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The Alt-Right’s Class Problem

The Alt-Right has a bit of a problem.

I am struck by the problems that the White Army had in the Russian Civil War. They were an army consisting almost entirely of officers. It was a bloody war, and there are stories of  entire battalions consisting of junior officers.

Despite the heroism (and brutality) of the White Army, they ended up losing the Civil War, mostly because they couldn’t get any of the various peasant uprising to join their cause. They had a problem reaching across class lines and rallying the masses against the deeply unpopular Bolsheviks. This was despite the marauding requisitions battalions of Red soldiers, the perceived foreigness of the Bolsheviks, and deep lingering loyalty to the Tsar…

And in the Alt-Right we have a cocktail bar problem. A class divide. Most of the people that I have met through NPI have been upper-middle class or outright upper class folks. They know the red-pill talking points, but they are often knee-deep in Bobo, SWPL society, and are divorced from the grass-roots, coarser, salt of the earth natural conservatives that they share an ideological similiarity with.

In my less sympathetic appraisal of the NPI crowd, I can broadly cast the net and proclaim that these are the types that stress the importance of “hiding your power level” and sniff at the people openly flying Confederate flags or “revealing their power level” in other ways. And it makes sense from their point of view, sheltered in their middle-class apparachtik job, and surrounded by SWPL society- to do otherwise would be social suicide.

They also tend to be the more autistic, hyper-intelligent and bow-tie wearing members of our movement. White nationalism seems to be more of an intellectual exercise for them, and not borne out of a deep feeling of love for their people. Most of these Dissidenti types are also the most concerned with PR- a legitimate concern- but one that coincides with the needs of their socio-economic position in society. Their attitude can be a bit too convenient.

Which is why I suggest a “hoodlum/hooligan/prole” outreach program.

Richard Spencer- our lord and fuhrer- may believe that 5000 dollar membership fees to elite Phalanx sekrit klubs might be the way to propel the Alt-Right into the institutions through Gramscian inflitration, but it may be the path to circle-jerking and just recreating an Alt-Right WASP-like microcosm.

loose memes sink triremes
loose memes sink triremes

But lest it be said that we here at AI are all complaint and no action, here are some suggestions that we’ve cooked up. 

The last couple of NPI conferences have been picketed by Antifa protesters, so heres a suggestion: we roll in together.

We all meet up ahead of time in a designated location and form up. We bring flags…Or not, it doesn’t really matter. We come well-dressed, in suits and we hold our heads high. We don’t slink in one by one through an Antifa gauntlet. 

Marching like this gives us the benefit of showing our strength and fostering a spirit of martial unity. We roll in like an army, and we roll out like a band of brothers. Speaking from experience, it can be intimidating going in blind to a conference of fashy goys, and knowing that, we should work to emulate the methods of our European brothers.

Just on my way to NPI.
Just on my way to NPI.

The prospect of a “march,” however small, informal and impromptu gives the younger members a feeling of “doing something.” It attracts a youthful vigor and gives us that edginess that Spencer always waxes poetically about with his Ivy league thespian lisp.

Second suggestion:

No organizations within the greater organization. 

People naturally coalesce with other people of a similar socio-economic postition, thats simply human nature.  But having neo-pagan types waltz around with their noses up and complain about “Storm-proles” is a disconcerting aspect of the experience.

But hey, who am I to judge. I’m just a Slav that was catapulted into Anglo-Jew society from an early age and came out feeling jaded. If I see some worrying elitist tendencies within NPI, then its not my place to judge. Only I worry about the viability of the model. Whether the NRx LARPers like it or not, we live in a mass democracy, and if the Alt-Right focuses on strutting around acting like the officers of a non-existent army, they may end up like the White Russians in the civil war.

Alone, detested, and ultimately defeated.

12 thoughts on “The Alt-Right’s Class Problem”

  1. Well said. I agree with this.

    The problem with much of the Alt-Right ‘officer class’ (and the nerds in NRx) is that it’s very much self-selected. These people aren’t warriors and fighters who’ve spent years in the movement and who’ve come up through the ranks. They come across as a clique of like-minded bowties and scribblers who fancy themselves important intellectuals, not a natural leadership class borne of activism and conflict.

    At the same time, I sympathise with their critique of the redneck costume clowns and bumpkin brigades who’ve done so much over the years to give racially-conscious Whites a bad name and bad image. The ‘Storm-proles’ have a lot to answer for in this regard. They need to learn to fucking behave themselves and act like White men. Style, image, and PR matter. The proles don’t always ‘get’ this and so they need to be disciplined.

    I know both types of Alt-Right activist and see value in them; my comments here are from personal experience.

    I’m hoping a lot of this is a function of the relative freshness of the Alt-Right. As it matures, as more Alt-Righters grow up and go through battle together, a natural leadership class will emerge.

    Your suggestion that conference-goers enter events together en masse, is a good one. There should be flags and drums, too.

    1. Thanks for the input LBF.

      Your points about the early days “Storm-prole” types is noted. Being newer to the movement, I can’t say that I had much experience with these types, but the lasting damage that they’ve had on the image of WN is readily apparent in contemporary anglo-sphere society.

      Perhaps it is the voluntary association with German imagery, or the fact that almost all the leaders ended up being revealed as Jews…I can’t say.

  2. If you had real “testicular fortitude” you’d move into centers of power behind the gays and feminists. You’d be smart and let them do the dirty work clearing out the blacks and securing property. You’d work your way in a long march through the institutions and seize real power.


    1. So the Washington Post could write a story about it, without mentioning “blacks,” “African-Americans,” “minorities,” or “race” a single time? Even if this woman’s case succeeds, she will fail, because no one’s worldview will be changed. Her activity will not bring attention to the racial problem.

      The alt-right has begun to point out how futile this seemingly pragmatic activity is. The “long march” to real power starts in the wilderness of ideological reassessment.

      1. “The “long march” to real power starts in the wilderness of ideological reassessment.”

        I’m assuming you already did that.

        You are complaining that nobody is doing anything. I’m suggesting a way to actually fight. Namely move into power centers, i.e., cities, co-opt SJWs who are actually doing the ugly day-to-day fighting. Buy property and form a group or gang of like-minded people. Surely you noticed that powerful Europeans live in their cities and the blacks/Muslims live in the suburbs or banlieues.

        You don’t like boomers. Fine. Stop imitating them by hiding in the suburbs.

        1. AI has plans to launch a business venture in the very near future, dont you worry.

          But as for “infiltration”, not everyone can do it.

          Frankly, I have nothing but suspicion for people that can tolerate working with the Freak Mafia. It is my belief that many SJW’s are beyond redemption, and that there is no point in trying to explain our points to effette SWPL’s emulating the Sex and the City lifestyle.

          If I had a million dollars to invest in property as my Swedish host advised me, I’d follow your advice immediately. As it stands, I do not.

          And I have left the suburbs, and settled into a Russian city. I plan on moving into a cozy commieblock in the future.

          1. Actually, I’ve worked and lived in downtown DC since the 70s when it was 70% black.

            But, my main point was there’s not so much a class problem as a suburb vs. city problem. I was trying to show you that there isn’t that much difference when it comes down to it between so called liberals and conservatives. Liberals love to status mark how much they “care” while suburbanite American “conservatives” hate cities, period, no matter who lives there. Just my observation.

        2. I took your previous comment as relating more to the info war, but now I think I get it. You were referencing that woman in the WaPo article as an example of how to start taking turf back, yeah?

          haha “hiding in the suburbs.” Maybe I’m not close to power, but I’m certainly close to diversity. I’m not sure what good would come of trying to retake city neighborhoods. I think the Maoist method is more realistic: set up a base of power in the country side, wage ideological/economic/guerrilla war, and slowly converge on the centers of power.

          1. “You were referencing that woman in the WaPo article as an example of how to start taking turf back, yeah?”

            You use these people as the vanguard. Fight fire with fire. They use their victimhood in a victim culture but if you mingle with these Obama voters they can’t tell who you are. Just don’t telescope your real purpose. You are the snake prince behind the crippled avengers.

            Mao lived in a very different culture. We live in a human rights culture where this god flows through all institutions and society.

          2. I am of the opinion that the POZ is a mental illness that has reached terminal levels in most leftoids.

            Can you argue with them? Can you red-pill them? Unlikely.

            What can you achieve infiltrating the institution as a low-level Huffpo contributer?

            All you learn is how to “hide your power level” while telling yourself that you’re gonna fight the system from within someday…

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