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White Isn’t Right Enough

The worst part about modern life is how meaningless it all is.
There are no great feelings of love, and no great feelings of hate to give your life meaning. Those are not allowed anymore. There is only snark. Only ironic cleverness. Only Hallmark-card platitudes and testicle-shriveling polite society.
Why would anyone want to integrate into a culture that is utterly exhausted like that of the West? We think MTV and fatty foods will buy the allegiance of the people we import. But they don’t seem to see it that way.
The best argument for immigration seems to be based on the belief that the nihilism that has infected us will spread to them and make them as complacent and infertile as we are within a generation.
But that doesn’t seem to be happening. And frankly, I don’t think its a bad thing. The worser outcome would be to live one’s entire life through a comfy middle-class suburban existence. The green lawns, potato salad, and sunday soccer games…is that really all there is to being an American?
It seems like a special kind of hell.
One where the bars are not seen because the wife has decorated them with IKEA upholstery.
The Russian dream is far more appealing to me. See, the Russians plan on suffering. They look for it, they prepare themselves mentally for it. It’s a part of who they are and they don’t run away from it. It gives their life meaning just like middle-class comfort gives the Americana family meaning.
Dad is expected to lose some teeth in his life. He’s expected to have some scars to show for it all. Behavioral sink is not the norm, and although I worry about the Russian Millenials, I don’t see it reaching Weimerica levels anytime soon.
That’s one of the reasons Russian women love their men so much. Its not about looks, or how he dresses. Sven dresses like a model 24/7 and he doesn’t get laid at all does he? The gold-diggers and the airheads run for it in the West. And they get what they were looking for. A complacent beta husband, a comfy consumer lifestyle, and everything is fine until they start realizing that they have lost their identity. They either become complete whores before this realization, or die-hard patriots that suddenly don’t mind the lack of creature comforts in Russia as much anymore. Suddenly they start remembering all their friends, granny’s cooking, the nice parks that dot every Russian city…
And the men have been to the West too. Russians are well-traveled. Many know New York, or LA. Its not like Americans who never leave their World Island.
I know many Russians who have been there, and come back. Usually, they are quiet about their time abroad. They greet you with far less enthusiasm than the younger one’s who’ve never been.
“You get your car, and you get your house, but you have no time for yourself!” one repatriate told me.
“Its just work, work, work. Fucking driving everywhere too!”
And really, can you blame the average American for working as hard as he does? You don’t get many days off, sure, but mostly its a question of what you would be doing if you weren’t working. Sitting in that condo you share with 2 other young urban professionals? Mowing the lawn?
Is that really all there is?
I used to have to read beatnik literature in school, and they were marxist scum, don’t get me wrong. But a lot of their critiques were on point. America, even in the 1950’s- a time that we on the Alt-Right look back on with nostalgia for the old Americana dream- was hell-bent on acheiving a comfortable, sleek, consumer paradise.
America was well on its way to becoming a nation of consumers, not citizens already.
And now that we have acheived unprecedented heights of consumer comfort, what do we have to show for it? Even if Trump did some spring cleaning come 2017 and completely restored America to its 1950’s ethnic composition, would that be enough?
Would Generation Alt-Right be willing to take all its knowledge and all the struggles they grappled with to come to the truth and put it all on the back burner to move into a cheap suburban shack?
Is that really all we’re fighting for? The right to be comfortable again? Just to get rid of the pesky minorities and go back to being entertained, fat, and complacent?
This can’t be all that we are about.
Even if Trump prevailes, I wouldn’t want to return to the United States. What would I do? Rejoin my Western yuppie peers and count the days until I start hallucinating that Tyler Durden is offering to sell me some soap?
No, I’d rather struggle on in Eastern Europe. Without AC, without hot water in the summer, without a plasma screen TV. Then maybe meaning will find me again.

2 thoughts on “White Isn’t Right Enough”

  1. Yeah, all you city guys are nuts. The suburbs are the American Dream. Those lawns aren’t just a chore. They’re your land. Its yours. There’s a backyard all for you and your family. The neighbors know each other. The kids grow up together and sometimes marry to start their own family. All you city boys living in drab tight quarters, with the doors and windows locked never had it. All that nightlife you brag about is strangers passing a night together. A city of millions of strangers who are rude and in a hurry to get nowhere. You’ve never known the peace and quiet of a nice suburb. A place where you can hear crickets chirping at night and birds chortling love songs in the morning. Swimming pools, neighborhood kids playing ball together, attending school together and having lifelong friendships. Its the America that used to be and should be. The quiet life of family and friends, without the fear of darkness or the brusque rudeness of strangers. Trick or Treating around town, holidays around the dinner table, the school functions and kids games. That wanting to live a primitive hard life of want is the kind of nihilism and fatalism you’d expect from a city dude, living in a concrete jungle, where you cannot go out at night safely, with strangers crowding you whereever you go.

    1. I always saw the Suburbs as a product of White Flight. Which inherently made them a product of weakness and middle-class mediocrity.

      Funny, what you describe strikes me as village life, which I admit is not that bad.

      The Suburbs I spent time in didn’t have what you describe. Everyone’s house was their castle, and the drawbridge was almost always up. The 2.5 cars in the driveway were like little elephant litter’s, letting the GoodWhytes travel in comfort around their domain from the relative safety of their litter, and the comfort of their AC.

      I didn’t see any of what you describe.

      Just atomization.

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