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Towards a Strategy to Win Over Normies

To the initiated the following statements will sound extremely basic. But than again basic talking points are all average people can wrap their heads around.

We will become the third world. We give out more Visas every year than there are job openings. The media then tells these people that the traditional American population is a bunch of “evil” racist rednecks for opposing their own replacement. Americans as defined by the 1965 demographics, are being replaced by people who will not have the same sense of unity, honesty or fair play. And Im not speaking about the lower class immigrant groups like Mexicans, and other mixed race Latin Americans but the rich ethnocentric Tamil Indians, East Asians and Arabs who see White America as a bunch of useful idiots who will give them whatever they want no matter how much it destroys any future for their own families in terms of college admission, job creation or resources.

Of course the second traditional America raises any sort of opposition to their own replacement they are shut up by accusations of racism. There are plenty of rich ethnic groups who come here set up a bussiness and are allowed to hire only their own people or given preference in hiring by existing corporations. If a so called “White” American was to do the same they would be run out of bussiness finned or thrown in jail. The hypocrisy must end. I would not be allowed to move to their countries and take over so why should they be allowed to do it in my homeland?

So perhaps the best way to get cucked Civic minded White Americans to change their views is to point out a double standard. The current Trump administration should be coaxed to move toward an immigration policy based on equilibrium. Since an overtly racial preservationist or even Nationalist one will not be successful due to the evolved pathological altruism among Whites. If a country does not allow Americans to travel or emigrate there, than the United States should not allow citizens of such a country to come here for travel or immigration.

A strictly tit for tat strategy might be one way if not the only way to bring upper middle class cucks to oppose their own destruction.

2 thoughts on “Towards a Strategy to Win Over Normies”

  1. bussiness -> business
    finned -> fined
    Im -> I’m
    than the United -> then the United
    a double standard. -> the double standard

    Not a bad idea. But restricting exchanges to other countries /allowing/ whites in isn’t very strong – India or Mexico I’m sure would allow plenty of whites in, whereas we don’t really want their people no matter how many whites they succeed in fooling into visiting or immigrating. Then they’d look generous and we’d look .. racist.

  2. I have little confidence in this idea. Anything that distracts from ethnonationalism/racial consciousness is probably a bad idea. We need Americans realizing that they’re white and under attack by anti-white hypocritical psychopaths. Not focusing on laws and equilibrium.

    However you’re right on the mark concerning pointing out the double standard. We need to continue disseminating the mantra. Anti racist is a code word for anti white. Diversity is only forced on white communities, it’s a code word for white genocide. The Jews and the libtards have yet to come up with an argument against this that doesn’t make them look like genocidal anti whites.

    I think that the mantra is our best weapon. The more we push it, the more the language of discussing race will transform. Once we control the language, we control the discussion. And then we win.

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