White Nationalism is Stupid and Here’s Why

Relax, the title was just to get your attention.

But here are some critiques of White Nationalism.

1) Balkanization
Why would you want to seperate from the largest and most powerful state apparatus that has existed in the history of the world? Running away to Cascadia or preparing to go innawoods is a losing strategy. While the Right runs away to get itself picked off, the left mobilizes to seize the levers of power, the educational institutions, the workplace hiring quotas, the MSM, just about everything. The Left doesn’t run away to the countryside to plan peasant revolts like Mao or Che anymore. Only the Right seems to hope for that. Even Lind (who should know better) indulges this notion in his novel about 4th gen warfare- Victoria. Wrong strategy!

2) Support of Nationalism Worldwide
Nationalism isn’t the answer to all our problems. In fact Nationalism can completely wreck a decent state project. Yugoslavia is a fascinating example. The US funded far right Croat groups, the same ones Hitler supported to kill about 1 million serbs,  and muslims (savior of the White Race!) to fight the Serbs. The Serbs were the dominant ethnic group holding it all together.

And what did Balkanization get them? Irrelevence on the world stage. Foreign meddling. Massive decrease in living standards. Never-ending, simmering conflict. (Which is what the United States wants, frozen conflicts and hot spots around the world to trigger at will if things don’t go the way the state dept. likes) As long as the state is strong, and keeps a harsh but fair peace like Tito did, even Balkan Slavs can be significant players on the world stage. Food for thought.

A Multi-ethnic state or an empire can be a worthy endeavor.

Why do we insist on being “nationalists” that just want to be left alone? Keep that line for PR and for the media, but amongst ourselves we must be honest. Why would you tear away land that Americans bled and died for? Just to be left alone to do SWPL things in peace?

I’m talking about Heimbach’s approach to supporting black nationalism and la raza nationalism on the grounds that “all nationalists are our allies.” That seems like a line for the media, a PR strategy. Considering how fringe we are anyway, I don’t think its worth even pushing for that. Because frankly, it makes you a traitor to the state. 

See, if you agitate for more rights within the state, then you can still be tolerated. But once you start talk of violating territorial integrity, well that’s treason and even normal conservative white State apparatchiks will not accept you. They’re busting their humps trying to keep it all together, and here the White Nationalists come, trying to reach the same aim as Black Lives Matter….

3) Isolations Breeds Weakness

If you shelter white people away from the diversity, you’ll be guaranteed to breed a Generation of WEIRDO’s.

This is the HBD chick theory about “core europe” and “periphery europe.” Slavs and southern europeans are more based because of their constant contact with diversity. It keeps them sharp and creates strong in-group awareness. Meanwhile core europe imports millions of Vibrants. And the same phenomenon occurs in the Mid-West of the United States (the cucks wanted to vote for Cruz as well).

You need to keep some diversity, to make sure the population stays sharp and develops in-group preferences. Think of it as a vaccine. A little bit of bad to make you sick, and then immune later.

I don’t see the need to pursue this strategy. The idea of Whites pursuing their interests and rising up to say no to their disenfranchisement is all well and good. But we should try to reach our aims within the framework of the state, by seizing control of the state.

Just like the Left does.

3 thoughts on “White Nationalism is Stupid and Here’s Why”

  1. You guys and TRS’ Manifest Destiny podcast are the only ones seriously thinking about our future.

    ‘Seize control of the state’ through fair means or foul? If fair, what’s in pro-white or pro-/strength/ ideology for the ‘minorities’ + the weak? If foul well, you’re not going to get the population to go along with it for long enough.

    Nevertheless good thoughts, it’s a shame this doesn’t have more comments.

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