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RED DAWN 31: Scandinavian Symposium

It’s a two-parter this week, goyim.

RED DAWN 31: Scandinavian Symposium and

RED DAWN 31: Scandinavian Symposium Part 2

Sven and Suomi go to an identitarian conference in Stockholm. In attendance: The cream of Northern Europe’s resistance.

Also: The Podesta emails, Washington corruption, and Hollywood hazing by gay-sex. Do libtard deep-staters know more than they let on?

Identitarian conference in Stockholm

  1. A Counter Currents write-up of the “Identitarian Ideas” Conference discussed in the podcast.
  2. Daniel Friberg’s (Swedish Identitarian, conference organizer) site is https://www.righton.net/, he is also responsible for Arktos, which publishes European New Right authors in English.
  3. Ingrid Carlqvist of the (((Gatestone institute))) has a lot of good articles on The Islamic Problem in Sweden. Unfortunately you have to read through the haze of semitophilic bull, still there’s still some good stuff.

39:00: Greg mentions Alt-Right Andy‘s youtube channel, a great source of fashy fun, esp. William Luther Pierce’s broadcasts.

40:07 Sven mentions Age of Treason podcasts and the English neo-Spenglerian Francis Parker Yockey, author of Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics. (Info is sparse on Yockey, but The Occidental Observer has a synopsis of his thought.)

57:39 and 59:04: Scene from Kubrick’s Spartacus (1960) where Crassus (Laurence Oliver) comes on to his slave, Antoninus (Tony Curtis). It’s super gay.

Part 2: Sven and Suomi continue the discussion on Scandinavia’s ongoing transformation. Finland, Laplanders and narrative-imposition.

As always, further speculation on altright intrigue and infighting follows with Greg and Vince. Who is weev? Track disintegrates into shitposting about pedowood (Pedophilic Hollywood) and globohomos.

Outro music is “Pehrssons Kompani” by our favorite Swedish band, Fyrdung.

Race-Tour Recap

Race-Tour 2016 is winding down. I have a lot of material to process, which will likely serve as fodder for future articles and podcasts. My laptop has a Stasi-level archive, including pages of pseudo-intellectual musings, and hours of grainy recordings of me trolling Arabs and Lesbians. So goyim, buckle up.

But the fun isn’t over yet. I have a few more objectives to hit: Munich (spiritual reasons), Berlin again, a certain hamlet in Denmark, Stockholm and Iceland. Before I launch on this final, exclusively Germanic leg of Race-Rour 2016 (RT16), I decided to do a little AAR. How did my original assumptions compare to the reality on the ground? What is to be done about our race’s predicament?

At the very onset, Vince and I concluded that the Nords were not the key to White salvation (Link to Vince’s two-part series). All the memes were basically right. While Nords are most exposed to the problem, they are sadly the most inured to it. That brought about the question of southern, “frontier” whites. Could they be the source of a racial awakening?

The Plan

I conceived RT16 back in February. At the time, the Hadji hoards were swelling up for another summer storm, with monthly numbers of immivaders, despite the cold, exceeding even the stats for last summer. There was a good chance of tens or hundreds of thousands by summer. “Born too late to explore the earth, born too early to explore the galaxy”… born just in time for the Great European Race War. I was positively giddy.

There was no way anyone was going to get a handle on the situation. The European governments drank their own Kool-Aid. They were petrified by their own myopic, neo-Puritan ideology. Supranational powers like the EU and NATO (“The Empire”) would let the immivasion continue, whether by incompetence or malice. Shit was going down. So great an influx of zombie-Hadjis would certainly lead to a total collapse of the social order. Two outcomes seemed possible: Hungarian obstinacy would trigger a chain-reaction in the Balkans, with one government after another refusing to accept migrants, or a major political crisis would erupt in some core-European country.

I based my travel plan on this analysis. I would fly to Sweden, epicenter of POZ, then head south to Germany and Austria, where I figured most of the action would be. If, like 2015, the Balkans were crawling with sub-human streams, I would venture out into the old Hapsburg-Ottoman borderlands. I even went so far as to retool my Russian as Serbo-Croatian.

It did not quite work out that way. In March, the EU struck a deal with the Turks that cut the inflow to a trickle, thereby making all-out race-war unlikely this year. To use the now classic metaphor–the frog is being boiled slowly again. So instead, we have stalemate. If last year was 1914, this year is 1915. Positions have shifted, the losses have mounted–Cologne, Paris, Brussels, now Nice–but no decisive action has occurred. And worse, none seems possible.

I changed plans accordingly. After hitting Sweden with Vince, I figured the best place to see some action would be Italy and Greece, entrepôts of the Muzziepocalypse. It was not quite what I had hoped for, but Southern Europe provided a welcome contrast with the North. The race-problem was still stark, but in a different way. The aliens were there, and in big groups, but they (were) kept to themselves. I was relieved to see no cases of miscegenation.

The Southern Problem

But the locals let me down. I figured that Southerners would have a more realistic view of the Problem. They did. Indeed, southern dislike of the barbarian is instinctful. While many exhibit a veneer of liberal attitudes, few are impractical enough to really believe in them. Unfortunately, that visceral dislike rarely manifested itself in any sort of resolve. They know something is off, but they generally do not care enough to do anything about it. It probably will not affect them anyway. All they have to do is ship the next batch of dindus North and its la dolce vita again.

Two particular instances are illustrative. I had conversations with two middle-aged men on my last day in Thessalonica. Their opinions were far more realistic than the average Nord’s, but their realism often crossed into outright cynicism. They had taken “the Black Pill,” as we are calling it now.

I struck up a conversation with the first of them while sitting at a sidewalk cafe. He held an odd mix of totally based and utterly liberal opinions. He argued that the Greek economic crisis is fake, it is nothing more than a bankers’ scam. Fair enough. On the other hand, he called the Syrian civil war “real.” He argued that it was caused intentionally by the European powers, and therefore, “We have to let them in.” But he conceded that Muslims cause problems, citing 9-11 as evidence that even a few could be very dangerous.

He also argued that Greece needed a totally crazy leader to clean up its economic problems. He cited Hitler as an example. When I pressed him about the refugee crisis, he recast his proposal. “The whole world needs a leader like that.”

He was vaguely Jew-aware. Not knowing my nationality, he stated that he liked the US, because there is a strong Greek lobby. I pointed out that, while true, the Greek-Americans have nothing on our main ethnic lobby. He nodded, and bragged that his people had gotten on with (((them))) well for centuries. I smirked. Supposedly the Arabs used to say that it takes two Jews to cheat a Greek.

He wondered about life in Washington, DC. I told him that the people in power are soulless, “They look like this,” doing my best to emulate the shitlib 1000-cock stare. He recognized my meaning immediately and blurted out “cyber-metrics!” (I think he meant “cyborgs”). So, the Jews run the world through Washington cyborgs. At that point I excused myself. His world concept was ridiculously simplistic. Had this guy even read Culture of Critique?

The second man started talking to me in the nearly empty central train station (railroad strike). He spoke English very well, and claimed to have been around since the Korean War. Refusing to reveal his nationality, he mentioned Greek, Turkish and Israeli friends. He started talking to me to offer a warning: in this deserted station, a Bangladeshi was pimping a tall Serbian girl in a scheme to steal valuables from men. I was skeptical but went along. He complained that he told the security guard, but that they did nothing. He went on to bemoan our general situation, predicting that the Bangladeshis and Chinese would take over the world. “But they did not build any of this (gesturing to the marble floors and walls), our fathers paid for it,” he said, pointing at himself and me.

I agreed, citing my experiences this summer, and asked “What can we do?.”

He shot back, “No, you can’t get worked up! There’s no point in getting worked up!”


So to sum up, Europeans come in two basic types: frontier whites and interior whites. Interior whites (Germanics and the French) suffer all the worst delusions that the alt-right has so exhaustively critiqued. Frontier whites (eg. Italians, Greeks, Serbs) on the other hand are instinctively realistic. They make no pretense of liking the invader. Their shortcoming is not seeing the big picture. So long as their lives are not directly affected, they are content to let the Afro-Muzzies pass through. Several times I had the occasion, often standing next to a concentration of refugees, to ask a local if the migrants were a problem. Sometimes the problem was acknowledged. But too often they would shrug. “Not a problem. Everything is fine.”

Of course this distinction ignores a number of others. It is not just interior vs frontier. It is city vs countryside, female vs male, young vs old. Youth, femininity and urbanity make people more likely to back their own people’s dispossession. It’s the old yin and yang.

As I am finishing up this essay, my impeccably quiet train-car is gliding through the Austrian Alps. over a mountain town that looks exactly like the one from The Sound of Music. And, what do you know, a whole family of hadjis just entered my train car. They Syrio-Iraqis always come in big packs– an old man, two old women, two boys, two girls and two young bucks, one of whom is of course wearing a pink polo. In light of recent happenings, I am way too triggered to write anymore. I wish it would just start already.

Austrian Town
Insert Kebab here

RED DAWN 21: The Refugee Whisperer

RED DAWN 21: The Refugee Whisperer

Vince interviews a member of the Swedish Resistance–Sven Garrison. Sven gives us an update on the situation in Sweden.

THEN: Greg calls in from Athens, where he interviews two African refugees (afrogees?). Even the alt-right bros are surprised at how good these dindus have it.

Featured Artist: Wolfnacht, the one-man Black Metal Neo-Nazi band. Intro: “Heldentat,” Intermission: “W.O.T.A.N Returns” Coda: “Pa Vikingtog” (in honor of Helleno-Nordic Fascist solidarity).

Wolfnacht, like the Daily Stormer, is a one-man show. Pictured: Adalwulf, the fashiest Greek since Metaxas

Confirmed: Kebabs being removed from Piraeus, government provides about 40 Euro a day per refugee adult in Italy.

Golden Dawn Leader arrested, and two of its members were assassinated–almost three years ago. But it’s Greece, so the affair is ongoing. But Dindus do do Reggae on Santorini.

Tremors of Resistance

Sweden has an otherworldly quality. It is especially evident in the old imperial architecture. The state buildings’ proportions never quite feel right. You notice first the elements of majesty–soaring towers, sturdy walls, almost dorically rooted to the earth. Once your eye moves past the obvious, it gets lost in a sea of plain brick or brightly painted stucco. In Washington DC, that would be the end of it, but the builders of Stockholm and Uppsala understood: contrast is king. So they ornamented their creations with tiny windows and other diminutive flourishes. The Stadshus in Stockholm is quintessential. A mini-Venetian colonnade buckles under four or five stories of sheer brick. The courtyard alcoves reveal statues of rusted bronze, and the roof is dotted with miniature golden figures. Being here in June, I viewed all this through a daze of endless daylight and a haze of uncannily fresh air. If there is a civilization on Saturn, I’m sure it looks like Sweden.

Stadshus in Stockholm. Credit: Wikimedia

Tremors of Resistance

The alien buildings play their part. They put you on watch. In Uppsala I began to understand what to look for. Late on a dry afternoon I disembarked the train and headed toward the cathedral, a fantastic landmark and an empty colossus. I did not get 200 meters before spotting the enemy: a pack of four milkskinned Swedes, sharing bikes and toting red flags. They were not so much riding at me as swerving in my direction, propping the bloody rag of international Bolshevism on their shoulders like a fishing pole. I slowed my steps to pull my camera out and size them up. They wobbled by, taking no notice of my espionage. I’m slick. At this range, their ivory cheeks were smeared with a red and yellow streak. Hmm. Maybe they weren’t crack troops of Trotskyism–just fans of a local team. Whatever–they triggered my anti-antifa alert systems. I’ve seen their kind before.

Sweden Budyonny’s Brigade

The fake commies portended the real ones. As I rucked deeper into the city, I read the signs. Little card-sized stickers hugged metal poles and pipes. Most were harmless advertisements, but some were political. The most common one depicted twin red and black banners: “antifascist action.” There was also an office of Amnesty International. But the farther I descended from the city center, the more encouraging the omens became. I started to sense the stirrings of a real resistance. Continue reading Tremors of Resistance

RED DAWN 16: SWPL Swede Down

RED DAWN 16: SWPL Swede Down

AI is deploying to Swemolia. Is it as bad as the Daily Mail would have us believe? Greg and Vince are in country, bringing you this SITREP from the epicenter of Afro-Islamic POZ. Maybe the US has it worse… or maybe the AI bros are suffering a case of Stockistan Syndrome.

Next time: The Malmog.


My Roommate was a Refugee. This is my story.

Prefatory note: All conversation  in this article is paraphrased. I was not recording or taking notes, so the material in quotes is not verbatim. But neither is it a Thucydides-style fantasy. The tone and content are accurate. A couple other minor facts have been changed to stymie any JIDF fags who are reading this.

Going House-to-House

I have been trying to run this trip on the cheap for two reasons. First, I am constitutionally penurious, and second, I feel a stronger sense of mission when I am subjected to substandard living conditions. Asceticism, imposed or willed, clears the mind. After all I am not in Sweden to have fun.

At first, my plan had been to stay mostly at hostels. This would allow me freedom of movement in accordance with my miserly needs. I can go without bobo comforts like refrigerated food, daily showers, HDTV and a kitchen SodaStream. This is my European Holy War, not a damn vacation. 

The main issue with hostels is security. I am carrying several hundred dollars worth of technology, that cannot fall into the hands of a kebab or a vacationing Australian. Yes, hostels usually offer lockers, but it becomes a nightmare anticipating how to pack, transfer and hide cellphones and laptops and envelopes full of monopoly money– all the while travelling alone and trying to carry out your daily functions. Plus, if something does get stolen, or even just lost, there is no recourse. The thief could have been any one of the bozos in the room, or any one of the staff. Hostels are not all that cheap anyway.

My first night in Stockholm I gave hostels a try, and it still cost me about $30. But for the last week, I have been using AirBnB. Granted, it is all very hipster–you are staying with random people you have contacted through an online app. They could strangle you and smoke your corpse in the pantry and no one would know for weeks. But that is a risk I’m willing to take, because AirBnB is very economical. In Orebro, I rented my own room in a 5-bedroom apartment for two nights for about the same $30. My flat-mates naturally gave off the stench of hyper-modern, hippie-eco-faggotry, but they were very nice. Furthermore, I’d have a few faces to finger if any of my of my dank-meme-spreading tech-tools went missing.

But thirty a night is still more than I want to spend. My inner Jew sang a Kaddish for every lost shekel. Where else could I cut corners? So for my next two night stay–in Uppsala, Sweden’s former capital and home to a boring chain of man-made hills that the Swedes use to bait alt-rightist neo-pagans into believing are an Iron-Age site–I found accommodations for 22 dollars a night. The catch? My host was named Muhammad. Continue reading My Roommate was a Refugee. This is my story.

Low-Intensity Racewar

The New Observer has some awesome articles. I spent an hour this afternoon chain-reading their backlog on the refugee crisis. From their coverage, you’d think Europe was going the way of Yugoslavia. Muslims thieving and raping, patriots retaliating with firebombings. I’m sure it happens, and I hope to document it. But these episodes are not representative or the general situation. While the rarity of such incidents is good, it is only so in the short term. Kant forgive me, but it would be better for a spectacularly barbaric incident to awake whites than for the last of our strength to bleed away through decades more of hollow peace. But should the “Sarajevo moment” not occur, we must look to other means.

The last few days in Scandinavia have led me to this conclusion. Two days ago, I returned to Orebro, which I had originally assessed as teetering on the brink. First impressions are often wrong. Perhaps mine was overly colored by the grim weather last week. Or maybe the Muslims emerge in force when it rains. Whatever the case, my recent two-night stay has revealed a much less depressing situation. In fact, in the sunlight, Orebro is a liberal multikultopia:



While the races usually keep to themselves, there are plenty of instances, both sexual and not, of mixing. There are indeed packs of Afro-Islamic youth, but they seem–from my limited observations–restrained. Thankfully, mischling children are as yet a rare sight. I can think of many reasons to explain the lack of obvious ethnic conflict. Multikulti here is as it is everywhere–awkward and unnatural.

miscegenation1 miscegenation2 miscegenation3
Continue reading Low-Intensity Racewar

Jet-lagged and horny for Racewar

Jet-lagged and horny for racewar, I went for a 1am stroll around downtown Stockholm. I didn’t find what I was looking for. Everywhere was deserted. I had expected more from this place, even on a weekday night. But there was not a Muslim to be seen. I found myself walking by a massive stone building–a bombastic relic of Sweden’s former majesty. It felt like the White House–only three times bigger and not dumpy. Maybe it was the king’s residence.

It looked important

Regardless, no one would have stopped me if I had strutted up to the front door and slept on the stoop–no soldiers, no cops, not even a groundskeeper. Only when I tried to short-cut my way through a grandiose alley did I encounter three drunk-sounding cops in stupid yellow outfits who, upon noticing, gave me a “hej! odele odele,” which I assume was their attempt at “fuck off guy.”

Out back there was also an elongated igloo with a man/woman sign on it. It looked like a bombproof sauna. Perhaps this was the Swedish government’s way of encouraging degenerates to do their dirty work out of public view. Although, with the proper motivation, I’m sure we could put such things to much more suitable uses.

The tranny oven in fired up and ready.

Continue reading Jet-lagged and horny for Racewar

The 2016 Pan-European Summer Race-Tour

AI is pleased to announce that we will be traveling around Europe for the next two months. Our goal is to provide first-hand reporting on the ‘refugee’ crisis. As the summer heats up, the vapors are sure to infuse the animal spirits of our third-worlder nemeses. With any luck, we will be able to document it all for you. If, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong, Europe is fine, and no caliphate is imminent, we will be sure to inform you alt-righters to calm the fuck down and go back to your maturbatoria. We’re not holding our breath (even if you guys are). So it is with great excitement that we inaugurate The 2016 Pan-European Summer Race-Tour.

Think of it as a postmodern crusade. In Chaucer’s day, a young aristocrat would lay out his steel-plate panoply, line up a couple barrels of bordeaux, and board the next boat to Lithuania to smash some Christianity into those proto-Indo-European linguistic bumpkins. But today, your typical warrior of God packs a go-ruck with a stack of underwear, a wad of charging cables and caffeine pills. He then sets out to smash the red-pill into the cuddly natives before they catch AIDS from the Skinnies. Continue reading The 2016 Pan-European Summer Race-Tour

Pozzed? Sweden has the Antidote!

Sweden is cranking up the degeneracy. In recent decades, it has turned the dial from merely “pozzed” to “Hadjis have run out of girls to rape, now they’re after the goats.” Suffice it to say, a significant portion of the Swedish people has had enough. So you alt-righters will be glad to hear that, despite their sever infection of POZ, Sweden has the antidote!

Sweden has a thriving anti-regime counter-culture. It isn’t something that a lot of American alt-righters are aware of.  And you would not be if you do not read Swedish or have a friend named Sven or Lars. But Sweden is a treasure-trove of alt-right rockbands and journalists.

As much as I try to keep it autistic with Vivaldi, I do have a soft spot for some right-wing rock. The genre, sometimes called “Rock gegen Bolschewismus” (“Rock Against Bolshevism”) includes German-language bands like Stahlgewitter and Wolfnacht (a one-man act put on by one FASHY Greek). Admittedly, the genre is a mixed bag. Some of the songs are downright terrible. But most of the good stuff is in German or Swedish.

The two best Swedish bands are Tors Vrede and Fyrdung. Tors Vrede “Thor’s Revenge” is probably the most professional and conventional act on the scene. Their songs usually have a catchy melody, yet the instrumentation is pretty aggressive. They’re music sounds like a mix between Boston and Rammstein. Their best two songs, in my opinion, are Seger i Runor for the tune and Antisemit for the lyrics, eg:

Tycker illa om allt ont som förpestat våran värld.
Du avskyr sionismens regim och Israels ockupanter.
Du protesterar mot förtryck och för det fria ordets skull.
Du slåss för ditt folk och låter dig aldrig kastas omkull.

Feeling bad about everything that plagues our world             You hate the Zionist regime and Israel’s occupiers                  You protest against oppression and for the freedom of speech You fight for your people, and never let yourself be oppressed

Fyrdung “Folk Levy” (cf. Old English fyrd) is a more typical right-wing rock group. They rely on heavy percussion and electric-guitar with very basic melodies. My favorite song of theirs is “Folk i Gevär” (“Nation, To Arms!”), a heavy-metal cover of the Nazi Party’s song “Volk ans Gewehr.” I’ve listened to this song so much in the last three years, it might as well be my theme song. I’ll probably insist that it be played at my funeral.

On a side note, hard-right bands should follow the “Folk i Gevär” formula more often. Shitty melodies seem to be the main weakness in a lot of right-wing rock groups. The deficiency is easily solved: Take melodies from 30s propaganda songs, add some drums, and redo the vocals with more raspy rage.

All these fashy bands inspired me to start learning Swedish. Besides singing along with hate-tunes, learning Swedish is rewarding in its own right, especially for an autistic language fag like me. Swedish is Germanic, so it’s related to English, German, Dutch and the other languages of Scandinavia (except Finnish and Lappish). Learning German was one of the high-points of my life, so picking up Swedish seemed like a good way to recapture the magic. But there’s more advantages, especially for an alt-righter.

Sweden has some great websites for no-bullshit news and commentary. The best one I have seen is motgift.nu. They have high-quality news articles and insightful commentary. Motgift means “antidote,” and that’s quite a fitting metaphor for the site’s take on the news, because the mainstream Swedish press is toxic. Of course, for the English-speaking audience, there’s also Red Ice Radio and Radio Free Skyrim (a weekly food-fight between some Scandinavian bros).

It makes sense that some Swedes are doing so much for the Euro-American alt-right. The represent an equal and opposite reaction, an antidote, to what Sweden has become: a rotting corpse poisoned with postmodernist libtardery. But just this week, IT FUCKING HAPPENED in Stockholm, when a Mannerbund of two-hundred Swedish men went full Viking on a gang of Afro-Islamic man-children. Gitsum, boys!  Let’s just hope Sweden continues its regimen–because whoever refuses to take the antidote orally will have to take it as a suppository.