The Russian Red Pill

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile, but my day job and evening studies have been getting in the way far too much for my liking.

I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people, and embracing a complete re-orientation of my worldview yet again from my time in Russia.

It’s like taking a second red pill, or an “Infrared” Pill as I’ve dubbed it. This time, the pill went down smoothly and no great depression followed afterwards, only an uneasy feeling in my stomach. By accepting this new information and shifting my world view again, I knew I would potentially be alienating the only people that I respected and admired in the West- the Alt-Right.

But whatever, I got into all of this because of intellectual curiousity, I’ll be damned if I self-censor myself now. So here goes.

Germany lost a war. Never lose a war.

Much of the de-Nazification efforts carried out within Germany were done to instill a deep sense of shame and guilt within the German people. They were systematically hounded into hating themselves by constant stories of war crimes, some true, and some not. (Like the Lolacaust)

This deep feeling of guilt led to arguably a generation of the most pathetic white men in history. It led to the refugee crisis, and possibly the end of the German nation as it stands now. In my eyes, Germany was systematically dismantled, and led like a lamb to this sacrificial slaughter by the Anglos. I don’t parcel out the blame on the Russians as much because East Germany- for all of its problems- remains the least cucked part of Germany to this day, so I figure the Soviets must have done something right…

But quibbles aside, the point remains. Germany’s proud soul was ruthlessly torn apart and now look at it. Germany has no independent foreign policy, its people are being reduced to dhimmitude, and there seems to be no end in sight.

But Germany wasn’t the only power to lose a war to the Anglo-sphere.

Russia did as well.

At the end of the Cold War, after the Soviet Union voluntarily disintegrated as a result of the deft political manoevering/treachery of Boris Yeltsin, the exact same demoralization campaign began to materialize.

Just like after Khrushchev came to power, so too were the flood gates of information suddenly opened, and the Russian people were exposed to some really demoralizing information. This, coupled with the anarchy, looting, and complete collapse of the 90’s led to a situation comparable to Germany immediatly after the war.

The horror is hard to explain. People’s entire world views were shattered. The Soviet Union went from being a force of good in the world to being the evil empire- I imagine its like finding out you’re not actually a human, but a Cylon sleeper agent sent ahead of time to infiltrate the Colonial starfleet and that all your memories were false implants to make you blend into Colonial society… Looking at you, Boomer.


Revisionist minorities started trotting out all sorts of horror stories because they sniffed weakness in the air and sensed the opportunity to get Gibs. The Liberals were all too keen to take up their cause, and the West was all too keen to give it a megaphone in the press. And so all of a sudden we found out about how horrible the Russians were to every single peoples within their empire.

We need mo’ money fo dem’ programs!

Whether it was Butthurt Balts who forgot about centuries of German colonization/abject helotry and instead started bitching about all the high-tech industry the soviets set up in their country, or the Ukrainians who bitched about the actual state that the Soviets had created for them, or Kazakstan bitching about all those hospitals, and factories that the Soviets had created where there was only naked steppe before. Georgians bitching about repression- never mind that one of theirs would have been the one doing the repressing… Poles conveniently forgot about deliberately starving about 80 thousand Russian POWs to death in the Polish-Soviet war and their plans to create a Baltic-Black sea empire. Galicians forgot about how their partisans massacred about 100k Poles. Crimean Tatars whined about being sent into Siberian exile, never mind that they had switched sides and supported Germany in the war, (I guess TGSNT was right, the Nazi’s were a truly multi-cultural force of good!!!). Jews whined about getting 35 centimeters of wood rammed up their ass by Stalin’s russification efforts of the Soviet government and finally the Uzbeks conveniently forgot that they were subhumans etc, the list goes on and on.

People stopped fact checking the sources, because it seemed that the Liberals, both Western and domestic, commanded all the moral authority. Yeltsin was held up as a great liberalizer and reformer as Russia slipped into destitution and ruin.

How much of the information was true though? Did 80 million or 50 million or 20 million really die under Stalin? Where are the sources for these amazing figures??

To this day, no one knows. Did the Gulags exist? Of course they did. Was everybody in them an innocent Solzhenitsyn? Dubious. Russia found that out the hard way when the zeks were all released in the 90’s and a crime wave the size of a Cat 5 chimpout spread through the country.

The Nazis and the Liberals are a match made in heaven

To the victor go the spoils, and the Liberals were full of glee as they started chipping away at everything that underpinned the fabric of Soviet society. “Its all rotten, its all worthless, lets just destroy, smash and loot the damn place.” – that was their ideology. This should sound familiar to Americans.

“American soldiers are baby-killers!” – same strategy taken from the same playbook with the same goal. Demoralize, demoralize, demoralize.

So where does the Alt-Right stand? Because of the Hitler-philia, the Alt-Right has been all too keen to pick up the numbers and horror stories dug up by the Liberals and run with it to do…what exactly? Prove that Hitler wasn’t that bad by making Stalin seem worse by comparison?

“See! Hitler wasn’t that bad because Stalin was worse! He killed 20- No!- 50!- No wait!- 80 million Russians! I mean, yeah the Fuhrer thought of Slavs as sub-humans and made plans to deliberately whittle down their population, colonize them and kill huge swaths of their population…Wait what was my point again? Ah yes! The threat of Russo-Gommunisssm! Nazism isn’t as bad as its made out to be because Hitler did NOT kill 6 million Jews- thats a blatant exaggeration and just Allied propaganda! Even though he should have because Jews are parasites and Hitler was the ONLY leader in the entire history of the white world who was an anti-semite. Which is why anyone who is pro-White needs to religiously imitate this 10 year period of German history- of all the moments in White history, this is the only one that counts- otherwise they are a Jewish plant. PS- Remember the 100 trillion victims of Stalin’s Hellstorm campaign.”

The Alt-Right has no problem doubting the numbers that Liberals throw at them about German war crimes. Why don’t they ever stop to check the numbers Liberals throw at them about Russian war crimes?

Oh right. Because it jibes pretty well with their Nazi-philia.

Putin the Savior

But back to our little story about Post-Soviet Russia. The Demoralizers of Russia found their first real challenge with the emergence of Vladimir Putin and the Second Chechen War. After the humiliating campaign that Boris “Bydlo” Yeltsin launched against the Chechens, Putin had his work cut out for him. He had to bring Chechnia to heel because if he didn’t, he risked losing the whole Caucasus and other separatist Republics.

And the Liberals were livid. “Russians are baby-killers!”- they cried and pearl-clutched. “The horror, the horror!”- Masha Geshen kvetched.

Nowadays of course, the Liberals decry the “criminal nations of the Caucasus” and are in alliance with the Nationalists, who want to let these territories secede and make “Russia for the Russians.” An alliance made in hell if ever there was one.

It was a bloody, but successful war. Russia took pride in its victory. Putin started on an entire campaign of rehabilitation of Russia’s self-image. The old Soviet war symbols started coming back, as did the symbols of Imperial Russia.

“Putin is revitalizing the cult of Stalin!”- the West and the Liberals moaned.

The 14/88 part of the Alt-Right has no qualms about taking up this Liberal talking point and running with it.

“See, Putin is a commie Jewish plant!”- say the sub 80 iq storm-proles.

Do they ever stop to consider why their talking points seem so in line with the Liberals? I am willing to consider that some are misguided, but others, I suspect, genuinely hate Russia.

And so when the Russkies started fighting against the Demoralization and start rehabilitating their history, it is little suprise that the Anglo-sphere and the Global Liberal Homo Elite would collectively shudder.

But why should the Alt-Right?

We claim to be for Nationalism of all peoples everywhere…well here is the Russian version of it. A mix of Soviet and Imperial history- all rehabilitated, all raised up as symbols of pride for the Russian people and with greater appeal to non-Russians living within the borders of the Russian Federation.

We’ve taken the red-pill on Hitler, why not extend the same courtesy to Stalin?

9 thoughts on “The Russian Red Pill”

    1. Agreed. I mean, this is pretty pointless. I can understand putting forward the sensible argument for Russia taking back into the fold parts of the 90s ‘Ukranian nation’ that they had colonised over the 19th and 20th century. I can understand supporting Stalin for his destruction of many filthy kikes who created Soviet communism.

      I can even understand support by Russians of Stalin for fighting for Russia after he was jumped before he could strike in 1941. I just can’t understand why someone would claim that Stalin was a righteous man for the ages. Hitler had his faults (allowing the Russians to occupy the Polish part of Poland, not destroying the British army at Dunkirk), but Stalin was almost all faults.

  1. Anglos are the only Euro Race to successfully colonize any non euro territory and keep their DNA intact. The USA would not be a nation of immigrants if it had stayed under King and crown. The little nation of shopkeepers beat every other European nation at some point. The individualism of the Anglo and ability to cooperate with others without getting offended at persieved slights is his greatest strength. England went to hell slowly but Russia did suddenly. The collectivist Russian vs individualistic Anglo is only matched by the efficient Obedient German who would have beat both if not for Murcia funding both with arms, food and money. The largest ethnic group in USA was German so the Germans beat the Germans. Eisenhower was a Kraut for goodness sake!

    But I digress. Russians will always want to lord over others English will always want to aid other’s. Germans wont exist soon outside some ex machina event. Seriously the day a German castrates a Kebab for talking to his women they will slowly but surely start to become unstoppable again. But i dont see that happening.

    As for the Balts the old women I met always said the Germans were disciplined and paid for whatever they took. They were always courteous with women as well. The Ruskis not so much to say the least.

    1. A liberation war in Germany is entirely within the realm of possibility. Germans are already fighting back, far more than the Anglos.

  2. (((Anglos))).

    On the topic of East Germany: I remember reading how in the DDR they banned jazz and other such popular American music as being degenerate, over-sexed, negro music. They went out of their way to promote classical Western music. At least they did that right!

    On the topic of Putin elevating Stalin: I had heard that this is really liberal hysteria. That in actuality he is promoting Tsarist figures and is himself a huge fan of Ivan Ilyin. Is this true Vincent? Though I suppose to some libtards it is better to be too into Stalin than the tsars.

    1. So I’ve held off replying to this for the simple reason that I don’t know.

      And the more I research, the more I see Putin as a classical liberal that wanted to cooperate with the Globalist order, but found that he could not.

      I don’t know who the emminence gris is behind the propaganda of the State.

      But to be honest, I see the Stalin revival more along the lines of combatting the Guilt that has been used against Russia as a weapon. Sound familiar?

  3. Putin seems well received by a lot in the alt right from what I have seen, contrary to this post. Stalin not so much, obviously, but I have seen some say that the USSR was less harmful overall than the USA. Yockey and Evola are writers that agreed with this. A more current example would be Michael O’Meara iirc.

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