The Importance of Art

Trying to convince normal people of the realities of the world is like herding cats. They will not listen to you and they will most likely run from you the harder you try to present your case. They are so indoctrinated by the modern culture of double standards and anti-white ideology that they can’t see the forest through the trees. They will constantly cherry pick examples from the nightly news or their individual lives in order to desperately hold on to their world view. So how are you supposed to make people aware of what’s right in front of their eyes? The answer can be found in art. As the following experiences have taught me.
Statistics and meta-analysis mean nothing to the average person. They do not understand even the most basic of such concepts. Rather they rely on their emotions and sense of morality to decide what to believe. When you point out the news only shows stories that fit the narrative of the “evil” white male oppressing everyone, they will simply call you a racist or crazy. This is particularly so of women. Your average woman only seeks to maintain the “status quo” or culture of the current year. From an evolutionary standpoint this was always the safest thing for them to do. In my experience even the most politically correct attempts to point out the obvious will lead to a cascading series of accusations. “You’re saying that ethnic groups have different averages for IQ so you must think all blacks are retarded! I bet you wouldn’t say that to a black persons face! I can’t stand a person who thinks like you, get away from me!” Forget the fact these people don’t understand the concept of a bell curve, a standard deviation, regression to the mean or even that half of people are above and below average.
Funny enough the earlier example was from a mixed race girl who was very easy to convince of the JQ “Jewish Question” and the Jewish tendency to undermine their host nation and host population. She also took to the fact that North East Asians have a higher IQ than most groups easily, as she works for a few. The second a fact might reflect badly on her potential status in a racially aware population, she could not handle it. However she was instinctively far more of a race realist in mate preference, where she choose to live or the types of TV she watched than she will ever realize. More importantly she was far more of a race realist than the vast majority of White American girls.
I’ve never actually never been called a racist by a female who does not fit the Nordic ideal. The only women who have ever called me racist are those of the Northern European variety. In these instances I never even attempted to red pill them but rather would simply point out the obvious. “It’s so hard being a woman in this city” one girl complained. “Every day I walk by this church and the men on the stairs yell the most vile things at me and sometimes even try to touch me” a 23 year old girl from lily white New Hampshire once told me. I simply asked her “What kind of men where they? Where they men like me?” After a few more probing questions she realized I was asking what race where the men. To which she replied with an inner horror and accused me of being a “white supremacist.”
Another leggy, blonde bombshell college student was once telling me of her travels in Europe. As I had not been there during the current migrant crisis, I asked her opinion on it. She replied with your typical SWPL “We need to help these poor people.” When I asked her about the sex ratio of the migrants or their ages she seemed baffled. “What do you mean she asked” and of course I pointed out that these people were not women and children but close to 90% military aged men who once in Europe began robbing and raping with no response from the cucked cops. She of course called me a racists and said people should be able to “move wherever they want.” That was the end of the conversation.
However I have had successes. These victories came not from logical debate but rather through art. I have always had a flair for culture, museums and of course good movies. Most men can make use of these in the dating battlefield. If you wish to demonstrate the obvious, finding the rare movie which portrays the world in a realistic light will do more to convince a woman then any book. Some favorites of mine are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Last of the Mohicans, Apocalypto and any other Mel Gibson movie for the most part. Gran Torino is another one as it simply points out that all too often it’s a white man who willingly sacrifices himself to save another race, while forsaking his own. But of course the majority of movies will spin a very different narrative and are best avoided. Most powerful of all however is a trip to a museum, a national park or some grandiose achievement or Western peoples. Great Works of classical art are awe inspiring to women. They are a tool to raise awareness of the ethnicity of the peoples who created them. Often you will find “art” from more primitive tropical areas of the world next to the work of a Dutch Master or Renaissance Sculpture. Seeing such a comparison can undue years of conditioning by the politically correct establishment.

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  1. There you go spergs I ran it through Microsoft spell checker, proof read it and have reposted. My weekend debauchery usually leaves me a bit lacking in “reasoning skills” for obvious reasons. So I best keep writing to weeknights

  2. Awesome! I’ve been saying this for a while. This is pretty basic stuff. Sales 101. Emotion > reason.

  3. I’m surprised you include Last of the Mohicans, I saw it the other day and had trouble getting through it viewing it as nothing more than reheated Rousseau mixed with some xenophilia and racial cuckoldry. I guess there is a savage tribe involved but it seemed only ancillary to the main plot.

  4. The original book written by James Fennimore Cooper (my relative) was very race realist. It portrays Cora as the tragic mulatto with all the problems that mixing of blood and loss of identity entail. Hawkeye is the wild eyed Nordic adventurer and the movie closes with these words.
    CHINGACHGOOK: The frontier moves with the sun and pushes the red man of the wilderness forests in front of it. Until one day there will be nowhere left. Then our race will be no more, or be not us … The frontier place is for people like my white son and his woman and their children.
    HAWKEYE: That’s my father’s sadness talking.
    [Hawkeye puts a hand on his shoulder.]
    CHINGACHGOOK: No. It is true … One day … there will be no more frontier. Then men like you will go, too. Like the Mohicans. [pause] And new people will come. Work. Struggle to make their light … One mystery remains.
    HAWKEYE: What is that?
    [Cora, listening to Chingachgook, takes Hawkeye’s hand.]
    CHINGACHGOOK: Will there be anything left to show the world that we ever did exist?

    1. Kudos to Stuart for a well-deserved honor! Years ago, I had the pleasure of being associated with Stuart in a business venture in Thailand. Stuart built and managed an Irish pub at an island resort. Its success was directly attributable to Stuart's hard work and management expertise. I am delighted that Stuart is doing so remarkably well with his Costa Coffee franchises. My heartiest coonnatulatigrs!

  5. It’s foreshadowing the white man’s own disappearance someday. It wakes you up to how fleeting our Civilization is and how easy it can disapear slowly but surely.

  6. The Anglo Saxon Hawkeye represents surely did disapear. There is no more frontier no more adventure no more conquest. We stand only to be conquered by another.

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