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RED DAWN 35: Baptism of FASH Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Changes”

NPI conference sum-up with Ritter, Singh and Vince. Singh reprises some of the interviews he did with the MSM. The goys break down Richard Spencer’s now-viral “Hail Victory.” Singh also talks about meeting KMac, Jared Taylor, and Australian professor Drew Fraser, author of The WASP Question.

This episode features Mr. Bond’s latest song “Changes,” a parody of Tupac’s song of the same name, with D’Marcus Liebowitz (46:00).


RED DAWN X: Springtime for NPI

RED DAWN X: Springtime for NPI

Greg Ritter reports on the latest National Policy Institute conference. Encounters with R. Spencer, K. MacDonald, Ramzpaul, the fashy battalions and the antifa throngs. Why do alt-rightists look so good? The bros are always in sport-coats and the chicks keep it classy. Where are all the neck-beards and anime-fetishists? Plus: Vince Law goes on a tirade about liberal propaganda and its incessant denigration of the White Man.