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Strike up the Pipes and Bang the Drums of War!

I have an Idea. Like all great ideas it’s been done before. For millennia the pipes and drums have summoned men to war. Long ago in more tribal, more uncertain times when a Western man heard a horn, bagpipes or most importantly drums it was a call to arms. It meant that soon men from another tribe would come and try to conquer their own. In other cases it meant that they would be called on by a chieftain to conquer another tribe. Either way there is good reason to think that ominous battle hymns are capable of evoking a long since dormant nature in our collective consciousness.
What I propose is for members of the Alt Right or simply just those who consider themselves Trump’s Pretorian guard, begin using pipes and drums at Trump rallies and events. If anyone has ever been to a St Patrick’s Day parade one understands how the pipe and drum column from the Ancient Order of Hibernians is capable of silencing a crowd or bringing them to raucous attention. Rhythmic music has been shown by studies to sync the heartbeats of those listening. Certainly the marching drums of long ago European armies were capable of bringing men to act as a single obedient organism and march off to war.
What I value most about bagpipes and drums though is the fear they can instill in our enemies. Organized militaristic music is a fairly unique Western phenomenon. Yes Bantu tribes had war drums and Ottoman Kebabs had pipes. Even the Jews had the horns that brought down the walls of Jericho. But these were nothing more than loud noise to scare other tribes. The battle hymns of our people were different they were organized, they were disciplined. European men marching off in unison to an organized toon of pipes and drums use to instill terror in the hearts of less organized people the world over. I feel it’s time we bring back this great and terrifying tradition. For that is what Western men are. We are order, we are cooperation, we are loyalty. The rest of the world is chaos and nothing terrifies chaotic people like an organized army of men acting as one and marching their way. Just imagine those rent seeking Mexican orcs losing their nerve as the pipes and drums started up.