Re-examining the Trump Phenomenon

There’s a lot of Trump love on this blog. With the Iowa Caucus results in, it’s time to refresh everyone’s memory why we support Trump for God-Emperor.

The more I watch Trump, the more I am impressed. The media tries to shame and take the moral high ground in Every. Single. Interview. They set up rhetorical and logical traps for the man, and he falls for every single one of them. And you know what, no one, least of all Trump, cares. This juggernaut of a man just plows ahead and keeps impeccable frame, nothing seems to phase him. In every speech, he’s up there with no teleprompter, just talking off the top of his dome, and people LOVE it. They call him a racist, he plows on. He gets death threats, he plows on. He touches the sacred cow of John McCain’s “heroism,” gets crucified by the media, and still holds his head high. What can you throw at this man when he’s already got money, a gorgeous wife, and is beholden to nobody? What can you try to shame him with, when he just doesn’t give a flying fuck? I disagree with many of his foreign policy stances, and he’s a good goy when it comes to Israel, but I give credit where credit is due, the testicular fortitude of this man just steals the spotlight from every single cuckservative running for the presidency. Never thought I’d say this, but: Can’t Stump the Trump.

The art of trolling is subtle indeed. Some are truly more initiated than others.

Let’s talk about viable alternative for a second. Are you ready? Take a deep breath, exhale, and done. That was quick. Who else is there to even seriously consider for a moment? Rand Paul? I admit that I got excited about his announcement, mostly because of his father, and didn’t check the facts. That mistake became crystal clear when I saw him speaking about the Confederate flag. Rand Paul flew his own cuckservative flag high and proud when he agreed that the flag was rayciss and had to come down. If you are a Paulbot, this is the point where you say that he was just “playing the game, man.” Yeah right. At some point, you have to put aside the crystal ball and stop trying to divine the inner thoughts of a candidate and look at what they actually say and do. We’ve given Rand the benefit of the doubt for long enough because of his father, and even if you do not want to take Trump as your personal lord and savior, you can still hop off the Paul bandwagon and take a good hard look at some of these tweets.

Have we started the fire?
Have we started the fire?

I have yet to see any cuckservative come out and address the spectre of black on black and black on white crime. Trump comes out with a heaping dose of Realtalk everytime he takes to twitter, and for that, again, he wins major points. If you are an accelerationist then Hillary is obviously your choice. If you are a blue-pilled kind of goy, then by all means, vote for Sanders.  But for me, for election, my first by the way, I will be voting for Trump. My voting will on the basis of sound foreign policy. I have long given up on that idea, and most of the red-pilled crowd has as well, if they are honest with themselves. Rather, my vote will go to the candidate with the highest T-count. I’m not throwing my vote away on that vile eunich Lindsay Graham, who will come out of the closet sooner rather than later. Or that droopy-faced doofus Ted Cruz.

Do you feel in charge?
Do you feel in charge?

Jeb Bush? His wife is an immigrant, which is not really a problem outright in my book, just one that looks like well, this:

A lot of loyalty to a mexican nanny
A lot of loyalty to a mexican goblin.

Ehhhhhh, no thanks, I’ll pass.

I’m serious, there are two reasons that I will vote for Trump. One: his testicular prowess. The sheer ballsy-ness of a man who’s crown jewels loom over every other Republican candidate, the way you’d think of God’s as big, and whose unbridled red-blooded rhetoric promises to curb stomp the jelly-spined republican contenders in any televised debate. They can’t stump the Trump by removing his donations, or by lambasting him in the media, I’ll bet they can’t stump the Trump in a debate either, because the man comes out fists swinging and doesn’t apologize!

No one cared who I was, until I put up the wall.
No one cared who I was, until I put up the wall.

Second, and most importantly: the Great Southern Wall. Trump promises a giant wall along the southern border. How basic and yet how absolutely necessary. Demographics matters first and foremost. It is the bottom-most rung of the Maslowian hierarchy of needs for a functioning first world nation. No other candidate touches this issue, which shows me that no other candidate cares. I actually like most Mexicans, but like most white’s, I secretly prefer that America stay white for a long while longer.

If the man does nothing else but build that wall and start kicking some of the illegal immigrants out, I will consider it a successful presidency. And since I came here legally, looks like the Trump and I both share a disdain for illegal immigration. You see, you will find that very often, legal immigrants hate the way that we are equated with illegals. We went through the process, our families were let in on working visa’s. We contribute to society, pay taxes, try to integrate, eschew forming ghettos and as you can well tell, we try to learn the King’s English. Trump is right in saying that he will win the immigrant vote, the LEGAL immigrant vote that is.

“Make America Great Again” needs to be reworded though. Not snappy enough for a guy who wants to breathe some fresh air into the American political system. Like I alluded to earlier, why not just, “Can’t Stump the Trump?”

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