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RED DAWN 35: Baptism of FASH Feat. Mr. Bond’s “Changes”

NPI conference sum-up with Ritter, Singh and Vince. Singh reprises some of the interviews he did with the MSM. The goys break down Richard Spencer’s now-viral “Hail Victory.” Singh also talks about meeting KMac, Jared Taylor, and Australian professor Drew Fraser, author of The WASP Question.

This episode features Mr. Bond’s latest song “Changes,” a parody of Tupac’s song of the same name, with D’Marcus Liebowitz (46:00).


Public and Obsequious Pro-Trumpism

Rome was not founded as a city. Like the platonic state, it was founded, not on some cucked structure like “the family,” but on something far stronger–the Männerbund. The city was just the backdrop to what was, at its core, a politically ordered brofest.

What an awesome arrangement. But all good things must come to an end. One morning, Romulus woke up with a forehead-searing, wine-induced hangover (those are the worst) and, like Jupiter, his temple gave birth to an Idea: To continue the brofest, we need to have another generation. New generations require chicks. Therefore, we need girls.

So the Romans went to the next tribe over and abducted their daughters. This event went down in history by the hyper-triggering name “The Rape of the Sabine Women.”

The alt-right Männerbund is at this same juncture. We need to get girls to support our political goals, as much as it pains me to say so. This does not mean that we need thousands of SWPL American females shit-posting on /pol/. That will never happen, nor do we want it to. The alt-right needs to remain a Männerbund–the ideological shock troops of our people. Just as it is preposterous to have women on the front-line in war, it is so in metapolitics (Ann Coulter and Lana are cool though).

But white women have a role to play. They need to vote for Trump. They are the demographic where The Emperor has the richest prospects for gains. But despite our early optimism, it does not look like Trump will be able to break a significant number of blacks off of the democratic “coalition of the fringes,” to use Steve Sailer’s phrase. The democrats and the press have succeeded in pushing the BLM bullshit enough to quash any interest on the part of blacks in having a fair shot in the low-wage labor market. Asian minorities are too few to matter much, and they are smart enough to know their political and economic interests are served by importing more of their co-ethnics. So, it’s come to this. Whites vs all.

So how do we get white girls to get on board? Trump seems to be making moves in this direction. How can the alt-right help?

Psychology. Let’s put those years of Chateau-reading and gaming to good use. This is our big advantage. We understand girls, and they can never understand us. Women will vote for someone who either 1) is an alpha male, 2) has the sanction of the establishment. Obviously we’re good on #1. Unfortunately, Hillary has #2. So we need to tip the scales in his favor. It’s all about perception. Women need to feel that Trump is more powerful, more likely to win.

To that end, I propose:

Public and obsequious pro-Trumpism.

We need to turn America into a continent-spanning pro-Trump echo-chamber. Memes are great for online interactions. Dropping hatefacts and pithy arguments on Facebook and Twitter have gotten us where we are. But I’m sorry autistes, Real Life still matters more to women. We need to immerse them in our mental world. We need to make it so that women cannot escape our meme-space, our “memensraum.” And because the Platonic woman has no being or interests, what little being Real women do have will be inadequate to resist the pro-Trumpism. They will believe. IRL.

Let yourself be overheard having outrageously pro-Trump conversations on your cell. “Hey bro, did you hear The Emperor’s speech? Man, when he said he’d enforce immigration law, I was sieg heiling so hard, for realz.” Naturally, this sort of rhetoric will cause any liberal goodgirl to recoil, at least the first time. But she’ll come around the tenth time she hears a swoll, well dressed, confident man commenting casually about “Vishnu’s American incarnation.”

Blare The Trump Song and Mr. Bond out the car window.

“Accidentally” let women see your phone/computer background. I vacillate between:



trump pink hat

mmm… dreamy. The reaction from females is invariably faux-outrage, which is really just an invitation to double down in the expression of your schoolgirl-like crush. “I just get lost in those eyes. MAGA.”

Fanboydom is, of course, usually a vibe-killer, as le Chateau has taught us. But over-the-top fanboydom for a super-alpha is intriguing. The only problem is her interest won’t be directed exclusively at Trump. But that’s a piddling concern. Her mental process will register, “This guys is such a jerk to me, but he loved DJT…”  And, by transitive property of girl-syllogism, this means “Trump must be high status. I should vote for him.”

It is now clear. The purpose of us–the alt-right–learning game was not to get laid. Ok, so some of us, not pointing fingers, had a lot of fun in the hyper-degeneracy of 2008-14/15. But those days are over. Now it should be obvious to all of us that the “hookup culture” leads to social and racial pollution. The more random bros a girl hooks up with, the less suitable she is for motherhood. But game can be used for good too. It is how we will win our women back to our (and their) own side.

We are now engaged in a society-wide act of seduction. Convincing your girlfriend or wife is not nearly enough. There are too many cucks out there, and too many single sluts. We have to make a mass-effort. The flocks of manless women need a shitlord to be like a shepherd onto them.

So, in this act of mass-seduction, it’s time to move from Tinder and fuck-close. Put less time into Twatter and more into real-life. Be publicly and obsequiously pro-Trump. Saturate the public sphere. The endgame is not getting laid. The stakes are way higher. We must reassert control over our societies if we are to ensure our collective survival. Convincing our women is the next step.

Back to the Trumpean autistic meme-plex, sluts!

Once we take back our women, the alt-right will have control of the political landscape. When the cucks come to get their women back, we won’t even have to fight. It’ll be 753 BC all over again.

Alt-Right: Hillary Clinton, Thank You for Your Help!

Hillary Clinton Button, christyli.com
Alt Right posts Hillary Clinton Button, christyli.com

Hillary Clinton helps the Alt-Right indeed! Acclaimed Bridgeport, CT mayor, showman, and 19th Century writer P.T. Barnum once said, “Any publicity is good publicity,” and this maxim appropriately depicts this election.

Hillary appeals to her millennial supporters with Pokémon Go jokes instead of addressing Generation Z’s financial future. She attempts a hip attitude while embodying the old One-World-Government zeitgeist of an establishment the American people want dead. The cherry on the Che Guevara sundae popped last night as she addressed the Alt-Right, a fatal error for her campaign.

Caught by the Alt-Right, mypokecard.com

“Don’t feed the trolls.”

Anyone who’s spent enough time on image boards, forums, or comments sections knows not to feed the trolls. What are we Alt-Righters to the establishment? Trolls. And what does out-of-touch, Botox-ridden, crooked Hillary Clinton do? She feeds em. It’s great for us, as it’s another nail about to be driven in her campaign’s coffin.

And to think we, the defenders of Western Civilization and its posterity, have received Hillary’s POZ love brings us unceasing joy and blood-in-the-face dimples. So it’s only fit with the decorum of our race that we return the favor.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton for all you have done for us. We  on the Alt-Right love your campaign as it tries like the little engine that could[n’t] and clutches its multi-million-dollar Soros funded pearls on the string leading to the Oval Office window.

On behalf of the Alt-Right, the so-called “white supremacists,” we do not formally endorse you, but we would like to say thank you. As the news media read this article, seeing us lovin’ you up, we hope they return the praise to your campaign. Oh, we can see it now: HUFFINGTON POST: THE ALT-RIGHT LOVES HILLARY CLINTON.

Sum Nu Ju, Yahoo News
Alt-Right From Sum Nu Ju at Yahoo! News

We’re with P.T. Barnum on this one. We love your kind words, Hillary Clinton so keep the love comin’.

Oh, Hillz, you’re going to soar like the pure White Anglo-Saxon Princess you are!

A French Patriot Declares War

Eugene de Malphete, a true French patriot, declares war on the ideology of white ethnocide. Mssr. Malphete has appeared on AI before, in RED DAWN 11, where he discussed the European situation with G. Ritter and V. Law. In the following essay, he outlines the threats Westerners face, and what we can do to counter them:

The whole Occident is in trouble. Europeans have the same problems as exist in the United States of America. In fact, the POZ is even worse in Europe. If whites want to save themselves, we must realize the commonality of our problems. European and American patriots need to work together. But too often we do not understand that we face the same problems. Europeans’ fight is Americans’ fight too. So as a Frenchman, I would like to offer my take on the West’s issues, so that my American comrades might better comprehend our shared predicament.

Europe specifically faces three mortal threats: radical Islam, loss of identity, and disastrous political decision-making. All these factors lead to occidental submission and, eventually, the destruction of Western Civilization.

First, I intend to give a simple idea of our enemies’ political ideology, and to offer several illustrations of it. This ideology relies on the Strategy of Destruction and the Strategic Deconstruction Model. Then I will explain how these ideas have led to our current situation. In using the word “deconstruction” to describe the intentional dismantling of a culture, I follow French journalist Eric Zemmour, author of The French suicide (2014).

The Plan

Our enemies seek the destruction of the nation-state. The nation-state has 3 components: its People, its Geography, and its Leader, whether he is a king, prime minister or president. But nowadays, the people are no longer sovereign, their leaders do not serve the people’s interests, or even the interest of the state. Territories do not have borders anymore and governments obey to super-national political and legal entities such as the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. By destroying the nation-state’s components, our enemy seeks to bring about the deconstruction of humanity.

They mask their strategy with propagandistic claims such as::

  • That there is no need to inherit your own culture in order to become part of the national community. Rather, one must inherit the culture of others, in fact it must be transmitted to you, and the state should even encourage it!
  • That we must accept racial interbreeding and alien traditions and customs. We are compelled to tolerate and celebrate non-European religions, eating habits (Hallal, Vegetarianism, etc), and even languages (or just bastardizations of European tongues). Of course, the immigrants bring nothing in the way of new technologies, nor capital provisions–only cultural corruption.

This was the birth of what the Americans have called “multiculturalism.” Through this ideology, all cultures and all people are equal. Multiculturalism has, by the logic of Marxian dialectic, become a kind of communism.

The ideology uses different means to achieve the destruction of the nation-state:

  • The abolition of the concept of national preference. Thus, European citizens have exactly the same rights than foreigners from anywhere.
  • The moral and political enfeeblement of the People. We have been morally corrupted through mechanisms such as degenerate television programming and legalized vice. Our political degradation has been achieved via the abolition (restriction?) of the referendum, which until recently was the best means for the people to assert their will, and thereby resisting multiculturalism.
  • Xenophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism are held up as the ultimate evil.
  • The use of gross sentimentalism to distort the People’s historical memory. To achieve this end, the Strategy of Destruction relies on never-ending commemorations and public repentance for colonialism, the holocaust, racism etc. The maxim “Homo homini lupus est,” ie “A man is a wolf to another man,” has given way to “Europaeus omnibus lupus est.”

How did the Occident become susceptible to multiculturalist deconstruction? How could such a preposterous ideology seep into our thinking? Multiculturalism does not attack one’s reason, but one’s emotions and sense of morality. It exploits’ whites’ inclination toward guilt and shame. It also manipulated long-standing ideas about philosophy, sociology and history, in order to destroy the nation-state and its People.

I intend to write a series of essays to elucidate the “strategic deconstruction model” and how it has achieved ideological dominance over Western Civilization. The SDM attempts to remake man–by building a creature who will blindly follow the instructions given by the common ideology. This ideology is nothing less than a despotism of the mind.


Pozzed? Sweden has the Antidote!

Sweden is cranking up the degeneracy. In recent decades, it has turned the dial from merely “pozzed” to “Hadjis have run out of girls to rape, now they’re after the goats.” Suffice it to say, a significant portion of the Swedish people has had enough. So you alt-righters will be glad to hear that, despite their sever infection of POZ, Sweden has the antidote!

Sweden has a thriving anti-regime counter-culture. It isn’t something that a lot of American alt-righters are aware of.  And you would not be if you do not read Swedish or have a friend named Sven or Lars. But Sweden is a treasure-trove of alt-right rockbands and journalists.

As much as I try to keep it autistic with Vivaldi, I do have a soft spot for some right-wing rock. The genre, sometimes called “Rock gegen Bolschewismus” (“Rock Against Bolshevism”) includes German-language bands like Stahlgewitter and Wolfnacht (a one-man act put on by one FASHY Greek). Admittedly, the genre is a mixed bag. Some of the songs are downright terrible. But most of the good stuff is in German or Swedish.

The two best Swedish bands are Tors Vrede and Fyrdung. Tors Vrede “Thor’s Revenge” is probably the most professional and conventional act on the scene. Their songs usually have a catchy melody, yet the instrumentation is pretty aggressive. They’re music sounds like a mix between Boston and Rammstein. Their best two songs, in my opinion, are Seger i Runor for the tune and Antisemit for the lyrics, eg:

Tycker illa om allt ont som förpestat våran värld.
Du avskyr sionismens regim och Israels ockupanter.
Du protesterar mot förtryck och för det fria ordets skull.
Du slåss för ditt folk och låter dig aldrig kastas omkull.

Feeling bad about everything that plagues our world             You hate the Zionist regime and Israel’s occupiers                  You protest against oppression and for the freedom of speech You fight for your people, and never let yourself be oppressed

Fyrdung “Folk Levy” (cf. Old English fyrd) is a more typical right-wing rock group. They rely on heavy percussion and electric-guitar with very basic melodies. My favorite song of theirs is “Folk i Gevär” (“Nation, To Arms!”), a heavy-metal cover of the Nazi Party’s song “Volk ans Gewehr.” I’ve listened to this song so much in the last three years, it might as well be my theme song. I’ll probably insist that it be played at my funeral.

On a side note, hard-right bands should follow the “Folk i Gevär” formula more often. Shitty melodies seem to be the main weakness in a lot of right-wing rock groups. The deficiency is easily solved: Take melodies from 30s propaganda songs, add some drums, and redo the vocals with more raspy rage.

All these fashy bands inspired me to start learning Swedish. Besides singing along with hate-tunes, learning Swedish is rewarding in its own right, especially for an autistic language fag like me. Swedish is Germanic, so it’s related to English, German, Dutch and the other languages of Scandinavia (except Finnish and Lappish). Learning German was one of the high-points of my life, so picking up Swedish seemed like a good way to recapture the magic. But there’s more advantages, especially for an alt-righter.

Sweden has some great websites for no-bullshit news and commentary. The best one I have seen is motgift.nu. They have high-quality news articles and insightful commentary. Motgift means “antidote,” and that’s quite a fitting metaphor for the site’s take on the news, because the mainstream Swedish press is toxic. Of course, for the English-speaking audience, there’s also Red Ice Radio and Radio Free Skyrim (a weekly food-fight between some Scandinavian bros).

It makes sense that some Swedes are doing so much for the Euro-American alt-right. The represent an equal and opposite reaction, an antidote, to what Sweden has become: a rotting corpse poisoned with postmodernist libtardery. But just this week, IT FUCKING HAPPENED in Stockholm, when a Mannerbund of two-hundred Swedish men went full Viking on a gang of Afro-Islamic man-children. Gitsum, boys!  Let’s just hope Sweden continues its regimen–because whoever refuses to take the antidote orally will have to take it as a suppository.



AI Academic Interview Series 6: Carleton Putnam

Gregory Ritter interviews Robert Johnson on the life and work of Carleton Putnam, American author and businessman. He is best known for his books Race and Reason (1961) and Race and Reality (1967), which give a prescient analysis of desegregated, multicultural America.

Read and learn, goyim:

PDF of Race and Reason

PDF of Race and Reality

RED DAWN 5: The Niggalypse

1.01 Democracy is gay

4.04 Anne Coulter article

5.57 Trump at WWE

9.11 (heh) Weekly Reading of the Noble Quran. Surah 8, Verse 22.

11.30 Steve Sailer Classic

12.34 NEET phenomenon

16.11 Great Negroes on Men: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations to Blacks. Feat: DMX, NWA, 50-cent, Juvenile and Mofart

21.20 White Nationalism, is it the Endlosung?

27.44 Sparta compared to antebellum South (modernist, but backs Vince’s point about masculinized Spartan women)

31.00 Uselessness of minorities, even Slavery

33.10 Islam as Zombie Apocalypse

David Chalmers

34.27 Back to Slavery

37.23 Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell mentioned

38.20 Cads vs Dads

45.09 Roosh; unfitness of all before Nordic chicks

46.47 Non-Agency of non-Whites

49.31 More HBD, West Hunter, Gregory Cockran, Henry Harpending, Nicholas Wade

52.05 Breivik-style Zionism

What is Identitarianism? Part 5

Aaaand the dismount. Will he stick it?

It is hidden from the undiscerning public, but discontent is building in the anonymous safe harbors online. We saw it with GamerGate, as young men finally said they had enough with Cultural Marxism being forcibly injected into their favorite pastime. We saw it in the aftermath of the Ferguson and Baltimore riots as average whites, fed up with the media narrative, began to articulate their frustration with political correctness, and the biased coverage of the riots. We see it belatedly, with the renewed calls to end illegal immigration, from the dark horse and potential political juggernaut, Donald Trump. The man clambered up to a podium, lifted his head up and simply said, “We’re building a wall.” A million hearts fluttered, and everyone in the establishment was shocked and appalled by the visceral and instant surge that this political nobody experienced in the polls. After all, who could have guessed that native whites are not brimming with enthusiasm about the prospect of becoming minorities within their own country? Having been ignored by all parties, these white voters found their diamond in the rough with Donald Trump. As this declaration is being written, they have not yet Stumped the Trump, and Donald Trump continues to demand, much to the chagrin of the political, cultural and business establishment that the illegal immigrants, “have to go back.” We wait with eager anticipation to see how far this man can single-handedly push the Overton window, ready to pick up the baton, and carry it even further.

Following the slew of shootings, of the past couple of years, it is becoming readily apparent that many of our young men feel estranged from a society that is alien and hostile to them. Often times this frustration transforms into blinding rage and nihilistic despair, compelling individuals like Dylan Storm Roof to commit acts of mass-murder. Identitarianism will be a positive force in the lives of young men with no outlet for their frustration and anger. It can serve as the steam valve to make sure that killing sprees born out of feelings of cultural estrangement and fueled by beta male rage no longer occur at the nauseating frequency that they do now. It will give young men the guidance they need to embrace the age-old tenants of Masculinity, which our modern society has insidiously scrubbed out of the heads of our young boys, through feminized education and toxic representations of masculinity in the media. In our movement must be an implicit understanding that we must be men in whom the old ways have joined the new, adapted to the realities of the modern world, and yet not forgetting the age old tenants of tradition. We are not bible-thumping Sunday pastors who want to scare you into celibacy rather we base our movement on the timeless tenants of masculinity.

Man needs Purpose.
Man needs a Tribe
Man needs a Castle, and finally,
Man needs a Woman,

Self-realization is a fundamental tenant of our movement. And as much as Identitarianism will be grounded in the understanding of the much-maligned principle of ethnic identity, we also declare war against the effeminacy and feel-good sophistry of our age in favor of the values of masculinity and stalwart honesty.

Identitarianism is the long-awaited answer and the chance for reform. Identitarianism can break through and remold the bizarre shibboleth of “right wing” policies that comprise the modern conservative movement, smoking out the charlatans in the process. Identitarianism holds an open hand, palm facing upwards to the suppressed white majority of America, ready to pull it up off of its knees. In the other hand, a branding iron, red-hot and forged in the furnace of our discontent. A shiv pressed against the ribs of the current political paradigm, smoking and crackling, dangerous and life-threatening. Let this declaration serve as a warning to the hyenas and the jackals, the hucksters and harlequins that promote white displacement and genocide: Your time will come, and we will hold you to account.

To the slumbering white majority of the West we say the following: Acknowledge your European ancestry. Embrace your whiteness. Become who you are, and stake your claim on this Earth.

back to part 4

back to part 1

Remember How to Fight

We have forgotten how to stand up for what is ours. We have forgotten how to raise our fists and fight.

Ever wonder where the great legal tradition of the West came from? Lots of reasons for it. But one of the main drivers of the use of lawyers and courts and the cause of our over-legislated modern culture was a civic campaign to cut down on urban disturbances, and public brawls.

"En garde you faggot!"
“En garde you faggot!”

Back in the day, even noblemen settled their disagreements with fist fights or duels. Get the stereotype of the foppish wig-wearing “gentlemen” out of your head, your ancestors would throw down often and over just about anything. Disagreements were settled in the streets. Here’s what WikiPlebia has to say on the subject:

In Western society, the formal concept of a duel developed out of the mediaeval judicial duel and older pre-Christian practices such as the Viking Ageholmgang. Judicial duels were deprecated by the Lateran Council of 1215. However,  in spite of Church disapproval, there were nevertheless seven capital crimes that were still commonly accepted as resolvable by means of a judicial duel. Most societies did not condemn dueling, and the victor of a duel was regarded not as a murderer but as a hero; in fact, his social status often increased. During the early Renaissance, dueling established the status of a respectable gentleman, and was an accepted manner to resolve disputes. Dueling in such societies was seen as an alternative to less regulated conflict.

The process of gentile-ization came hand in hand with attempts to curb excessive blood-letting in European cultures. The war-like tendencies of almost all European peoples however, were also tied up with their understanding of masculinity.

Men were expected to fight to earn their keep, win renown, and of course to secure a mate. The nobility of Europe was founded on the warrior class, unlike in other places such as China, or India, or South America, that all had priest-led societies. Some more history:

During the reign of Henry IV, over 4,000 French aristocrats were killed in duels “in an eighteen-year period” whilst a twenty-year period of Louis XIII‘s reign saw some eight thousand pardons for “murders associated with duels”. Roth also notes that thousands of men in the Southern United States “died protecting what they believed to be their honour.”

There you go. This doesn’t even mention the number of your run-of-the-mill fist fights. Governments had to work hard to promote new mores and laws to stop the fighting, working hand in hand with the clergy to promote the central authorities as the sole arbiters of conflict. It took several millenia to stamp out the blood-thirst that our ancestors had, to get rid of that red-blooded craving of Western males to dominate and fight.

Forget your “guns, germs and steel” explanation, the West became what it is at the tip of a bayonet. This was all done of course, with practical considerations in mind as well as religious ones. Losing 4,000 of your nobles to duels is a staggering statistic, and rising nation-states as well as absolute monarchies had a practical reason from the position of strong state-craft to begin reining in this pagan holdover tradition.

Still, I always wonder. Will any of us ever experience something this profoundly masculine ever again? Some will say it was a grotesque tradition. I say that it was a life-affirming one. Others, that all human life is sacred and these acts of killing were wrong. I reply that this thinking stems from a fear of death and a view of death as the absolute terror, when in fact there are far worse things that can befall you.

Warrior based-societies lived closer to death than we ever will, and so had a deeper understanding of it than we ever will, hidden as we are behind the safe veil of secular humanism.

I am not advocating for the wanton death and destruction that characterized so much of our collective human history. All I ask, is that we consider whether getting a black eye from time to time is really such a scary possibility that we had to spend the better part of the last century insulating ourselves from all the harsh realities of the world.

This is dangerous because our children increasingly do not what it means to fight. When they grow up, they will move from one safe white neighborhood to another, go to university with other bubble-wrapped children, and move into safe gated communities after they get that promotion. Their disputes are handled by the courts.

Their security is handled by an increasingly bigger and more heavily armed police force. Their wars are fought for them by legions of underclass contractors, and now by autonomous flying killing robots. The attitude that fighting is wrong, in and of itself has now been wired into the brain of almost every white westerner I’ve ever met. Like Jack answers in that iconic scene from Fight Club:

"Is this what a man looks like?"
“Is this what a man looks like?”

Tyler: Have you ever been in a fight?

Jack: No, but that’s a good thing.

It is almost a badge of honor to have never been in a fight. Even though deep down we know this is not true. As men, we crave the feeling of power, of knowing that we can handle ourselves when shit goes down. Often times, we fear that we can’t and so with a little mental acrobatics we convince ourselves that our cowardice is in fact a virtue. “Real men don’t have to fight,” or some similar drivel.

Here’s a newsflash: real men don’t wear pink, real men don’t make crying displays of being in touch with their feelings, and real men don’t run from a fight.

By all means, take the advice of literally every person who has ever been in a fight, ever, and be smart about it. Don’t pick bad fights. Don’t get yourself killed over a girl. Don’t talk big and then not back it up. But also, don’t be so fucking afraid of standing up for yourself. Getting in a fight has real-world consequences, everyone knows this, in fact everything is geared to punish you if you do end up in one. You, dear reader, surely realize this as well as I realize it.

And yet, it is a profoundly religious experience. The feelings you feel while in a fight are nauseating, but after the fight, you feel so alive. You want to cry, to shout, to laugh, to eagerly inspect your body for bruises…

Try it at least once in your life.