Teutonic Terror!

Podcast: Teutonic Terror

Imagine tramping through knee-deep snow in the primeval forests of Central Europe, weighed down by steel-cold armor and weapons. Sneaky Lithuanians stalking your every movement. It’s the Northern Crusades! Beat some civilization into these hillbilly hold-outs, the last pagans in Europe.

Greg Ritter takes you to the late medieval Baltic in his latest podcast: Teutonic Terror. Learn about the Lithuanians and Old Prussians, Refight Tannenburg and Lake Peipius, and find out how the Teutonic Order helped build Europe.

One thought on “Teutonic Terror!”

  1. I feel the late coming of Christianity was one reason Balts and in particular Lithuanians maintained a unique character not just in their language but in their personalities. They were the only European power to defeat the Mongols in open battle at Blue Waters. And it was a combined Lithuanian Polish Catholic army that routed the Turks at Vienna. However the Lithuanian element in the army was anything but Catholic. Up until the 1800s and the Russian annexation of Lithuanian lands the Letts still worshiped in sacred tree groves and would invoke the thunder gods name when confronted with a thunder storm. It was after this Mongol defeat that the Lithuanian pagan empire rose to its greatest power. However the Lithuanian kings married a Polish princess joining the two countries and the gradual slide into mediocrity began.

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