The End of History is About to End

We were born at the end of history. Our parents told us to go to college, and then settle back into cruise control for the sweet sunset at the end of the ride.

We’re Bobo’s. SWPLs. Middle-class apparatchiks. The Managerial Class. The Comfortable Ones.

But as my colleague Greg frequently pines, “I’m horny for the race war.” 

We would have that job, that decent car and house after a few years of saving up and we would meet that special someone in college. If we were really artsy, we could become rockstars and BMX semi-pros. If we were feeling rebellious, we could agitate for some social cause in college- like the Boomers had done in the 60’s. We had it all laid out for us, inshallah.

But none of it seems to be working out anymore, praise be to God.

I feel that I speak about much of the alt-right when I characterize us as middle-class discontents. Our problems only really started when we rejected the principles and values of our more well-adjusted peers on a subconcious level. Something wasn’t clicking and we started looking for answers. We choked down the red-pill and came out of our adolescent purgatory understanding the depth of our generation’s betrayal.


Meanwhile, in the world around us history has started to reassert itself, and the long nap following the collapse of the CCCP has ended.  Sleepy and dazed, some of us are starting to wake up and detect a new scent in the air. Things are changing, but a bit too slowly for some…

The incubation stage happened online. We got our hands on forbidden literature, played with dangerous ideas, and honed our arguments on a Salasus Secondis internet containment planet of debate. Since then, we have started to make our way out of the containment boards and forums of the internet, those dark recesses of free speach that the censors were barely aware existed.

Now we’re harassing journalists, holding conferences, and attending massive rallies for the TrumpenFuhrer. Things look good.

But mostly things just seem to be getting worse. And as they do, the normies seem to just double down on escapism and moral signaling behaviors. Unbeknownst to the uninitiated, there were other cesspools swirling away from the public eye on places like Tumblr, and Something Awful (just to name a few.)

A different mass of disenchanted middle-class snowflakes,  found meaning in their petty post-modern lives by creating victim complexes for themselves. They too have exploded onto the political arena, and are a product of middle-class ennuie as much as they are influenced by ideas peddled by the Eternal Merchant. The last year and a half has seen a rapid convergence of several factors, with the left leading an actual modern day cultural revolution, and the alt-right emerging as a virulent reaction.

So far, it has been mostly online, but there comes a point where you just can’t keep doing SWPL things and “hiding our power level” all the while. The ennuie of the middle-aged man feeling the loss of his country, and the ennuie of the young man condemned to have his future robbed from him are fuel to the rising fire. Our little run-ins with Antifa will continue, as will the desire to “do something.”

Who know, maybe we can even expect to see torch lit parades starting very soon in sleepy, complacent and sedated America. But only if the well-to-do wing  of the alt-right is willing to get its bow-tie and tassle-shoes dirty by rubbing shoulders with the “proles.” (There is no hope of Gramscian infiltration for you, lads.)

History is made when marginalized groups of people (whether self-percieved or actually so) decide to make a play, and challenge the status quo. Needless to say, the status quo in the United States and Western Europe was so comfy for so long, it was hard to see any fundamental changes happening any time soon. But the changes came, spurred by the left and intent on changing society from the lib-dem status quo that we inherited. They have been largely successful in positioning Western society (especially in W. Europe) slightly to the right of Mao Zedong. The cultural marxist vision lies at the end of a long-arching pendulum swing to the far left.

In that sense, the Alt-Right is just the next swing of the political pendulum, the next revisionist force that will kickstart history and save us from the petty bourgeoius middle-class homeostasis that the West has found itself in since the end of WW2. A group of angry young white males find themselves marginalized by society…and history shows us what will happen next. Our tactics may change, as may our leaders, but one thing is for sure: the discontent that is felt by a significant minority of the Gen X and Millenial Generation will not go away. It is our job in the alt-right to channel this feeling of ennuie and malaise into the restoration of our civilization and steer away from the self-destrucive storm that has been concocted by the left. We’re the glitch in the system, the rounded off decimal of Pi that everyone wrote off and forgot about…We’re foul-mouthed brutes, sex-crazed fiends, arrogant racists, raving fanatics…and we’re going to kick off the long-awaited renaissance of European civilization. Our Reconquista will be like nothing that came before us. It may take awhile to realize our aims, but the alt-right is just the beginning of a new project. We are not bound to one election cycle because we believe in the forging of a new identity for the European peoples.
…and for our people we will struggle, we will sacrifice, and we will never slacken.

Let’s stop being comfortable, and lets start making history again.



One thought on “The End of History is About to End”

  1. Awesome. But I don’t think we ever hit apparatchik status rather we imported higher IQ Asians, of rice and dot variety to serve these functions along with the talented tenth of other groups. They get all the government and even national defense jobs. We are doomed unless we start chomping out. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Do you really think the army would fire on 100,000 or even 10,000 white men trying to storm the white house or other government institution of power?

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