The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

There is a very Yuropoorean tendancy to eschew the “white” label. “We are French, and therefore nothing like those Belgians!” they proclaim. Its true, the French and Belgians are different…in theory…(sidebar: when was the last time you ever met a Belgian and not just some expat working in Brussels? Do Belgians even live in Belgium anymore??)

But as our Marxist professors are quick to point out in the Government department, nationalism or national self-identity is created as a response to “the other.” The need to rally against a common enemy creates a  shared temporary identity that the in-group latches onto. This is yet another liberal half-truth masquerading as fact, as I’m sure the astute reader will notice. There is more to national identity than rallying around a negative, there is in fact a positive, shared history, genetic similarity, etc.

But let’s take the standard libshit sophistry away from the statement as best we can and analyze it. Is it fair to say that there are push and pull factors that contribute to national identity, negative and positive associations? It seems emminently reasonable to me, but then I’ve been listening to Richard Spencer a lot lately…

There is pushback from old school patriots that seem unable to grasp this dichotomy inherent in national identity. They focus on the “positive” factor, drawing on history and national memory to ground their movement, but seem to struggle to understand the magnitude of the problem Europe faces in combatting the great “other.”

This often leads to fractious quarrelling and an unfounded sense of racial superiority that I see in dealings with little nationalists of little countries.  They seem to be offended by the fact that people lump them in under the category of “white.”


Its a misplaced superiority complex. And its this petty nationalism that is present among many Ukrainian nationalists, Polish nationalists, Croat nationalists (to name a few). Their great “other” is their immediate neighbor, and there is little sense of pan-white identity present in their nationalist movements. Sad!

But one thing these petty nationalist CAN rally around is their opposition to being lumped in as “white” by American patriots. Short-sighted to say the least…

It’s about time to embrace whiteness instead of running away from it. Here’s a gem I plucked from an American patriot:

When will you realizse we rally behind the white identity because that that is the part of us the attack. Whether youre belgian or not doesnt mean a rats ass to these jackals. To them, anybody with the right piece of paper can be Belgian. They only thing they see, and the only thing they hate about you is that you area member of the white race.

The rapid arrival of a hostile other is expediting the process, but we must be wary of the rise of a petty nationalism that does not take into account the context of the worldwide White dilemna. In that context, Britain’s desire to leave the EU to get away from the dreaded Polish Plumbers is either a subtle dog whistle or just typical Anglo 5th columnism. So is Scotland’s bizarre desire to leave the UK to just turn around and join the EU, (and also encourage more immigration). Examples abound, and all of them revolve around the idea that these people claim they are separate and different from people they are rather similar to when compared to the existential threat of the 3rd world invasion.

I’ll leave you with this from the same anonymous American:

Oh you think the brown hordes take any second to consider whether you’re Polish or Norwegian when they’re robbing you, raping your women and eventually replacing you? The only thing they see is that you’re white. They don’t give a single shit whether your particular nation colonisez them at some point or not. Cut the unfounded superiority complex you Europeans constantly try to pull. You act as if you’re somehow better or more enlightened than us because you dont self-identify as white. Here’s a little wake-up call buddy: you’re the same fucking “white guy” to these people as us mongrels you love to berate. Falling back onto “bu-but I’m French, Italian, etc” doesn’t mean shit to therse peopel. White is an umbrella term that describes the European race with all its unique ethnicities. That includes you. 

As has been aptly put by many on the alt-right, we can identify as one race and work towards fostering brotherhood and cooperation among ourselves without ruining the uniqueness of each of our nations and cultures.

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  1. Very well said. These petty nationalisms, to the extent they foster feuds with other European nations, are irritating. They’re unable to see that one can be, say, Belgian and European and White simultaneously. Weak!

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