What is Identitarianism? Part 2

Vince sobers up, but not enough to stop writing.

Liberalism has failed. Liberal values have failed. Our ruling class has sold us out. These hypocrites comprise the intelligentsia of our universities, who indoctrinate our youth, and censor their peers. They comprise the media, which specializes in distortion, sensationalization and outright lies about the true problems facing our country. They hold positions of power in both parties, ranging from the state and local level, all the way to the Federal level in Washington, DC. We say that is long past time for a new one, one built on the principles of the welfare of OUR people. We need an intelligentsia not wedded to lofty ideals, but to blood and soil. Rest assured, we will be there at the changing of the guard, when your time in the halls of power expires. We are Identitarians, and we are here to replace you.
Identitarianism is a declaration of war against the professional politicians of both parties, who do not represent us, and do not speak for the interests of our generation. We take particular offense against the traitors and posturers within our midst, namely against a cuckservative party elite that expects us to willingly embrace our own destruction. Those who comprise the so called “conservatives” of this country; the Libertarians, Neo-Conservatives, and GOP republicans have long ceased to represent our interests as children of Western Civilization. In fact, it would be no big stretch to say that they are almost as complicit in our disenfranchisement as the Liberals that compromise the left-wing of this country. We must look past the artificial Left/Right dichotomy as it is presented to us by the current political powers that be, and look instead to who truly represents the interests of our generation and those that will come after us. Take a good look to your left and then to your right. There’s no one there. And there won’t BE anyone there for you, for me, for all of us; until we finally demand what is ours by birthright.
Identitarianism is a declaration against the greed of an extravagant and international tribe of financial elite, estranged from any native European peoples and propped up only by manipulation of markets and deceit of the tax-paying public. Identitarianism declares war on “homo economicus” the so-called modern Economic Man, whose only concern lies in getting his buck. A great crime has been committed on this man, and the great tragedy lies in the fact that he himself has no recollection of it. Estranged and alone, this man has no past, no identity, and therefore no future. We are concerned with one thing above all else, the restoration of Western identity, one grounded in culture, history, and ethnicity. When we unfurl our banner, and proclaim the fundamental tenants of our movement, let it be clear that we demand, first and foremost, the restoration of our birthright. Let Identitarianism be a rallying cry for the rebirth of the European peoples.

It is time to remember. Remember who we are. Remember where we come from. Remember our past, and remember that we are the future. It didn’t have to be like this, but decades of failed policy based on a collective pathological altruism, and treacherous fifth columns in our society have led us to a crucial moment, one in which to remain silent is to be complicit in the annihilation of White European Culture.

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