What is Identitarianism? An Essay Series: Part 1

Part 1: Vince Rages Against the Modern World

Identitarianism is a declaration of war. By its very nature, it represents rebellion to a growing culture of conformity that does not allow any form of dissent. Instead the “politically correct” culture that we find ourselves in shackles and muzzles, restricting year after year, the spectrum of tolerable opinion. As the circle of polite society narrows, the more isolated the rest of us feel, even though, for the moment, many lack the words to express their dissent. This declaration aims to remedy that, to articulate our discontent before the shibboleth of modern Liberal, Progressive and Multicultural doctrine that threatens to destroy Western Civilization. To put it simply: we are the push back, the long-awaited clarion call to arms.

But who are we?

It’s rare that we get a chance to explain ourselves, so let us tell you here. We are the generation that has to apologize. To grovel and scrape and bleat out self-castigating platitudes to the new commissars of culture and samizdat of lynch media. To be one of us is to have to live with your head held down, to bend the knee, and to submit. We are called racists and monsters, the worst of the worst. Why? Because we have not yet accepted the ideas of universalism and willingly shouldered the burden of collective white guilt that has been relentlessly pushed upon us by our sick society. We have not yet kow-towed to the new pet project of degeneracy that has been peddled to us as the next frontier of civil rights. We are told there is no room for us in the future of the West, let alone in the current political discourse. We are liberalism’s failed children, outcasts of a religion that wants nothing to do with us, or our future. Even though, we will have to live with the consequences of liberal policies enacted before we had any say; we are unwanted, unheard, and unemployed.
We are old world demons of a new age.

And so in unison we tell our reigning liberal elites, the commissars of culture and policy: “SO BE IT!” You refuse to hear us out? So be it. We will stop trying to convince you, and instead work to overthrow you. You refuse to honor your own traditions and culture and leave us alone, blind in the dark, groping to recover what you so callously and indifferently threw away in exchange for the fleeting pleasures of consumerism. You surrendered your identity, sold it out to become rewards card members instead. As you sat by, the trade barriers came crashing down, our industry was shipped overseas, and our generation found itself coming of age in brave new world indeed. But we will not follow in your footsteps. It will be against the momentum of a half-century of accelerated cultural suicide that we draw the line, but so be it, we will be the generation that holds its ground, and starts to take back what is ours, inch by inch.

Continued in Part 2

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