The Joke is On Them

If the “cuck” phenomenon has proven anything, it is that it is fun to create new catchy epithets to hurl at our ideological enemies.

But I have drawn other lessons from the Trump Thaw and it is that there is no bottom in the deep rabbit-hole of Poz. Calling the GOP out on its treachery served to organize a large group of Dissident Right thinkers who had already been disaffected by the state of Conservatism Inc, and were ready to dabble in some old fashioned nationalism to Make America Great Again.

But more surprising was the shamelessness with which many on the Left and Right embraced the “cuck” slur as a sort of badge of PC pride.

The shiv was fun- and well deserved. But was it effective? It gave us a rallying cry, sure, but it does not look like it succeeded in chastising the establishment to change its course. Nor did it garner the Alt-Right a fresh cadre of newly red-pilled CrimeThinkers.

In fact, it seems to have made many normies aware of the Alt-Right and places like /pol/, just as the similar stunt with the AI “Tay” almost certainly will.


The Offended Left will never make peace with any aspect of racial theory, or be able to forsake lofty principle for the “base” preservation instinct behind putting their own national, and ethnic interests first. The cuck insult may have pricked a few crypto-libertarians and states-rights enthusiasts right where it hurt, and gotten them to tone down their PC platitudes, but that’s about it…

Its not just “cuck” though. We see this with the dulling of other slick verbal shivs like the time-honored classic, “faggot.” Calling a white a “nigger”or “a wigger” is useless as well. They wear it as a badge of pride, as if the shitlord is bestowing honorary tribal status. Like doing a Pow Wow to let Dances With Wolves join their tribe, they glow with confirmation of their race traitor status.

“If a shitlord thinks that I am a lamentable waste of human debris, then I must be doing something right!”

While I cannot account for the effect on their subconscious, it seems that bullying is ineffective in getting the left of center cucks into line.

We have reached peak cuck.


These verbal bombs slide off of them like water off a duck’s back. The divide is real, and it’s come to the point of radicalization.

Terrorist groups the world over understand the importance of radicalizing tactics and they do it to eat away at the soft middle. While we are fond of calling the other side terrorists, we must understand that the State views our movement through the same lens.

While we exist on opposite sides of the ideological divide, we eat away at the soft middle and our adherents accept no reconcilement with the world-view of the Neo-Bolsheviks. We start drifting away from republican democracy by focusing on our interests as an ethnic bloc, and because of our rejection of mainstream, middle-of-the line candidates. The milquetoast establishment is threatened by both sides of the divide none the least by BLM and the SJWs who are organized and fanatical in their drive to “dismantle the white, patriarchal system of oppression.”

Put simply, the chattering classes are of course terrified by the prospect of actually having to cave to all of their demands. Hillary’s adoption of the BLM creed seemed reluctant at best. The liberal democrats created the Gibs-me-dat Industrial Complex, and now they can’t seem to put a muzzle on it…

So they are trying to co-opt it. They try to find middle ground with them, to concede to their points and promise to do more. But it doesn’t seem to be working, if anything it seems to embolden the radicals- as it always does. In a strange way, the spoiled children of President Johnson’s vision believe themselves to be in the same position as the Alt-Right. Working against perceived injustices that “the system” has inflicted upon them. The irony of course being that “the system” is the only thing keeping Middle American Revolutionaries from creating a new system of Jim Crow that would make Buchenwald seem like an excursion to the Epcot Center.

The Radical Left has mobilized, and now the cat is out of the bag. With one side radicalized and ready, the pressure will be put on the establishment, (and they almost certainly will cave.) Disgust will mount, and a savior will emerge. They may find our views on the Jews icky, but Trayboon hollering on the megaphone, “Vote for Trump, You get Jumped” doesn’t really leave them many options. Its really funny when you think about it, but the joke is on them. Now soft, Middle America is getting a front row seat to the action. Now they can see what has been spawned in the pits of Isengard while they’ve been busy stuffing their faces and watching football.

We interrupt your scheduled soma for this jaw-dropping display of hubris
We interrupt your scheduled soma for this jaw-dropping display of hubris

It’s time to proselytize, and radicalize because the middle is eroding. This election cycle has been the nastiest and most divisive in generations. And that’s a good thing, it means that the state of affairs is ripe for change. The consensus has been shattered, and soon hard questions will be asked.

Put the issue to a choice- Nationalism or Laissez-Come. Renewal or Suicide. Righteous Hatred or Mewling Acquiescence.

Forget about the Left. They are unsalvageable. Forget about the chattering classes- they will come begging to cut a deal with whoever comes out on top anyway. We must focus only on radicalizing soft, Middle America.

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