought to Constantinople in a cage and beheaded. (see Trofimov. The Siege of Mecca. Doubleday, 2007.)

The Holy Cities are also crucial in their own right. Stripping the Saudis of Mecca and Medina would delegitimize the Saudi claim to be “Custodian of the Two Holy Cities,” and make the IS, as the suzerain of Mecca and Medina, almost untouchable. Thus Al-Baghdadi would virtually inure himself to Western overthrow. No western country would dare harm a figure of such prestige, for to do so would incur the fury of all Muslims, or at least Sunnis. Control of the Holy Cities would, for all intents, put the IS beyond the reach of western military power. For while Muslims can fight other Muslims for control of the Holy Cities, no western army has entered the Hejaz since–well–Augustus, who ordered the Prefect of Egypt to conduct an expedition into the region. It was a disaster.

As has been noted, the Saudi Option is a radical proposal. But it could be done, and indeed a similar plot was carried out in Mecca in 1979, when hundreds of gunmen stormed the Al-Haram Mosque, which houses the Ka’aba. Only after a long fight did the Saudis regain control. The incident was a terrible blow to their prestige, so the Saudis are surely on their guard for similar attempts. But the situation is drastically different today, because the Islamist movement is stronger than ever. The IS can count on the support of sympathizers all over the world. And while the Saudi regime has an impressive security apparatus, it is not invincible. The IS could achieve its ends by different means, whether by fomenting a revolution, supporting a coup d’etat, or, like in 1979, storming a religious shrine and taking hostages.

One could argue that IS will not attack Arabia, because the Saudis supported and probably continue to support the IS financially. But al-Baghdadi surely knows that Saudi faith is Punic. The royal family will turn on the IS as soon as it is in their interest (and I don’t mean some bullshit, half-assed airstrikes). Because the Saudis are part of the US ‘coalition,’ they will abandon the IS as soon as it becomes advantageous–likely when the US and Israel have leveraged the IS to extract maximum concessions from Russia and Iran. Once the US pulls the plug, the IS will find resupply and reinforcement increasingly difficult, and will struggle more and more to hold off its enemies. Moreover, toppling the Saudis would bring material benefits. If the Saudis were ousted altogether, the IS would be in a position to secure the Arabian oilfields. Why bother with the Saudis’ petty handouts, when you could just take it all?

The Saudi Option would be a coup de main of the first order. It would break the stalemate in Syria by rocketing the IS into the ranks of regional, even world powers. If were executed successfully, the US would be forced to deal with it as a legitimate power.