Upcoming Podcasts: More Academic Interviews

We are shifting emphasis in our podcasts–AI will be doing more Academic Interviews. Based on our SoundCloud metrics and listener feedback, there seems to be a strong demand for hard-core content. The people like bantz, but they seem to prefer succinctly-packaged  information and analysis.

Some of the podcasts we have in the pipeline:

  1. Red Symphony (Vince and Greg): a little-known book, suggesting that communism may have had an ingenious, yet unstated, grand strategy.
  2. Politics and Society of Sweden (Sven and Greg). We intend to do a serious overview of Swedish society aimed at non-Swedes. “The Swedish Question” attracts intense interest all over Europe and the anglosphere, so there is plenty of room for expounding.
  3. More coverage of the perpetual crisis in Ukraine.
  4. Some seriously spergy material on anthropology. We will talk about Carlton Coon’s Races of Europe (Norm and Greg), the racial/evolutionary history of India (with Singh), and the mysteries of Tibet.
  5. Northrop Frye’s theory of literary modes (with Robert Johnson). What distinguishes myth from romance, tragedy, comedy and satire?
  6. Internet and meme-culture. Learn about the history of 4chan, 8chan; Gamergate; /pol/ harbor and more, with AI’s own Internet native, Vincent Law.

We will continue our award-winning “bro high-culture” series Red Dawn. But rather than producing podcasts primarily in the Red Dawn format, we are aiming to release two Academic Interviews for every Red Dawn.

If you have a request for a topic, drop Greg a line at


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Podcasts: More Academic Interviews”

  1. Sounds like an interesting lineup; especially #4.

    I don’t know if this would be enough for its own episode but maybe it could be rolled up in #3 or something: Vince what do you know of Zhirinovsky? And if I recall you mentioned in an earlier episode about having traveled to Abkhazia. Be interested to hear what that place is like.

    1. I talk about Abkhazia in the Red Dawn Special from way back. Its on the soundcloud. I would be willing to do more.

      Zhiri is a fascinating guy and not to be trusted. I think I have a meeting lined up with him later this year, so I will hold back on writing on it for now.

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