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RED DAWN 40: Memory, Genius, and the Curse of the Silver Souls

RED DAWN 40: Memory, Genius, and the Curse of the Silver Souls

Memory correlates with Genius. High-IQ males tend to have an extraordinary ability to remember. Normies, by comparison, forget everything. What effect does memory have on one’s ability to know?

But memory is not to be confused with “experience.” Some people reference their “experience” or “feeling” to shut down reasoned argument. Who could be behind this fallacy?

And: Counter-signaling. White people show their class-status by rejecting the values of other classes. Uppers counter-signal middles who counter-signal proles and visa-versa all the way back. Why do we do this? When will it stop? And ultimately, whose value-system is right?

RED DAWN 36: The Eternal Anglo Strikes Agaayinn, with Professor Drew Fraser

RED DAWN 36: The Eternal Anglo Strikes Agaayinn, with Professor Drew Fraser

The Anglo: God’s gift to civilization, or scourge of the White Race? Special guest Professor Drew Fraser and the bros contend over the legacy of The Empire and her ruling class–White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Singh swoons over the Anglo’s contributions to philosophy, sport and politics; while Greg and Vince kvetch about his less-than-savory aspects .

Professor Fraser taught at Macquarie University in Sydney, Oz, and he is the author of The WASP Question.

Introductory clip is from The Ruling Class (1972) starring Peter O’Toole. Outro song is “Rule Britannia,” from a live performance. The refrains lyrics “Britons never never shall be slaves” makes for rueful listening in the current year.

A WASP in Siberia

Note: this one got lost in the drafts section for some time

I watched the Euro Finals match last night in Tyumen on the night of my departure to Novosibirsk.

Executive Summary: At least the white guy scored twice.

But at the bar, there were 2 Americans from the international program at the local university. One of them had a girlfriend with a 6/10 body and a 9/10 face. She was a hottie.

But the guy set off my gaydar almost immediately. He was an American, from New York, with that effected WASP lisp that I’ve grown to know and love so well. **cough** Spencer **cough**  He found this chick online. And he moved to Siberia to be with her, the only problem being that she already had a boyfriend. In fact she was engaged at some point. But this American stuck it out for 2.5 years in her friendzone, going between home and Siberia to stay in her friendzone orbit, until one day she broke up with her soon to be fiance and he swooped in.

I was speechless when I heard the story.

This kid has actually pulled off the impossible. He got out of the friendzone with a hottie by being a Beta!

But of course, there was more to the story than meets the eye. First off, he’s not a kid.

The t-shirt, short shorts and nu-male face threw me off. He was actually 32, and worked as an investment banker on and off. His friend started a firm, and he occasionally works for them when he’s in the United States. But his real passion is writing books! Being a bit of an author myself, I had to learn more.

As he chomped down on his burger (of course), he talked like he was on stage, the star of some production that we had all come to watch and applaud. Apparently, he wrote a 250 thousand word book about his experiences in LA doing drugs and finding himself. (Still unpublished of course) He listed his influences as being Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Palahniuk.

“Basically its a critique of modern capitalistic society,” he said.

I fought the urge to roll my eyes. How original. My book is the real critique of modern society- which is why I had to write it under a pseudonym…But whatever. I kept listening to what the finance banker wannabe Tyler Durden had to say…

He said he wanted to move to Amsterdam because he loved the open-mindedness and tolerance of the city- isn’t that right, my sweet baby?- he said verbatim to the Russian chick who looked up from her phone and nodded.

…Man she was pretty, it was hard to look at him when he talked with his gay little lisp. She had that small slavic nose that, round little face and pulled back dirty blond-hair that makes it hard to believe gays could exist east of the Berlin Wall. But I tore myself away from staring at her profile and tried to re-focus.

The conversation turned to Londonistan. He remarked how shocked he was at how few Britons were in the city. And in Amsterdam too! Paris as well, he concluded. “Every city looks like New York now!” he exclaimed.

My first thought was that this kid was on the Chanel loop- living the expat life I always imagined for myself- before I decided to stick it out for some Eastern Promises instead.

“But its a good thing!” He assured us. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Its so vibrant.” Man he said those exact words. Like something out of a /pol/ twitter account parody… I was speechless and flabbergasted. I had been surrounded by these types all my life, but the last years abroad had made me forget just how real this libshit stereotype is. Everything, down to the NPR voice, was perfect. I gulped down my beer and tried to focus on the game that I ostensibly showed up to watch.

But he kept talking.

Funny enough, he told a story about how he saw some Arab men harassing some girls in London. Possessed by some white knight rage, he was about to intervene, he assures us. But the girls left without getting fiki-fikied.

A lesson to learn, he told us. “I’m not a racist, but these Ar-well Arab men, they uh, well they were not being respectful. It was inappropriate behavior is all I’m saying…” I kept as straight a face as I could as I listened.

I ended up chatting with his girlfriend while he went to get a smoke outside. I found out so much so quick. She was so keen to unload some chit-chat on somebody. Turns out they had met online, over skype as language exchange pals.

I used my go-to AMOG/Neg combo. “Dont you find that men need to act more like men, sometimes.” Her eyes lit up. This line never fails me in the current year,  I swear.

We ended up flirting the rest of the evening, even when he returned from his smoke. He eyed me balefully. Especially when I commented on his multi-culti experience. “What’s so bad about stopping further immigration?” He clammed up immediately and looked at the table with an incredulous expression on his face as if to say, “getta a load of this guy!”

No one returned the expression, there was only one other Jewmerican at the table, and all Russians or French, so the deck was stacked against him. He backed down and mumbled something about love and tolerance…Really checking all the boxes!

A Bourgeois! King of the petty Bobo’s! WASP connections to Wall st/consulting/k street/trust fund despite spending 2.5 years in Siberia. Now thats True privilege! Funny enough, I am supposed to be in some sort of cabal of ethnic solidarity with this guy. At least, I get lumped in the same category of privilege…

I realized that night that the sneaking suspicions I had about the corrupting influence of the anglo-sphere had reached critical mass in my head. Almost always, its an American that spreads this kind of message in yuppie expat circles abroad. 9 times out of 10. And the other 1 is split between the odd Swede or an Anglo-sphere country.

The evening concluded with them leaving a little early. I went clubbing afterwards and had an amazing time. Still, this little story will stay with me for some time. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed the anglo trend. And I doubt it will be the last.

Damn, never thought I’d run into a WASP in Siberia.

AI Presents: RED DAWN 2

Muffy Aldrich

RED DAWN 2: Where Did All the WASPs Go?

White Anglo-Saxon Protestants–America’s original elite. How many are left? Greg, Vince and Norman ponder the Anglo Question. How do the WASPs compare with other elite ethnic groups like the Spanish in Latin America or the Aryans in Iran? Norman, a true-blue Anglo himself, brings personal experience of WASP life in one of his breed’s last redoubts: Boston.

The AI bros also tackle the issue of normies. Can they be cured by a hard encounter with racial reality? Or are they damned to liberal zombietude?

Articles mentioned in this week’s episode:

Ron Unz on Jews in the Ivy League,

Steve Sailer’s review of Houellebecq’s Submission

Women in Iran

Edward Bernays

Some Musings On WASPs

Let’s face it WASPS are like Bigfoot a semi mythical creature said to exist by some yet whose very existence as species I have yet to confirm. However there is a creature in the fossil record Gigantopithecus that does prove the existence of a Bigfoot like creature in history overlapping the range of reported sittings of this elusive beast. Likewise WASPS did exist in American history yet in my lifetime I have never had a confirmed sighting rather only second hand reports from individuals who say they have seen WASPS. Moreover from what I can deduce through casual conversation with the huddled masses of “normie” millennials I would argue most do not even know what a WASP is or even understand what the abbreviation stands for. Case in point I was at a bar hitting on a rather in your face Italian American chick from East Boston (I know because I always ask the ethnicity of the girl I’m about to have a go at to see if I can cross off another box on my list) When she replied with “What are you.” After a short round of guessing on her part I replied “I’m a WASP.” She looked at me as if I had 2 heads and replied “What’s that” so of course I explained.
In Boston the supposed habitat of the elusive WASP the only Individuals who seem to know what a WASP is are the ones who have WASPS in their family tree or those who are highly educated beyond your basic marketing or elementary education major. As were the female Chinese American Medical Students who were somewhat enamored by the fact they had cornered the elusive WASP out of his normal habitat at a nightclub in the POZ that is Boston. The only white American girl I encountered who used the word WASP to describe herself was a twenty something recently graduated English major from the well to do town of Williams Massachusetts. She herself did not actually use WASP but “WASPY” as in “I’m not sure what I am I think my family is pretty WASPY.”
Perhaps the reason I have encountered so few WASP’s or people who even understand the term is because at least in New England they are virtually extinct or at least critically endangered for the same reason the Red Wolf is, loss of habitat and interbreeding with other geographically distinct populations. You see in New England the WASPs despite their supposed contempt for the Irish, Italians and other ethnic mostly Catholic white Europeans, were actually very inclusive towards them.

Not only did the WASPs have an open door policy about who could come to this country from Europe, the country they created through bloodshed and imagination, they allowed their most precious institution the Ivy League to remain open to all who were intelligent or studious enough to attend. It was this sense of Universalism and out group trust that lead the WASPs and their fellow North West Europeans “NWE” to create societies and proposition nations that all of Europe and eventually the rest of the world preferred to their own ethnic groups creations. Though the high social trust and Universalist tendencies of the WASP may have been their greatest strength it became their downfall. Just like the tragic epic heroes of Homeric Greece whose greatest quality becomes their undoing, the WASPs desire to see others as brothers and sisters of man as opposed to strangers led more nepotistic, low social trust groups to supplant them from their institutions. Eventually these outsiders married into their very families and through overwhelming numbers and the traditional Catholic penchant for reproduction overwhelmed the WASP and lead to his extinction, at least in the pure form.

The decline of the WASP began during the time of the Irish Potato famine and it accelerated in the turn of the 1900s immigration wave to the USA from Southern and Eastern Europe. The WASPs were dealt their death blow in the post WW2 suburbs that sprung up in the 1950s economic boom where WASPs, Irish, Italians, Poles, Swedes, Greeks, Portuguese, French Canadians, Germans, Lithuanians, Jews and many more all intermingled and intermarried.

I myself am the closest thing to an actual WASP I have yet to really encounter and at that my paternal grandmother and maternal great grandmother married into WASP families themselves from non-Anglo Saxon heritage. So in that respect even this elusive WASP cannot be said to truly exist. But If one wishes to find further proof of the decline of the WASP hierarchy in New England and particularly Boston outside the obvious demographic data of Harvard, I point no further than the governors of the Bay Colony and Mayors of Boston going back to before the Kennedy administration, not a WASP in site.

So the next time you meet a SWPL who is signaling about how moral they are or gets offended easy, I advise you to ask them their ancestry my suspicion is that they are not a Cabot or a Lodge but perhaps an O’Connell or perhaps even Gold.

AI Podcast 2: Cucks, WASPs and Civilization


AI Podcast 2: What is the average man of the West to do? Greg and Vince discuss Spengler’s civilizational model, and how it might explain our current malaise. Plus: who is the Alternative Right? How does it differ from the liberal-conservative mainstream? Finally, some thoughts on the Alt-Right’s religious divide between Christians and Neo-Pagans.